Saturday, September 26, 2020

ADP Pharma Corporation is celebrating its 10th year anniversary

NOVUHAIR® Congratulates ADP Pharma

ADP is a team of driven & passionate people, who keep themselves abreast of recent trends in the pharma industry, set with a major advantage in addressing current & future market needs in an era where value-creation for consumers is a must.


The company established its position in the pharma industry through successful endeavors in all aspects of operations. Its ambition to give Filipinos with the best helped ADP cap off each year with new product developments and partnerships. 

Leading up to where they are now -- Ambition, Drive, and Passion-- is what makes them and these are what gave them a decade of rewarding their team as they reward the Filipinos with a wealth of health. 


Friday, September 25, 2020

NOVUHAIR® Supports Alopecia Philippines


September 2020 marks the seven (7) fruitful years of collaboration between NOVUHAIR®, the leading hair loss treatment in the country and THE ALOPECIA PHILIPPINES, a group founded in 2012 by singer and songwriter Abby Asistio. 

“VICTORIOUS, Rising Above Alopecia and the Pandemic Together” is this year’s official online gathering theme LIVE at When In Manila’s Facebook page on Saturday, September 26, 2020 (3pm to 8pm). Everyone is invited to witness this momentous event.

Abby Asistio is currently one of the ambassadors and the Inspirational VIP Coach of NOVUHAIR®, nature’s answer to hair loss, which she has been using since March 2013. 


WISE Talks: Staying financially fit amid the pandemic

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has launched a webinar series entitled WISE Talks to help potential investors learn the basics of investing, and enable more experienced investors to make the right investment decisions amid market volatility brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Making wise and effective investment decisions are all the more important in these uncertain times, and through these webinars, we aim to help everyone find the right investment strategy for a more secure financial future. The first step towards financial freedom through investment begins by asking yourself if investing is for you, and if you can build the discipline to stick with a strategy. One way to do this is through a basic formula called HERO (Horizon, Experience, Risk Tolerance, Objective). The objective of HERO is to bring clarity to your goal for investing, your investment experience, your risk appetite in investing, and your investment horizon to identify the appropriate investment securities that match your objective, and risk profile. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification, is important, and should be applied both in different investment asset classes and within an investment asset class.” ~Dino Gasmen, Head of BPI Global Markets
The webinar started in March 2020. A similar webinar for BPI employees was organized through a closed Facebook group last August 18. Last August 25, it was also held for the first time over Facebook live through BPI’s Facebook account.
“Do cost-averaging and invest regularly. In cost-averaging, investors are encouraged to buy investments in tranches every month to even out the ups and downs of the market. Over the long term, this investment strategy can maximize returns. Do not let your fear of losing money harm your long-term financial health. Keep yourselves updated with trends and market movements; investment in knowledge still pays the best returns.” ~Dino Gasmen, Head of BPI Global Markets
Given the fluctuating historical performances of every asset class, diversification leads to effective portfolio management and minimizes the risk for short-term investors.

Learn more about managing your finances in this pandemic through our WISE Talks webinars and videos on BPI Facebook.

Herbalife Nutrition Survey Consumers Have a Clear Vision for Healthy Aging, But Fear of Illness Due to Lower Immunity Topped List of Aging-Related Worries

Premier global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition, today released findings from the 2020 Asia Pacific Healthy Aging Survey, which revealed that Asia Pacific consumers have a clear vision of what healthy aging means to them, but less than three in 10 consumers had the confidence to age healthily, with the fear of falling ill due to lower immunity as their top worry. 
To shed light into Asia Pacific consumers’ aging-related fears, concerns, confidence levels, and actions, the survey polled equal numbers of  Generation Z (18 – 23 years), Millennials (24 – 39 years), Generation X (40 – 55 years), Boomers+ (55 years and above).
In 11 markets including; Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.
For those who are concerned about aging, two-thirds (60 percent) of consumers started to have concerns between the age of 30 and 59, with bone- and joint-related issues topping the list of specific health concerns, followed by brain-related and eye-related issues. 

“This is the third edition of our survey designed to uncover concerns about aging across demographic groups and markets in the Asia Pacific, the region with the highest average life expectancy in the world. The findings showed that many people worry about falling ill due to lower immunity as they age – a likely result of their changing health concerns due to the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, we also observed that consumers in Northeast Asia markets, where an aging population is particularly notable, have lower levels of confidence in their ability to age healthily compared to their Southeast Asia counterparts. As Healthy Aging Month falls in September, this is an opportune time for us to deepen awareness about the need to take steps towards healthy aging earlier in life. At Herbalife Nutrition, we believe that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can play a part in slowing down or preventing many age-related diseases. Most Asia Pacific consumers have already begun to consider adopting positive habits to age more healthily. However, with the fear of aging being prominent among consumers, we see a crucial need to help them strengthen their confidence in their ability to take proper actions. We believe that by sharing education on adopting the right nutritional habits and appropriate physical activities, we can help people find the right path towards healthy aging. ~Stephen Conchie, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific


Across the different demographic groups, younger consumers such as the Generation Z (31 percent) and Millennials (32 percent) displayed greater confidence in their ability to age healthily as compared to their older Generation X (26 percent) and Boomers+ (24 percent) counterparts. 

The fear of falling ill due to lower immunity emerged as the top aging-related worry:
  • Two in five (38 percent) respondents worry about falling ill due to lower immunity as they age.
  • One in five (18 percent) worry that visible signs of aging will change their appearance. 
  • One in five (18 percent) fear that they might become less independent as the body becomes weaker. 
Regarding the potential aging-related effects that consumers will experience: 
  • 65 percent of respondents believe that they would experience a decrease in mental acuity; 
  • 57 percent believe that they would most likely suffer from chronic or acute illnesses or ailments; 
  • Half believe that they will participate in fewer physical activities and be physically weaker as they grow older. 
Taking Steps Towards Healthy Aging 
Nonetheless, the majority of Asia Pacific consumers understand the importance of healthy aging, with seven in 10 consumers (73 percent) having taken steps to help age healthily. The steps taken include: 
  • Making better nutrition choices (73 percent).
  • Engaging in more regular physical activities (69 percent).
  • Engaging in mentally-stimulating activities or hobbies (50 percent).
  • Taking supplements that promote healthy aging (46 percent).
  • Going for more regular health check-ups (42 percent).

For those who are concerned about aging, two-thirds (60 percent) of consumers started to have concerns between the age of 30 and 59, with bone- and joint-related issues topping the list of specific health concerns, followed by brain-related and eye-related issues. 

  • Fear of Aging
Only three in 10 (28 percent) Asia Pacific consumers expressed confidence in their ability to age healthily. Consumers in Southeast Asia were generally more confident than those in Northeast Asia. Indonesia had the greatest confidence (61 percent), followed by Malaysia (44 percent) and the Philippines (43 percent). On the other hand, consumers in Korea (17 percent), Taiwan (17 percent), Hong Kong (13 percent) and Japan (9 percent) displayed the lowest confidence across the Asia Pacific region. 

Defining Healthy Aging 
When asked to define healthy aging in more tangible terms, Asia Pacific consumers painted a positive picture. Respondents shared that healthy aging is about being mentally active and sharp (61 percent), physically active (57 percent), not suffering from any chronic or acute illness (56 percent), living a free and independent life (52 percent), and not being a burden to their family as they age (51 percent).

Aging-Related Concerns 
Over half (54 percent) of Asia Pacific consumers believe that discussions on how to age healthily should begin between the ages of 30 and 49. The most common reason given for postponing discussions about aging was that they are still young, followed by the prioritization of their present health and lifestyle. 

Across the demographic groups, a larger proportion (75 percent) of older consumers such as the Boomer+ have taken steps towards healthy aging as compared to their younger Generation X (70 percent) and Millennial counterparts (71 percent). The Generation Z consumers also seem to be the group that is least likely to take steps towards healthy aging, with only 65 percent having done so.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Nursing student and fitness coach hailed as Century Tuna Everybod Superbod 2020 Winners

Century Tuna Everybod Superbod 2020 Grand Winners and #StayStrong Champions Samantha Ashley Lo and Sam Ajdani

Century Tuna Superbods 2020 named nursing student and ESL instructor Samantha Ashley Lo and fitness coach and professional model Sam Ajdani as the Century Tuna Everybod Superbod title holders. The most anticipated health and fitness event of the year was also a momentous occasion as it set the standards for future online events in the new normal. Amid the pandemic, held at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Quezon City, the finals event followed strict adherence to the FDCP-DOH-DOLE safety protocols for film and audio-visual shoots.

“We needed to rise up to the challenge. We knew it was going to be tough but we stayed focused and if we’re able to pull this off successfully then at least we are able to provide a template for the industry to learn from and use. We soldiered on despite the challenges to show that it can be done. It’s important to stage the event to provide inspiration and a good benchmark for the country to put health, wellness, and fitness as the top priority.” ~Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Food Inc. EVP & COO

The success of the event amid the pandemic made their victory even more memorable for both Samantha (27) and Sam (30). Sam, who is a professional commercial model, admitted that one of the most challenging parts of the competition was trying to stay healthy given the restrictions of the pandemic.   Meanwhile, Samantha, who is a former Miss Grand International Philippines winner, had to strengthen her focus and remain creative in her home workouts, even when she could not go to the gym. Their persistence and commitment to stay strong and focused paid off when they were proclaimed winners of the biggest health and fitness competition in the country. 

Century Tuna Everybod Superbod 2020 Grand Winner #StayStrong Champion Samantha Ashley

Century Tuna Everybod Superbod 2020 Grand Winner #StayStrong Champion Sam Ajdani

Samantha and Sam bested 25 other Superbods candidates and will each take home Php 500,000 tax-free cash and other amazing prizes. Both winners passed rigorous digital challenges required during the competition to emerge as the new ambassadors of Century Tuna Superbods 2020—health and fitness advocates who are passionate about promoting health and wellness as an everyday commitment, especially during these trying times. They are also exceptional individuals who remain optimistic and believe in getting back up again even after falling so many times.

Century Tuna Everybod Superbod 2020 runners-up Superbod 2020 Stunner Candice Ramos

Century Tuna Everybod Superbod 2020 runners-up Superbod 2020 Ageless Erie Matic

The runners-up were Superbod 2020 Stunner Candice Ramos and Superbod 2020 Ageless Erie Matic. Other candidates who took home special awards were Shirley Garcia, Zai Ebido, Enzo Bonoan, Samantha Purvor, Philippe Magalona, Nelson Banzuela, Key Trajano, Albert Lorenzo, and Grace Del Rosario.

The 25 finalists were all strong contenders, showcasing inspiring traits and skills to encourage themselves and their fellow Filipinos to keep going and remain healthy and strong during these trying times.

The finalists were judged by a distinguished panel of judges. Joining Century Pacific Food Inc. EVP & COO Greg Banzon, Century Tuna marketing director Carlo Endaya, triathlete, and SEA Games gold medalist Nikko Huelgas, GMA Network senior assistant vice president for alternative productions Gigi Santiago-Lara, Isabelle Daza, Alice Dixson, Sarah Lahbati, Ina Raymundo, and DJ Toni Tony.

The health and fitness competition was relaunched last July 25 with a more inclusive and relevant #StayStrongPilipinas theme. To signal its resumption, Century Tuna released a rousing video via its official Facebook page

Featuring Century Tuna celebrity ambassadors Nadine Lustre and Alden Richards with the Superbods finalists urging everyone to stay strong and to continue pursuing their dreams of a healthier future through proper diet and exercise.

Century Tuna Celebrity Ambassador Nadine Lustre

Century Tuna Celebrity Ambassador Alden Richards

To relive the “Century Tuna EverybodSuperbod 2020” finals, visit and follow Century Tuna’s Facebook Page, or on Instagram.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Manila Restaurant Week Seeks to Promote F & B Industry Amidst the Pandemic

SEPTEMBER 20-27, 2020
Weeklong Event Seeks to Promote F & B Industry Amidst the Pandemic

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno discusses the merits of Manila Restaurant Week 2020 to Century Park Hotel staff

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the F & B industry. The City Government of Manila through the Manila Bureau of Permits, Department of Tourism, Culture and Arts of Manila, and the Manila Public Information Office is pleased to announce Manila Restaurant Week 2020, an event under the Manila Support Local program. This initiative seeks to promote and revive local businesses in the city in this time of crisis as well as foster the spirit of unity among big and small entrepreneurs and businessmen to boost the economy once again.

Executive Sous Chef Huey Marcial (center) stands proud at the Century Park Hotel booth during the Media Grand Launch at the Manila Hotel

As rich and diverse as its culture and heritage, Manila has a limitless array of world-class culinary classics and through this weeklong event which will run from September 20-27, 2020, foodies will get to experience the best of the city’s gustatory delights at very special discounts in participating restaurants and food outlets.
Gradually, with the relaxation of dine-in guidelines, the industry stands a chance to be revived. Century Park Hotel Manila will be participating in the upcoming Manila Restaurant Week 2020 from September 20-27. This weeklong celebration seeks to promote and revive the local F & B industry in the city of Manila which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  As such, big discounts are in store for foodies when they dine-in, take out, or avail of delivery form participating food outlets.
Manila Mayor Isko Moreno together with government officials lead the launching of Manila Restaurant Week 2020
Manila Mayor Isko Moreno visits the Century Hotel Booth during the Media Launch at the Manila Hotel
With a whopping 40% discount, the hotel will feature classics which will include Café in the Park’s Set Breakfast from P674.87 to P404.92, American Breakfast from P615.00 to P369.00 and the all-time favorite Hainanese Chicken from P636.77 to P382.06.  We also added savory platters of meat such as US Beef Medallion which can be savored from P712.96 to P427.78. Topping off the list are our mouthwatering Asian treats such as Salmon Teppanyaki and Buta Kakuni (from P761.95 to P457.17). All these are available for dine-in, take-out and delivery.
Beef Medallion with Peppercorn Sauce
Buta Kakuni
Hainanese Chicken
The hotel will be offering a 40% discount on select food items during this period in anticipation of diners who wish to enjoy the hotel experience once again. 
Manila Restaurant Week 2020 recently had its grand virtual launch at the Manila Hotel led by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and other government officials. World-renowned singer Lea Salonga, who expressed her warm support for this undertaking, performed her new single titled “Dream Again” on this day.
Century Park Hotel will enforce all stringent measures to ensure the safety of its patrons in this weeklong gustatory festival. With its participation, fine dining lovers can enjoy its fancy dishes at a more affordable rate while being able to #SupportLocal.  The Atrium Lounge will be open from 9:00AM to 7:00Pm during this weeklong celebration.
For more information on how to avail of these exciting offers, please check their social media accounts:

To know more about Century Park Hotel, visit or contact and telephone number: (632) 528-8888.


Launched in 1976, the Century Park Hotel remains one of the finest hotels in Manila. It is owned and operated by Maranaw Hotels and Resort Corporation and enjoys a mix of local and international patrons. The renowned establishment has over 500 rooms in varied types and facilities for a complete dining and leisure experience. 

Who will win Century Tuna Superbods 2020?

Century Tuna Superbods 2020 ambassadors, Nadine Lustre and Alden Richards
You've seen the candidates and their dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Now, it all boils down to who among the Century Tuna Superbods 2020 finalists will reign supreme! Happening on September 19, 2020, the event will show the new faces of fitness in the country as Century Tuna holds Everybod Superbod 2020: The Finals.
The Finals will take place after a series of digital competitions that allowed the Superbods to show what it truly means to #StayStrong amid the pandemic. They showed off their diet and fitness regimen, as well as empower others to pursue their own journeys towards a healthy lifestyle. Of course, they also became a source of hope, motivation, and inspiration as they opened up about their advocacies and encouraged their fans to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing in the new normal.
Following the challenges, the finalists will face each other one last time during The Finals where one male and one female grand winner will receive Php 500,000 each, as well as other amazing prizes.
During The Finals, Century Tuna will be also naming the winners of the special awards namely Superbods Ageless Awards, the Superbods Advocacy Awards, and the Superbods Social Impact Awards.
Other awards to be given in The Finals include Mr. and Ms. Dermaworld, Mr. and Ms. Congeniality, and Mr. and Ms. Photogenic.
There will also be eight winners of the digital challenges. Four winners will be selected for the Kraver's Canteen #FishEveryDay Challenges, two for the Fitness Challenge, and another two for the Stay Strong Challenge.
To help determine the winners, Century Pacific Food, Inc. executive vice president and chief operating officer Greg Banzon, Century Tuna marketing director Carlo Endaya, triathlete and SEA Games gold medalist Nikko Huelgas, GMA Network senior assistant vice president for alternative productions Gigi Santiago-Lara, actress, mom and fitness advocate Isabelle Daza, and actress and the ultimate Ageless fitspiration Alice Dixson will be part of the esteemed panel of judges.
Of course, The Finals would not be complete without this year’s Century Tuna Superbods ambassadors Alden Richards and Nadine Lustre. The two stars will be joining top celebrity Marc Nelson as hosts of the highly anticipated event.
You may catch Everybod Superbod 2020: The Finals on September 19 at 5:00PM on Century Tuna's official Facebook page. It will also be televised on GMA on September 27 at 10:05AM. For more information, make sure to like and follow on Facebook and Instagram.


Monday, September 14, 2020

Bounce back with a winning game plan from AXA and NBA

Get a chance to win prizes simply by undergoing a quick financial needs analysis session with an AXA financial expert.

AXA Philippines, one of the country's leading insurers and the official insurance partner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the Philippines, helps you reassess your financial game plan as it presents the “Bounce Back” promo from July 25 to September 20, 2020.
It’s a special promotion where Filipinos can get a chance to win prizes simply by undergoing a quick financial needs analysis session with an AXA financial expert.
Here’s how to join: Simply fill out the AXA appointment booking form by clicking this link,, which is also posted on AXA’s official social media accounts. After filling out the form, participants must answer the call of the AXA financial expert for a brief financial game plan session on the date and time they indicated in the appointment booking form.
On or before September 30, 2020, participants who were able to talk to an AXA financial expert will receive the following from AXA through their registered e-mail: a Personal Accident Insurance plan worth P50,000 valid for one year and a one-time free access to MyPocketDoctor, a mobile app that connects you with a medical professional for check-ups through your phone from the safety and comfort of your home. Both offerings will help participants stay healthy and protected as they use their game plan in the new normal with helpful advice from the AXA financial expert.
Lucky promo participants will also receive their prizes with instructions on how to use or activate them via e-mail or SMS. Promo participants must be 18 years old and above and can only join once.
For more information and updates, visit or follow axa.Philippines.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Orange & Lemons - You Bring Out The Best


Orange & Lemons have proven time and again, that they’re capable of writing infinitely hummable, indie-pop classics that maintain a distinct sensibility and effortlessness amidst shifting trends.
Their new single, “You Bring Out My Best” is among their most delightful work to date: a song that finds Clem waxing poetic on the intimate moments that he once shared with a fictional ex-lover. 
“We just love how the song turned out,” Clem reveals in a statement. “It’s the first time we sat down together working on a concept material, with no relevant inspiration for it. Just a play with words and melodic lines. We had to remove our shoes when tracking, and only one person is allowed at a time to record. The rest had to wait outside at the receiving area of Sonic State Audio in Mandaluyong City.~Clem Castro, Orange & Lemons’ Chief Songwriter and Producer

The production packs a punch in a way that is seamlessly understated but compelling—never overdoing the process to gain attention or impress music fans. But it’s the songwriting that remains front and center to this massive release, a distinct mold whose appeal transcends generations of any kind. 
“You Bring Out My Best” was written, arranged, and demo-recorded last February 2020 at O&L’s drummer studio from 4pm to 3am. The members of the band had to maximize their time together because they live far from one another, with Clem already having an approximate idea of a verse and chorus lines for the session. After jamming with the band, they brainstormed on adding sections and parts to complete the demo. 
“The resulting production has that trademark O&L sound, and much, much more because of the contribution of our keyboard player, who after more than a year of being an official member has immersed himself in indie-pop stylings,” ~Orange & Lemons Frontman

Orange & Lemons

Four months after the demo was shelved, Orange & Lemons finally braved the studio to resume recording of their new single “You Bring Out My Best.”   Armed with disinfectants and face masks, the award-winning band carefully observed health and safety protocols to finish the material.
“You Bring Out My Best”  is out today, September 11, 2020 (Friday), on all digital platforms worldwide via Lilystars Records. 

The Longest-Running Campus Comedy Variety Show in the Philippines is Back!

[L-R] LIVE AIDS 34 Production Manager and SAMASKOM President  Danielle Asuncion ,  Mrs. Tan ,  Kaladkaren , and LIVE AIDS 34 Director  Bill ...