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  1. Assorted Pastillas 36s
  2. Casuy Box
  3. Premium Pusit Box
  4. Premium Dilis Box
  5. Barquiron
  6. Polvoron box (Assorted, Peanut, Pinipig or Cookies & Cream)
  7. Macapuno Tart 10s, box
  8. Pili Tart 10s, box
  9. Yema Tart 10s, box
  10. Tamarind Balls box (Sweet, Spicy or Salted)

Our Filipino customary whenever we travel and going back home we wanted to bring something out of the place we have been. We called it "pasalubong" homecoming gifts or treat for our loved ones. Sometimes, it's even said before we are leaving the house. "Pasalubong ko ha wag mo kalilimutan"  it's a simple saying and reminder for you not to forget their treats. But be that as it may, we tend sometimes to forget to buy and later on we recall someone has requested on you but it's too late.

Good News! Sitsirya Sari Sari is here to solve your problem. They are selling almost all famous delicacies from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. All you need to do is drop by to their nearest branch and grab your tasty treat for your loved ones. It's that Amazing? Well, it's not that all... because you can be sure of its quality, and the packaging is very sophisticated. Definitely, it is a very ideal gift for all occasion.


The "Sitsirya Balikbayan Pasalubong Handybox". 
The simple, convenient, and presentable way to have
your chosen set of Filipino sweets and delicacies.

Give joy to your loved ones; wherever they may be. 
Bring home Sitsirya sweet memories, today!

The Balikbayan Pasalubong Handybox is:

1. Convenient, hassle-free, gift-giving through assorted sets.
2. Includes a wide variety of pasalubong Favorites
3. Ensured top-quality products included in the set
4. A gift enjoyed by the recipient and the giver appreciated and remembered.
5. Ideal for a year-round, multi-purpose give-away.

The 'Sitsirya Balikbayan Pasalubong Handybox' is Free, 
when you purchase recommended product sets.
Visit their Company outlets to see other recommended product sets.

Sample Product set:

1. Pastillas de Leche Jumbo 30s
2. Mango Empanada, box 
3. Pili Tart 24s, box
4. 6 Mix Box (sampler)
5. Cashew Marzipan 30s, Box
6. Pastillas Bars 48s, box
7. Pili Nuts box ( Crispy or Roasted)
8. Mazapan De Pili Bites, box
9. Flavored Pili Nuts (pouch)
10. Tablea 12s/pack (Sweetened or Pure)

April 14, 2018 @ Ocampo Residence - we are invited by Mr. Eufracio Ocampo the founder and owner of "Sitsirya sari-sari" and their family to their own house where the business is started.

The program started with the short message coming from Mr. Eufracio and her wife Ms. Era Ocampo followed by the introduction of the team member handling the operation of Sitsirya sari sari.

Mr. Eufracio tells us personally how their business began. 

He and her wife were both employed when Ninoy Aquino was assassinated in 1983.

The economic backlash had us ending up jobless because of the effect on businesses then.
They were job hunting for some months with all of their savings depleted and incurring debts in the interim. Finally, losing hope of finding a job, they decided to set up a table selling space inside a small supermarket. This is where they started selling Filipino kakanin. This was in 1984.

Where did He get the idea of putting up a business like this?

He grew up with 4 grandmothers, all of them, good cooks. When he was young, he used to hang around the kitchen, helping out with cooking chores, especially when they were preparing sweets/ desserts, like leche flan, ube halaya, maja blanca, etc. He often got rewarded with die "tiratira" (leftover) for his efforts.

Her wife Era, also grew up immersed in their family restaurant business, so she was no stranger to the food business.

Their daughter, Haraya, was fond of receiving pasalubong, when they were still gainfully employed. Her term for it then was "magic". They thought there was such a need to be fulfilled. Her wife Era, and him also had their memories of their parents coming home with Pasalubong (which delighted them no end!). This was the inspiration for their Standard Store Customer Greeting: "Pasalubong kay 'Bunso'!" Bunso simply refers to a loved one (young and old). Eventually, this is also what inspired the first of their tagline: " We serve memories ".

How much is their capital (estimated cost) 

At that time, I borrowed php 10,000. from her mother-in-law; from the proceeds of the burial donations for his father-in-law, who had just passed away then. They used it to set up their first table space, and for the initial inventory. Today a basic kiosk setup would require around php 200,000. In a mall set-up, it will be php 300,000. upwards.

Do they join bazaars or any other events to promote their products?

Through the years, they joined bazaars and exhibits, whenever possible. Eventually, in 2001, they have invited to set-up their first Mall-based outlet, after they saw them in an exhibit in the same mall.

They had a chance to expand after that. Then, they were featured in various magazines, TV shows, radio show interviews, etc

It was also in 2001, when our rebirth was made possible with a "problem" with their business name renewal with the DTI.

Their original name was Burp Food Enterprises. But they were delayed in renewing the registration of the business. Right there at the desk of the officer, He was given a few minutes to think of the alternative name to replace their old one. That "lightbulb moment" led to the coining of their present name of "Sitsirya sari-sari". Fate has a way of leading you the way to your destiny!
Problems encountered.

Part of the program also is short video presentation coming from some tv show guesting featured in the following: 

Sitsirya She-Ka part 1

Sitsirya She-Ka part 2

Sitsirya Umaga Kay Ganda

Sitsirya- Pinoy Records

Sitsirya sari sari - Ruffa & Ai

SITSIRYA LOGO: Meanings and Symbolisms 

Oval background: 

The Pantone color yellow background of the logo serves as the "sunshine" vibrant environment of the company. The oval shape evokes an active, buoyant feeling of dynamism.


The multi-colored buntings aim to produce that "fiesta" atmosphere of provincial

Philippines.These fiestas are celebrated throughout the country with food, songs, and dances.

There are five pieces of buntings to a cord, corresponding to our company's five major product groups, namely,

1. Sitsiryang Pinoy

2. Sweets and delicacies

3. Sari-saring Pasalubong

4. Nuts, nuts, nuts

5. Chinese delicacies


The main company name, meaning sweets and delicacies, for which the Philippines is known for. Not commercial junk food, but traditional finger foods.

"We serve memories": 

The objective of the company to make every Filipino aware of our indigenous traditional sweets and delicacies enjoyed by our grandparents and parents, savour them once again, regardless of wherever in the world they may be.

"Food specialties of the Islands... to the World!" 

Coined eight years ago, this tagline aims to make available good quality Philippine sweets and delicacies to the rest of the world through exports. The three dots after the word Islands refer to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

About the Company
Filipinos have this innate desire to please our loved ones and one common manifestation is the tradition of bringing "pasalubong" for family and friends. Childhood memories of "anak" waiting for "tatay" or "nanay" carrying that "balot o supot" in hand are etched in the minds of us "young once". The young ones now may be more familiar with the fast-food lifestyle, but nostalgia aside, there is wisdom in having our little ones enjoy our authentic Filipino sweets, delicacies and "pasalubong" treats.

SITSIRYA Sari-Sari, which began in 2001, ensures that this tradition lives on by bringing to you the best pasalubong, the Islands have to offer.

Simply put,"We treat you with memories".


To be one of the leading sources of good quality Philippine-made sweets, delicacies and "pampasalubong" products, at reasonable prices.


1. Provide various select Philippine manufacturers direct distribution links to local and international markets.
2. Pass on to consumers the savings brought about by our short and direct product distribution system.
3. Let our customers enjoy the convenience of choosing from an assortment of products coming from different provinces. Literally, a one-stop-shop of delights!
4. Provide income opportunities to entities or wholesalers who are interested in distributing our quality products.

Company Core Values
1. Spirituality - God-centered.
2. Nationalism - Filipino economic networking, proactive advocacy.
3. Family Relationships - Caring, concerned, nurturing.
4. Personal - Honesty, integrity, industry, empowered, team-oriented.
5. Customer satisfaction - through product quality and service excellence.

For Product List, Prices and How to Order:

To Know more about the products of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao  

Wanted to Start Your Own Business?

Where to Find Sitsirya Sari Sari? Check here:

  • ALABANG TOWN CENTER - Grd. Flr. Alabang Mall Hallway, near Metro Dept. CIRCLE C MALL - Grd. Flr. Beside escalator. Congressional Ave. Q.C. 
  • EASTWOOD MALL - Level 2, Techno Plaza 2. Near Robinson's Supermarket 
  • FESTIVAL MALL - 3F, across Shakey's Pizza. 
  • GLORiETTA - Glorietta 2, Level 2. In front of Cabalen. Makati. 
  • GREENHILLS - (1) Area near Virra Mail side exit, Centerma» Tiangge area. 
  • - (2) Bridgeway Shops; -From the Connecticut Car Park. 
  • KCC MALL GENSAN - 3/F, J. Catolico Sr. Ave., Brgy. Lagao, Gensan City. 
  • LUCKY CHINATOWN - Annex A, 4/F, near parking ent. & elevators, Manila. 
  • MARKET MARKET - Food Cart, Fiesta Market area, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. 
  • ROBINSON'ANTIPOLOLO - Sumulong hi-way. 2nd Level near Department Store. ROBINSONS GALLERIA - Lower Ground Floor, near Tokyo Tokyo. 
  • ROBINSONS PLACE ERMtTA - GF, Sta. Monica Atrium, between the escalators. SHANGRI-LA MALL - Beside MRT ent./exrt going to 5th level parking, EDSA. 
  • SHOPWISE ANTiPOLO - ML Quezon cor. CircumferentialI Rd, Antipolo. 
  • SHOPWISE ALABANG - Ground Floor, Festival Mali, Alabang. 
  • SHOPWISE ARANETA CUBAO - Shopwise Building, Araneta Center, Cubao. 
  • TIENDESITAS - Delicacies Village. Tiendesitas, Ortigas Ave. cor. C-5. Pasig 
  • ABREEZAMALLDAVAO - Abreeza Mall. J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, DavaoCity 
  • GAISANO MALL DAVAO - Gmall, J. P. Laurel Avenue, Obrero. DavaoCity'
If you haven't tasted any of these products, you have to try it and I guarantee you will never regret you decided to purchase these products. But be careful because it's very addicting and satisfying...

Special Thanks to Mr. Jeff Rusios of JDR Marketing for inviting us.

Visit Sitsirya Facebook Page


Mobile Nos. +63 920-9209680 • +63 917-8900347 • +63 922-8504421

Tel. (02) 713 5040


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