Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Tanduay is Taking to the Skies with PAL Business Class Cocktail Offerings

Adding another twist, fizz, or buzz to business class flights, Tanduay offers their select cocktails drinks to patrons on certain Philippine Airlines (PAL) routes. Notable for its excellence and high standards, Tanduay is an ideal partner to PAL to further elevate customers’ flying experience.

Guests can partake in a particular choice of beverages that highlight Tanduay's premium rums while en route to their destination on board the nation’s flag carrier. Flyers can avail of mixed drinks named after the best tourist destinations in the Philippines and feature the variety of Filipino flavors.

The four cocktails available are Boracay Sunset and Manila Skyline, both made from Tanduay Superior Rum as well as Ilocos Dunes and Bukidnon Breeze made from Tanduay Asian Rum Silver.

Travelers can pick the bold and vibrant Manila Skyline or the enchanting and colorful Boracay Sunset. Or they might fancy the refreshing fruity sweetness of the Bukidnon Breeze or the Ilocos Dunes with its sweet, citrus, and spicy flavors.

Any one of these choices is worthwhile for flyers as they are made from Tanduay premium products that are perfect for signature cocktails.

Business class patrons are not limited to the cocktails, as they can also enjoy Tanduay Double Rum and Tanduay Superior, on the rocks or neat.

The cocktails are available to PAL Business Class passengers on PAL flights to the United States (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Honolulu), Canada (Vancouver and Toronto), and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya). Tanduay and PAL are looking forward to adding the offering of cocktails on Middle East and Australia routes in the near future.

While the signature cocktails are available on selected Business Class flights, PAL customers can avail of cocktails made from Tanduay products in the PAL Mabuhay Lounge of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 before departing on their international flights.

The Mabuhay Lounge is a place where passengers can wait for their flights comfortably with good food and cozy ambience. Terminal 1 services international flights arriving in and departing from Manila.

Among the cocktails available at the lounge are the Captain’s Punch made with the Tanduay Superior Rum; Planters’ Punch, Cuba Libre, and Long Island made with the Tanduay Asian Rum Gold; and Mojito made with the Tanduay White Rum.

PAL and Tanduay are proud of their partnership and hope to see customers enjoying their flights and cocktails soon.

Tanduay is a sister company of PAL under the LT Group, Inc.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Gilaz Norte Fancy Chicken Show and Serama Contest impacts the world forever at Zoocobia Bird and Robot Park

The debut of Gilaz Norte Fancy Chicken Show and Serama Competition held at Zoocobia Bird and Drone Park last February 24, 2024 was a resounding achievement, denoting a significant milestone in the world of poultry exhibitions. The occasion was given by BlackSand Occasions PH in association with different chicken/poultry associations. Facilitated in the midst of the beautiful scenery of Zoocobia Bird and Drone Park, the event captivated participants with a day loaded up with elegance, beauty, and the charming allure of ornamental chickens. The competition featured a different exhibit of classifications, giving members an open door to feature the excellence and variety of ornamental chicken breeds.

The festivities commenced with the much-anticipated Funtastic Wings Show at 4pm, where participants showcased their exquisite breeds of fancy birds, each adorned with vibrant plumage and unique characteristics, much to the delight of the audience.

Following the splendid display of avian elegance, the evening unfolded with the Special Night Owl Show at 6pm, enchanting visitors with mesmerizing performances and captivating spectacles under the starlit sky.

"We are thrilled to have hosted the first-ever Gilaz Norte Fancy Chicken Show and Serama Competition at Zoocobia Bird and Drone Park. The event brought together poultry enthusiasts, breeders, and families for a day of celebration and appreciation for these magnificent birds." ~Robert L. Yupangco, President/CEO of Zoomanity Group

The success of the event would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees who contributed to its success. Zoocobia Bird and Drone Park extends its heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated and helped make this event a memorable one.

Plans are already underway for the next installment of the Gilaz Norte Fancy Chicken Show and Serama Competition, promising an even more spectacular showcase of avian splendor and excitement.

For more information about upcoming events and attractions at Zoocobia Bird and Drone Park, please visit or follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

About Zoocobia Bird and Drone Park:
Zoocobia Bird and Drone Park is a premier destination in Clark, Pampanga, offering visitors a unique and immersive experience with a diverse array of avian species and thrilling adventures. With its commitment to conservation, education, and entertainment, Zoocobia Bird and Drone Park provides a one-of-a-kind destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and adventure seekers alike.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Enchanted Kingdom: Fostering tourism and world-class service excellence

Last January, the Department of Tourism recognized Enchanted Kingdom, the first and only world class theme park in the Philippines, for its valuable contribution to the tourism industry during the CALABARZON Tourism Excellence Appreciation 2023, held in Twin Lakes Hotel in Laurel, Batangas.

EK’s Chairman and President Mr. Mario O. Mamon and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon accepted the recognition - alongside Local Government Units (LGUs), partner National Government Agencies (NGAs), private tourism enterprises, the academic community, media partners, institutional partners, and notable individuals in the region.

“This recognition is an affirmation that Enchanted Kingdom is in the right direction towards our vision to be a world-class integrated attractions destination in Asia, and as the Philippine leader in wholesome family leisure and entertainment.” ~Mr. Mario O. Mamon, EK’s Chairman and President

“EK is committed to contribute to the growth of the tourism industry. It is our mission to create and provide magical experiences and memories that last a lifetime, both for our domestic and foreign guests.” ~Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon, Chief Operating Officer (COO), President of Laguna Tourism Council Philippines, an advocate of tourism in Laguna

EK’s Learning and Development Manager, Pauline C. Barreiro also received an award for her participation as a trainer for the Filipino Brand of Service Excellence (FBSE) Training program for 2023. Currently, 90% of Enchanted Kingdom’s Cast Members (employees) are FBSE trained.

“The FBSE Training Program has deepened our appreciation of the culture of service excellence in the Philippines. In EK, all cast members take the Filipino Brand of Service Excellence to heart as we greet every guest with a passionate Mabuhay, magical day!.” ~Pauline C. Barreiro, EK’s Learning and Development Manager

Last year, EK was also cited by the government of Laguna for generating the highest number of same-day visitors in 2022. The City of Santa Rosa, where EK is situated, recorded 40,188 overnight foreign travelers and 92,728 overnight domestic travelers based on DOT’s most recent Regional Distribution of Overnight Travelers data .

In 2022, EK together with DTI Laguna, opened the One Town, One Product (OTOP) Hub, showcasing famous delicacies from Laguna. Locally handcrafted bags and accessories, coffee and tea gift packs were also at the Pugad Shop at EK’s Cultural Village zone. EK also houses AGILA the EKsperience, the first and only flying theater in the Philippines celebrating the beauty of the Philippines’ destinations, products, and people. For 28 years, Enchanted Kingdom has been ardent in promoting tourism and products in the region. 

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Empowering Student Success: Acing your way through with the HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024

Student life can get busy with classes, assignments, and personal commitments. The juggling act can feel overwhelming at times, but fear not – the HUAWEI MateBook D 16 is here to be your ultimate companion in navigating the challenges of academia.

The HUAWEI MateBook D 16 can help one achieve more in the classroom with its upgraded hardware and software features, that can help students manage projects, be more efficient, and ace their way through it all. 

Acing Student Life with the HUAWEI MateBook D 16 
Imagine having a trusted ally by your side, ready to assist you in every aspect of your academic journey. From attending lectures and taking notes to completing assignments and collaborating with classmates, the MateBook D 16 seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, streamlining tasks and enhancing productivity like never before.

With its powerful performance and versatile features, the MateBook D 16 empowers you to conquer academic challenges with confidence. Whether you're tackling complex projects, conducting research, or preparing for exams, this innovative laptop provides the tools you need to excel in your studies. Meet HUAWEI MateBook D 16, a device made for limitless learning. Let’s break down how it tackles the pain points, one by one.

Mighty Power, Expansive Display
Many laptops on the market aren't suitable for students because of their heavy weight and impractical size, making them hard to carry. The MateBook D 16 stands out with its lightweight and practical design, making it easy for students to carry around campus.

Imagine a sleek and powerful companion that defies expectations – that's the HUAWEI MateBook D 16. Its 16-inch display is seamlessly packed into a 15.6-inch body, a testament to its commitment to both power and portability. Weighing just 1.68kg and measuring a mere 17mm thin, it's the epitome of elegance and convenience, tailored for the dynamic lifestyle of students on the move.

But it's not just about size – the MateBook D 16 offers an immersive visual experience like no other. With its higher screen-to-body ratio of up to 90%, 16:10 golden aspect ratio, and ultra-narrow bezels, the HUAWEI FullView Display transports you into a world of stunning visuals. Whether you're delving into project assignments or immersing yourself in intense gaming sessions, the MateBook D 16's display captivates with its clarity and vibrancy. It also comes with a HDMI and USB port allowing students to seamlessly connect to other devices, especially useful for projects and presentations. 

What's more, with TÜV Rheinland certification for Low Blue Light and DC dimming, the MateBook D 16 ensures that your eyes are protected during those marathon work or gaming sessions. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to uninterrupted productivity and entertainment.

Enhanced Collaboration with Efficient Design and Faster Connectivity
Despite its reduced size, the MateBook D 16 boasts a well-designed keyboard featuring built-in numeric keypads for enhanced efficiency. With a Soft-landing design and 1.5mm high key travel, typing feels comfortable and responsive. Plus, physical shortcut keys add convenience and functionality to your workflow.

With the incorporation of online work and digital studying, students need extra strong WiFi access. That is why for connectivity, The HUAWEI Metaline Antenna supports ultra-long-distance connections of up to 270 meters, ensuring enhanced connectivity for seamless collaboration and data sharing among smart devices. From the SuperHub facilitating cross-device file transfers to the AI Search feature enabling instant file searches, the MateBook D 16 takes your productivity to new heights. Plus, with HUAWEI Share for wireless transfers between Huawei devices and Multi-screen Collaboration for efficient drag-and-drop functionality, collaboration has never been easier.

Super Device for Super Easy WorkFlow

For enhanced productivity, the MateBook D 16 features a SuperHub for cross-device file transfers, enabling easy sharing of files between your devices so you can easily collaborate and share group works and tasks. The AI Search feature provides instant file searches, saving you time and effort when locating important documents for your thesis or research. Additionally, the Multi-screen Collaboration feature allows for efficient drag-and-drop functionality, enabling seamless multitasking and collaboration between devices, complementing your Huawei ecosystem. 

The HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024 also supports Huawei’s PC-grade WPS Office, which, with its user-friendly layout, enables students to make note-taking and note-sharing a breeze. Enhancing collaboration and efficiency. You can jot down notes faster in class or during group discussions.

With these innovative features, the HUAWEI MateBook D 16 is not just a laptop – it's a powerful tool designed to streamline your workflow and elevate your productivity.

With its blend of power, portability, and smart features, the HUAWEI MateBook D 16 is the ultimate companion for students. From nailing study sessions to breezing through group projects, this laptop empowers you to conquer the challenges of student life with ease. Say hello to your new study buddy and unlock a world of possibilities with the HUAWEI MateBook D 16.

Pricing and Availability
Upgrade your work game anytime and anywhere with the high-performing and lightweight HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024! Immerse yourself in the expansive display, experience unmatched portability, and unleash powerful performance for ultimate productivity in the Smart Office era. 

Head to a store near you and make the HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024, yours today for PHP 38,999 (i5-12450H processor) to PHP PHP 69,999 (i9-13900H processor). Your gateway to a smarter, more efficient work experience awaits. 

To learn more about the products, visit HUAWEI Store, and official stores on ShopeeLazada, and TikTok

Colgate, Philippine Dental Association, launches the "Isang Milyong Sipilyo, Angat Ngiting Pilipino" Program on National Tooth Brushing Day

Colgate Philippines and the Philippine Dental Association pictured with the students and teachers of Timoteo Paez Elementary School in Pasay.

Colgate, the leading oral health brand in the Philippines, partnered with the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) to the launch of "Isang Milyong Sipilyo, Angat Ngiting Pilipino" program last February 5, 2024 at the Timoteo Paez Elementary School in Pasay City.

During the event's Luzon kickoff, more than 500 students from Timoteo Paez Elementary School learned the value of good oral hygiene and how to properly brush their teeth from Colgate and the PDA. As part of the "Isang Milyong Sipilyo, Angat Ngiting Pilipino" program, Colgate offered free dental check-ups and distributed oral hygiene kits to 550 students. Dr. Rabbit, Colgate's mascot, also made an appearance at the event, ensuring that the children had an exciting and enjoyable day. As a father whose son experienced missing school due to toothaches, Mr. Rannie Robles, president of Timoteo Paez Elementary School's Parent-Teacher Association, rallied parents and guardians in a pledge to always protect their children's teeth – staying true to his commitment of keeping children at school and away from absenteeism. 

“In the next two months, our Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program will be making trips to the VisMin regions. Following our visit to Timoteo Paez Elementary School here in Pasay, we will visit a chosen elementary school in Iloilo and Davao City, as we stay committed to spreading the importance of taking charge of their dental health to improve their overall well-being of Filipino children they grow older. It is our shared hope to empower these bright young children throughout the nation to prioritize their oral health and set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles, one city at a time.” ~Mr. Diomar Escat, Public Health & Scientific Affairs Manager at Colgate Palmolive Philippines Inc.

Dr. Emmanuel Centeno, President of the Philippine Dental Association, poses with Mr. Diomar Escat, Public Health & Scientific Affairs Manager at Colgate Palmolive Philippines, representatives from Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Inc. and the Philippine Dental Association.

120 dental chapters of the Philippine Dental Association participated in a simultaneous toothbrushing event, alongside thousands of schoolchildren from 193 schools nationwide in honor of National Toothbrushing Day. This strong display of unity demonstrated the steadfast dedication of the country’s dentists to promoting proper oral hygiene habits nationwide.

"It is our commitment at PDA and as a professional organization to continuously make valuable and sustainable programs that would contribute to better oral health for our community. With the help of our partners at Colgate Philippines, we will be distributing more than one million toothbrushes to public schools across the country. Our shared goal is to equip students with the fundamentals of oral hygiene by teaching them proper tooth brushing techniques.” ~Dr. Emmanuel Centeno, President of the Philippine Dental Association

Thousands of oral care kits were distributed to the children of Timoteo Paez Elementary School.

Children availed of the free dental check-up booths were set up by Colgate Philippines at the event.

The students of Timoteo Paez Elementary School joined all 127 dental chapters of the Philippine Dental Association in a simultaneous toothbrushing event to celebrate National Toothbrushing Day.

Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Inc. and the Philippine Dental Association are both firm believers that every Filipino deserves not only a bright smile, but also a bright future. Join us throughout National Dental Health Month in celebrating the power of Filipino smiles. Stay tuned for more exciting activities and updates as Colgate and the Philippine Dental Association work together to spread the gift of smiles throughout the nation.

About Colgate 
Colgate Philippines has been dedicated to ensuring Filipino families have a bright future they can smile about for more than nine decades. As the undisputed leader in oral care, Colgate’s commitment goes beyond just products. Driven by an unwavering dedication to sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and innovation, Colgate continually strives to elevate the lives of their consumers, leading them towards a future they can smile about.

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. welcomes Bigtime Empire Corporation to stellar client portfolio

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) and Bigtime Empire Corporation begin long-term partnership. until 2026. Bigtime Empire Corporation recently joined PCPPI’s growing list of clients, ensuring that patrons of Pares Retiro, The Sandwich Guy, Cali Pizza Express and Kalye Express can pair their favorite meals with Pepsi, 7-Up, Mountain Dew, Mug and Mirinda until 2026. The following executives were present during the ceremonial contract signing (from left to right) PCPPI Region Commercial Head for National Key Accounts - Retail Business Maricel Guro, Bigtime Empire Corporation Corporate Operations Manager Joerome Santos, PCPPI President and Chief Executive Officer Phyo Phyu Noe, Bigtime Empire Corporation Operations Manager Jay Mark Tizon, and PCPPI Region Commercial Head for National Key Accounts - Food Service Alex Catindig.

In an effort to grow its client base in the Philippines, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) has reported another joint effort with Bigtime Realm Company. Bigtime Domain Partnership, famous for well known eating foundations like The Sandwich Fellow, Pares Retiro, Kalye Pares, and Cali Pizza, has become quite possibly of PCPPI's most recent client. PCPPI's collection of carbonated soda brands, which includes Pepsi, 7-Up, Mountain Dew, Mug, and Mirinda, will now be available in all independent branches of these well-known dining establishments until the year 2026.

During the ceremonial contract signing event, Bigtime Empire Corporation was represented by Corporate Operations Manager Joerome Santos, Operations Manager for Pares Retiro, Cali Pizza and Kalye Express Jay Mark Tizon, and Assistant Brand Marketing Manager Leslie Roelle De Leon. PCPPI’s leadership team was also on-hand, led by PCPPI President and Chief Executive Officer Phyo Phyu Noe, Region Commercial Head for National Key Accounts – Retail Business Maricel Guro, and Region Commercial Head for National Key Account – Food Service Alex Catindig.

For more information about PCPPI and its brands, please visit  

UNIQLO Philippines arrives at Venice Grand Canal Mall, opens new store with week-long Promos

Be one of the first shoppers to enjoy exclusive deals.

Mark your calendars  as global apparel  retailer UNIQLO opens its most up to date store at the ground floor, San Marco wing of Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig City  on March 1 with week-long specialpromotions and restrictive offers.

From limited-edition UNIQLO novelty items to free parking, there are tons of exciting rewards that await the first shoppers in the new UNIQLO Philippines store in Mckinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio. Make sure to take advantage of all these deals, available only during the new store’s first week.

Be the first in line to avail the exclusive offers on March 1 to 7 on items ranging from everyday casual wear like the UNIQLO U Crew Neck T-Shirt (from PHP 590 to PHP 390) and the Easy Cargo Pants (from PHP 1990 to PHP 1490). Everyone's favorite, the Round Mini Shoulder Bag (from PHP 790 to PHP 590), is up for grabs, as well as its UNIQLO Marimekko variation. Be ready for summer with these essential Linen items like the Linen Blend Camisole Dress (from PHP 2490 to PHP 1990) and the Linen Blend Easy Pants (from PHP 990 to PHP 790).

Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
(down from PHP 590 to PHP 390)

Easy Cargo Pants
(down from PHP 1990 to PHP 1490)

Round Mini Shoulder Bag
(down from PHP 790 to PHP 590)

Linen Blend Camisole Dress
(down form PHP 2490 to PHP 1990)

Linen Blend Easy Pants
(down from PHP 990 to PHP 790)

Get to collect special UNIQLO pieces during the opening week of UNIQLO Venice Grand Canal. For every minimum-spend of P2,500 on LifeWear items from March 1 to 7, you earn one free UNIQLO Limited Edition Novelty Item through an exciting arcade game of pachinko. Each slot at the bottom of the pachinko board represents the novelty item up for grabs, ranging from a laptop bag to a tote bag, a cooler compartment, a mini-luggage case, and a shoe bag.

More surprises are in store for early-bird shoppers at UNIQLO Venice Grand Canal. From March 1 to 3, the first 100 customers get to enjoy a free Glazed Raised Donut from Randy’s Donuts. Meanwhile, from March 4 to 7, the first 100 customers will receive one P100-off voucher from Grab Philippines.

Finally, get free parking when you shop at UNIQLO Venice Grand Canal from March 1 to 3. For every single receipt with a minimum-spend of P500, you will be given a voucher that renders parking at Venice Grand Canal Mall free for the first three hours.

With all these exciting deals, schedule your next UNIQLO shopping spree at the it’s new store at the ground floor, San Marco Wing of Venice Grand Canal Mall in Mckinley Hill starting March 1

Stay on top of the UNIQLO store opening date announcements and other updates by following UNIQLO Philippines on Facebook and on Instagram. Visit for more information.

For more updates, please visit UNIQLO Philippines’ social media accounts, FacebookTwitterInstagramTwitter and UNIQLO Philippines’ website at

Download the UNIQLO App via Google Play Store or Apple Store, or visit and shop from UNIQLO online store at

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Keep the FLAMES burning this Valentine’s Day and protect yourself from scammers

Remember the FLAMES—Friends, Lovers, Anger, Marriage, Engagement (Enemy for some), Soulmates—game in the 90’s? It was a popular pen and paper pastime among young teens. They would name their ‘crush’ and be able to ‘predict’ their future by playing with the letters that make up the name.

Fast forward to this day and age, “FLAMES” can guide adults and teens alike. But this time on a more serious note.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) presents a ‘FLAMES’ way—of protecting against scammers. 

“No one can really predict when and how a scammer attacks. We must always be careful not to fall for their schemes. This Valentine’s Day, everyone must be vigilant. Remember, cybersecurity is a shared responsibility.” ~Jonathan John B. Paz, BPI Enterprise Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer

BPI’s ‘FLAMES’ reminder consists of simple cybersecurity tips that account holders can do to keep their accounts safe and secure especially this Valentine’s Day:
  • F-riends? Family? It is better to keep confidential details like your PINs and passwords a secret (even) from them.
  • L-ove to share your latest updates online? This is okay but be sure to set boundaries. Avoid oversharing, especially on social media, for your and your loved ones’ safety. 
  • A-nger, excitement, and curiosity are some of the most common emotional trigger's scammers latch on to for their social engineering scams. Too much of these feelings can also be used as bait to manipulate you. 
  • M-arriage between online and offline cybersecurity practices is a good habit to develop. It is not enough to be careful with your actions online only but not offline, and vice-versa.
  • E-ngage only with trusted accounts. When planning to use e-commerce, do background checks first and read reviews about the sellers or product. Legitimate Facebook pages have the blue verified badges on them.
  • S-oulmate? One-True Pair. Just like them, take care of your One-Time PINs (OTPs) as well by never sharing them with anyone.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Ease into Lightness with UNIQLO’s Spring Summer 2024 Collection

L-R: Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah GeronimoBella Racelis, UNIQLO COO Geraldine Sia, VP of Marketing Georgette Jalasco and Laura Lehmann.

Feel light in every way this season, from lifestyle, function, texture, and more.

UNIQLO sparks the Spring/Summer 2024 season with the launch of its new LifeWear collection. Inspired by the call to “ease into lightness,” the collection circles back to LifeWear’s central ideas of comfort and versatility and updated for the season with new fits featuring a clean and casual style for work and play.

“UNIQLO LifeWear is clothing designed to make everyone’s life better. They are pieces that compliment everyday lifestyles, and with our season theme of Ease Into Lightness, we showcase different key items that are a perfect fit for Filipinos’ different needs, highlighting our products’ quality materials, colors, textures and styles.” ~Geraldine Sia, UNIQLO Philippines Chief Operating Officer

UNIQLO Philippines Chief Operating Officer Geraldine Sia at the 2024 SpringSummer LifeWear Collection Preview

UNIQLO Philippines Vice President of Marketing Georgette Jalasco talks on stage about the 2024 SpringSummer LifeWear Collection

Bella Racelis wears the Mini Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Mesh Crew Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan and Cargo Pants

Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo

UNIQLO’s Spring/Summer 2024 pieces come alive in soft pale tones like ecru and mauve pink. Natural linen and Supima Cotton also feel gentler, as jackets are made more comfortable and T-shirts thinner. All around, it’s a collection that promises lightness in every way, from lifestyle to function to texture.

The UNIQLO 2024 SpringSummer LifeWear Collection Preview also features a wall displaying the 10th edition of the LifeWear Magazine

Starting with lifestyle, the collection serves as the new authentic, where elevated casual meets urban sport casual. Think of sporty items such as Sport Utility Wear and utility pants matched with UNIQLO’s classic casual items such as T-Shirts and Bra Tops for a hybrid yet effortless style.

The Lightness in Lifestyle Collection

The Lightness in Lifestyle Collection

The Lightness in Lifestyle Collection

Next, in terms of function, UNIQLO’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection showcases a clean-work style with functionality, positioned as future traditional. Modern neutral coloring is set to get anyone through anything, even the harshest of seasons, comfortably and in style. This is made possible by the functional materials of Miracle Air, AIRism, UV Protection, DRY-EX, Blocktech - which are waterproof, water repellent, breathable, quick- drying, and more. Go for these popular UNIQLO lines or try the Smart Ankle and other Functional Outerwear with the Super Non-Iron Shirt and Rayon Shirt.

The Lightness in Function Collection

The Lightness in Function Collection

The Lightness in Function Collection

Finally, the collection promises lightness in texture. It’s a vacation-inspired summer casual style using light, high-quality natural materials such as linen and cotton. With pieces like the Pleated Skirt and Sheer Knit (3D Mesh), among others, the collection embodies today's lightness mindset that allows anyone to travel with ease.

The Lightness in Texture Collection

The Lightness in Texture Collection

The Lightness in Texture Collection

Together with the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, UNIQLO also presents special collaborations for the season. UNIQLO U brings its latest future LifeWear essentials using innovative materials and contemporary silhouettes. Meanwhile, UNIQLO: C delivers sophistication in ease and motion from renowned British designer Clare Waight Keller.

The UNIQLO 2024 SpringSummer Collection Press Preview also features new designs from J.W. AndersonInes De La Fressange, etc.

The UNIQLO 2024 SpringSummer Collection Press Preview also features new designs from J.W. AndersonInes De La Fressange, etc.,

The 2024 SpringSummer Collection Preview also showcases the new UNIQLOC collection in collaboration with Clare Waight Keller

The 2024 SpringSummer Collection Preview also showcases the new UNIQLOC collection in collaboration with Clare Waight Keller

Fans of J.W. Anderson can also look forward to the Northern Irish designer’s newest set of UNIQLO pieces. The latest collection is inspired by fabrics and crafts from the mid-century era for a textured vibe that is clean with a pop of color.

The UNIQLO 2024 SpringSummer Collection Press Preview also features new designs from J.W. AndersonInes De La Fressange, etc

The UNIQLO 2024 SpringSummer Collection Press Preview also features new designs from J.W. AndersonInes De La Fressange, etc

The UNIQLO 2024 SpringSummer Collection Press Preview also features new designs from J.W. AndersonInes De La Fressange, etc

Another favorite UNIQLO collaborator with new pieces is Ines de la Fressange. For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, the French designer's take on Parisian chic focuses on the stunning southern France landscape, characterized by simplicity and elegance.

Visit UNIQLO Manila Global Flagship Store from February 9 to February 15 only to also get your suggested Spring / Summer looks with the special store activity named - Color and Style Corner. To know more about this activity, you may read here: FAQ Color and Style Corner

For more updates, please visit UNIQLO Philippines’ social media accounts, on Facebook, on Twitter,  on Instagram and TikTok, and UNIQLO Philippines’ website at

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Great Savings at Our Home Grand Central 3-Day Sale

Planning for a home refresh this summer?   As temperature rises, so do the savings at  OUR HOME GRAND CENTRAL on its 3-Day Sale from April 1...