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Diabetes Philippines and AstraZeneca Philippines Partner with Cities of Mandaluyong and Pasig to Fight Chronic Kidney Disease

The City Government of Mandaluyong, led by Mayor Benjamin Abalos Sr. (seventh from right, standing) is acting now to address CKD in the country. This partnership also includes the Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators, Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators of the Philippines, Philippine Diabetes Support Group, Dialysis Philippines, and Kidney Transplant Association of the Philippines.

One Filipino develops chronic kidney disease (CKD) every 40 minutes, and one Filipino CKD patient progresses to dialysis every hour.1 Impaired kidney function remains one of the highest causes of death and disability in the Philippines, according to recent data. CKD has been identified as a leading cause of premature death among Filipinos.2

Addressing this escalating health concern, Diabetes Philippines Inc. (DP), AstraZeneca Philippines, with patient and educator groups, have recently joined forces with the local governments of Mandaluyong and Pasig to expand ACT NOW Program (Addressing Complications Today through Network of Warriors) against the cardio-renal complications of Diabetes and Hypertension, which aims to create awareness of CKD risk factors and promote early screening to save lives.  

Dr. Francis Pasaporte, Immediate Past President of Diabetes Philippines (DP) and proponent of this advocacy, said this initiative aims to further the awareness on CKD through risk factor identification and early screening, education of healthcare professionals on recommended disease treatment, and empowering patients to become part of the solution.  

“We, in DP, advocate the implementation of the ACT NOW Program through our network of warriors with the help of local government units (LGUs) that are at the forefront in delivering healthcare. We are happy to partner with them and we are strongly supportive of the programs of the LGU here in Mandaluyong and Pasig. So hopefully, we will put this program at the forefront in screening all high-risk individuals to prevent kidney and cardiovascular diseases.” ~Dr. Francis Pasaporte, Immediate Past President of Diabetes Philippines (DP) and Proponent of this Advocacy

Since the program’s launch in 2021, Ramin said they have screened over 500,000 Filipino patients across the country.

“AstraZeneca is highly committed to forge partnerships with the public sector to address the needs of patients across the full continuum of CKD care. We are one with LGUs and the national government in targeting better health outcomes for Filipino CKD patients. We are not stopping there. We are targeting to screen one million Filipino patients by year end. Indeed, it is an ambitious endeavor, one that cannot be solved by a single organization. Alongside Diabetes Philippines and patient advocacy groups, we are extremely excited to share this goal and partner with the Cities of Mandaluyong and Pasig. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Filipino patients.” ~Lotis Ramin, AstraZeneca Philippines Country President

With this collaboration, LGUs will open more sites where Filipinos can access free risk assessment, micral test (an immunospecific dipstick for detection of low concentrations of albumin in urine), and uACR (urine albumin-creatinine ratio) testing for monitoring of kidney health and prevention of disease progression. These tests usually cost P2,500 to P3,000 pesos and are not easily accessible in the country. 

"Mandaluyong prioritizes the health and well-being of our people. For CKD cases, we want this disease not to progress to dialysis. This is the reason we are partnering with the DP, the private sector and patient groups to roll out ACT NOW CKD program in our city. Early detection and screening are important. And we remain thankful to all our partners for helping us save more lives." ~Mayor Benjamin Abalos Sr., Mandaluyong City

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto (sixth from left) is joined by Dr. Francis Pasaporte (fifth from left), president of Diabetes Philippines; and Lotis Ramin, AstraZeneca Philippines country president (fourth from right), as well as members of patient groups, as they partner to expand the ACT NOW Program (Addressing Complications Today through Network of Warriors).

“As the country and communities develop, cases of CKD among Filipino patients are also on the rise. And we are proud to say that Pasig has one of the biggest dialysis centers in the country. But we feel downhearted every time we see Filipino dialysis patients struggling. That is why we are doing a holistic approach. For patients, they can go to our social welfare assistance centers and they will receive the maximum assistance that the city blanket can provide. And we continue to partner with government agencies and the private sector to help us provide patients with the care they need. So, we are trying to look at everything from a holistic perspective.” ~Mayor Vico Sotto, Pasig City

Diabetes Philippines and AstraZeneca Philippines plan to seal more partnerships with LGUs this year, in collaboration with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). The multi-sectoral partnership envisions to alleviate disease burden, mortality, and healthcare expenditure in the Philippines through a resilient end-to-end healthcare solution starting with prevention and proper management of CKD.

Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB), the Philippines’ leading carrier, has increased its aircraft deliveries for 2023 to a record high of 21 from 15 to further improve its operational resiliency amid growing demand for air travel.

Recently, CEB's ninth aircraft delivery for 2023, a brand-new Airbus A321neo (New Engine Option), arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila from Airbus’ Delivery Centre in Hamburg, Germany using blended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on its flight.

“This aircraft delivery allows us to increase our operational resilience while continuing to provide safe, reliable, and affordable air travel to our passengers. Our ongoing re-fleeting with new-generation, fuel-efficient aircraft and our continued use of sustainable aviation fuel will also help our decarbonization efforts in making the aviation industry more sustainable.” ~Alex Reyes, CEB Chief Strategy Officer

Of the 21 expected aircraft deliveries this year, 17 are NEOs, while four are CEOs (Current Engine Option) on short-term lease. The airline aims to shift to a more fuel-efficient, all-NEO fleet by 2028.

Last June 30, CEB received a brand new A320neo aircraft from Airbus’ final assembly line in Tianjin, China, powered by SAF with a blend of 41%, marking a major milestone for CEB’s sustainable aviation initiatives.

SAF is a drop-in fuel with similar characteristics as conventional jet fuels. It does not require any adaptations to the aircraft or engines and does not have any negative impact on performance. The use of SAF results in up to 80% reduction in carbon emissions across the fuel’s lifecycle.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Cebu Pacific Sets Out on a Journey Toward its Climate Ambition

Cebu Pacific (CEB), the Philippines’ leading airline, has partnered with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. One to Tree program (RAFI OTT) to support the conservation and restoration of mangroves in Cebu.  

CEB and RAFI signed a memorandum of agreement to jointly enhance a mangrove plantation in Barangay Tapon, Dumanjug, Cebu. The project aims to plant 10,000 mangrove seedlings across an estimated 10 hectares of mangrove area.  

Recently, volunteers from both parties jumpstarted the project by planting seedlings in Bgy. Tapon, Dumanjug Cebu. 

“We believe that nature-based solutions such as this mangrove plantation project have a critical role to play in removing carbon from the atmosphere. This initiative allows us to achieve three objectives – mitigating the impacts of carbon emissions to the environment, improving disaster resilience of coastal communities, and providing livelihood support to the Dumanjug community.” ~Alex Reyes, Cebu Pacific’s Chief Sustainability Officer

CEB and RAFI will work closely with the Tapon Fisherfolks Association and offer extensive training in the areas of mangrove plantation design, nursery management, and mangrove seedling production, site preparation and plantation establishment, and plantation maintenance and monitoring.  

Income augmentation to participating members of the fisherfolk association will also be given through the labor provided for the planting site preparation and establishment and plantation maintenance, and purchase of seedlings.

“We are excited to launch this mangrove rehabilitation partnership with Cebu Pacific. Through our shared values towards biodiversity conservation, we will be able to enhance the mangrove forest in the municipality of Dumanjug and build a more sustainable and disaster-resilient community. It truly takes everyone’s help now to build a sustainable tomorrow.” ~Antony Dignadice, RAFI OTT Program Director

The partnership will run for three years.  It includes the identification, establishment, planting, maintenance, and monitoring of the mangrove plantation in the Municipality of Dumanjug. More than 20 community partners from the fisherfolk association will be involved in the project.  

“There are about 40 CEB volunteers alongside our partners who participated in this CEB Mangrove Forest Enhancement and Rehabilitation Project. Most are Manila-based who spent for their own accommodation. This is a testament that the spirit of volunteerism on sustainability initiatives is very much alive among CEB employees. On top of this initiative, we have also transitioned to zero emission electric vehicles for employee shuttle service and are currently evaluating onsite solar power installation to supply renewable energy for our key buildings.” ~Felix Lopez, Cebu Pacific’s Chief Human Resources Officer

In a review of 335 studies conducted by scientists from the University of the Philippines, the Philippines suffered the second-worst loss of mangroves in Southeast Asia over a two-decade period. Philippine mangroves suffered a 10.5 percent decline between 1990 and 2010.

For many coastal communities, mangrove forests provide livelihoods and critical protection from the onslaught of typhoons. These dense coastline forests are home to diverse ecosystems, where fish swim and grow among trees and find needed shelter to reproduce. 

CEB, which is the Philippine leader in propelling decarbonization in the aviation industry, has also begun other initiatives to minimize the environmental impacts of its operations.  

By 2028, CEB intends to operate an all-NEO (New Engine Option) fleet that consumes less fuel and has reduced carbon emissions. CEB has also incorporated the use of blended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in its operations and continues to strengthen its supply network for sourcing SAF. 

The company has also transitioned to zero emission electric vehicles for employee shuttle service and is likewise currently evaluating onsite solar power installation to supply renewable energy for its key buildings.  

RAFI One To Tree (formerly known as RAFI Biodiversity Conservation Unit), has been active in reforestation and conservation for over two decades and has achieved more than 80% survival rate for native tree growing. RAFI OTT also assists companies in the service delivery of Environmental Compliance Certificate requirements set by the Philippine Government, as well as helping them achieve carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation goals.  

ABC Tech Ventures Inc. upgrades educational tablet to capture more Filipino market

Filipino-owned ABC Tech Ventures Inc. is now further expanding its horizon of sharing its expertise and in providing technology to Filipino learners, as it formally unveils its more advanced yet kid-friendly X8, X10, and X10 Plus tablets.

Arvin Arik Carranceja, the Chief Executive Officer of ABC Tech Ventures Inc, said the newly launched X8, X10, and X10 Plus tablets were designed to be more sophisticated for kids with more refined tastes, on top of having a sleeker and more refined look compared to their brightly colored counterparts that are for younger kids.

"All tablets have increased durability to withstand the rigors of daily use by students. Although utilitarian in function, they still have the clean look of more high-end tablets and are available in four colors: charcoal black, azure blue, rose gold, and graphite gray," ~Arvin Arik Carranceja, Chief Executive Officer of ABC Tech Ventures Inc.

Arvin Arik Carranceja, Chief Executive Officer of ABC Tech Ventures Inc.

These higher-end models have dual cameras, an 8MP front-facing camera and a 13MP rear-facing one, which should be more than adequate for capturing and documenting anything that is needed for class. The X8 on the other hand has an 8mp rear camera and a 5mp front camera.

Each device is made to be used by a different age group, and the most obvious difference would be the size and storage capacity of the devices.

The X8 screen measures 8.0 inches is best used by grade school children and has 32GB of storage.

Coming in with an upgrade of 64GB of storage and a 10.1-inch screen is the X10, ABC Tech's offering for high school level learners. The next model upgrade, the X10 Plus, has similar features to the X10, but has a slightly larger screen at 10.4 inches with 8GB and 128GB of storage.

These tablets have specifications that make them the most effective for their target age range, and as the user's estimated education makes more demands of the software they use and the variety of applications they need, the models also increase in power and processing capability.

This gradation of devices has proven to be effective and has paved the way for ABC Tech's remarkable growth.

This year, the company hopes to produce 100,000 tablets and continue to build its reputation as the number-one choice for educational tools in the country.

SM Supermalls, Mesa ni Misis team up for the healthiest SuperMoms Meetup

SM Supermalls, Mesa ni Misis team up for the healthiest SuperMoms Meetup Just in time for Nutrition Month, SM Supermalls partnered with Mesa ni Misis to celebrate the healthiest SuperMoms Meetup at the SM Megamall Event Atrium on July 22, Saturday.

SuperMoms gathered once again for the biggest and grandest super momma convention, which also marked the launch of Juana’s Table, the newest recipe book by Mesa ni Misis’ Juana Manahan Yupangco.

“We SuperMoms hold the power to shape the future of our children's health. By embracing a plant-based diet and introducing it to our families, we can ensure that our little ones grow up strong, vibrant, and armed with the necessary tools to lead a healthy and fulfilled life.” ~Grace Magno, SM Supermalls Vice President for Corporate Marketing

SM Supermalls and Mesa ni Misis, through the recipe book, aimed to educate moms on the importance of healthy and sustainable eating. Written by Yupangco herself, who is a food security champion and advocate for local produce and farmers, the book is filled with healthy and affordable meal options that moms can easily create in their kitchen using the freshest produce found at the SM Sunday Market.

During the event, participants were treated to a cooking demo by Yupangco, who was then joined by celebrities and certified SuperMoms, Dimples Romana and Patti Grandidge Herrera who whipped up a veggie gimbap using fresh, local ingredients.

They showcased how easily one can create a delicious and healthy meal for the whole family using one of the many recipes found in the book. Also, moms got the chance to discover how to practice sustainability in the household through cooking.

The meetup featured on-ground activities for moms such as the SuperMoms Club Photo wall where SuperMoms got to take photos with their goodie bags and a raffle draw where lucky SuperMoms won special prizes and other awesome surprises from partners and sponsors.

Started in 2018, SM Supermalls’ SuperMoms Club is the Philippines’ largest mommy community on Facebook. Its on-ground event, the SuperMoms Meetup, has become an avenue to further build a stronger community of inspiring women and super mommas who uplift, support, and encourage each other.

“This meetup was designed with your well-being in mind. We want to make you feel valued and cared for, and at the same time, we want to give you a voice to be heard at home, in the workplace, and in your community. Your SM Supermalls family will always be here for you, listening to you and understanding your needs and helping you throughout your motherhood journey.” ~Juana Manahan Yupangco

The healthiest SuperMoms Club meetup in the metro was supported by SM Markets, SM Store, Fully Booked,Viu, NutriAsia, UnMeat, Téviant, Skin Poem, Designer Blooms and Blims Furniture.

Never miss out on the latest SuperMoms gatherings at SM Supermalls! To know more about the SuperMoms Club, join the Facebook community for moms, by moms via

SG Hassan Pasco receives a Plaque of Recognition from CDRRMO

SG Hassan receives a plaque of recognition from the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office officials: (L to R) Ralph Kristian Eustaquio, Research and Planning Division Head, Vanessa T. Reyes, CGADH-I, CDRRMO, Rolly Asaula Administrative Division Head and John Edward Babani Administration and Training Division Head. With them is SM City San Pablo CRS Manager Ramon Domingo (3rd from right).

City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office awards SM City San Pablo guard SG Hassan Pasco a plaque of recognition for his selflessness and courageous efforts in saving a life during a critical and life-threatening situation on June 25, 2023.

While conducting his regular rounds, SG Pasco noticed a 74-year-old customer experiencing difficulty breathing due to something stuck in his throat. Fortunately, as a trained guard in first aid rescue techniques, he performed the Heimlich maneuver (Abdominal Thrusts) right away, and that saved the customer.

SG Pasco is trained in first aid rescue techniques and regularly undergoes refresher courses with the assistance of a Certified First Aid Trainer from the Philippine Red Cross. These training sessions are conducted every morning before the mall opens.

CDRRMO Management Council in San Pablo, Laguna said that his quick thinking, decisive action, compassion, and unwavering dedication to the preservation of human life have made a remarkable impact on the community. SG Pasco also received P10,000 from the city Administration Office.

Friday, July 28, 2023

Angeline Quinto surged SMDC Date Night with a shower of success

“When it rains, it pours.” — an apt phrase to describe the remarkable turnout, massive sales figures, and overwhelming success of SM Development Corporation (SMDC) at SMDC Date Night with Angeline Quinto last July 13 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. 

The event is the sixth SMDC Date Night that the leading developer held this year as part of their goal of providing more Filipinos access to luxurious, masterfully-planned developments, and curating an exceptional customer experience for their investors.

With a wide range of property offerings and one-night-only discounts of up to PHP 50,000 on both pre-selling and ready-for-occupancy developments, the 2022 DOT Property Southeast Asia Awards’ “Developer of the Year” has once again proven why they remain to be a top choice for real estate investment.

Soulful Serenades and Irresistible Offers

The stage was set, and the air was filled with anticipation as the “Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs,” Angeline Quinto, took the stage at SMDC Date Night. Her powerful and soulful voice definitely resonated with the audience, turning the venue into a standing room concert. Guests were treated to heartwarming renditions of hits like 'Til I Met You,' 'Patuloy Ang Pangarap,' and 'Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin.' 

Meanwhile, investors were drawn to award-winning developments and compelling real estate investments on SMDC’s roster — each putting forward a distinctive lifestyle that caters to the evolving needs and preferences of homebuyers.

Calm Residences in Santa Rosa, Laguna, offers a rich, garden community geared to provide residents with tranquility and wellness. Its proximity to educational institutions, commercial establishments, and industrial hubs, along with the pocket parks and pavilions it holds within, make it an ideal choice for those seeking for a wealth of opportunities in a peaceful, suburban location.

A nature-centric community in the SM City Novaliches complex, Vine Residences carries all the hallmarks of a sustainable development. The development is just a few steps away from the mall, providing utmost convenience. Amenities such as a jogging trail, a multi-purpose court, and even a campsite are also strewn around vast, green spaces to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Shore 3 Residences in the SM Mall of Asia Complex flaunts both picturesque views and premier amenities. As the third and final installment to the Shore Residences residential-resort mega-complex, the development presents a wide-array of high style pools and was inspired by waterfront homes from around the world.

Twin Residences in Las Pinas, on the other hand, flaunts many modern comforts for young professionals and start-up families to enjoy. Support an on-the-go routine and experience unparalleled convenience with a mall next door and easy access to many central business districts. Balance a rigorous schedule by breaking a sweat at the fully-equipped fitness gym, or indulging in some downtime by the pool. 

Finally, Charm Residences in Cainta Rizal blends the very best of the east of Metro Manila. Strategically located near Ortigas Center, Eastwood City, and Katipunan Avenue, the development seamlessly blends the stillness and quiet of a gated community with the vibrance of the city.

Indeed, investing in an SMDC property not only means securing a beautiful living space built to last for generations, but also enjoying a world-class customer experience. SMDC Date Night with Angeline Quinto proved to be more than just a night of entertainment, but a testament to the unwavering trust and confidence buyers have in SMDC.

Secure an SMDC property of your own at the next SMDC Date Night, and discover why SMDC's commitment to excellence and dedication to compelling investments have earned them a trailblazing position in the Philippine real estate industry.

To know more about SMDC, its developments, and their “Step Into Luxury” campaign, follow them on Facebook (, Instagram (, YouTube (, Twitter (, and Tiktok (, or visit the SMDC Website (

About SM Development Corporation (SMDC):
SM Development Corporation (SMDC) is a trailblazer in the Philippine real estate industry, committed to creating world-class, sustainable communities. With a mission to make an affluent lifestyle more accessible to Filipinos, SMDC has long been at the forefront of innovative residential and mixed-use developments across the country.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Building nature-centric communities where families can thrive: SMDC launches Good Guys Family Day at Vine Residences

With a belief that family is the foundation of a thriving community, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) recently hosted the Good Guys Family Day at Vine Residences in the SM City Novaliches complex.

The Carousell Property Awards 2022 “Best Developer for Building Sustainable Communities” and PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards 2022 “Special Recognition in Environmental, Social, and Governance” recipient brought together hundreds of residents, families, and friends for a fun-filled day that aims to strengthen bonds within the family, and deepen one’s sense of belonging to the community.

Lasting memories were made as the attendees took part in a wide range of activities. The tree planting activity was a key component of the event as it highlighted SMDC’s commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Seedlings were planted in the expansive Camp Hill site at Vine Residences, cultivating an even richer landscape for the multi-purpose court, jogging trails, and pavilions to be surrounded in. 

New unit owners came together for a house blessing activity, which honored the new beginning in the lives of the individuals and families who recently joined the “Home of the Good Guys.”

Meanwhile, the magic show, puppet show, and arts and crafts were a hit with kids of all ages. To complete the experience, attendees took home exciting prizes and giveaways from SMDC. 

A thriving oasis in the heart of the city

Apart from a strong focus on safety and security, strategic locations close to schools, malls, and places of work, and a wide range of thoughtfully-designed amenities curated for social interaction, what makes an SMDC development truly family-friendly are the community-building initiatives they have under The Good Guys Volunteer Movement. 

A volunteerism program, The Good Guys Volunteer Movement provides opportunities for SMDC employees and residents to give back to the community by sharing their time and talents. True to being the “Good Guys,” SMDC provides a nurturing and inclusive environment where children and adults alike can develop a deep sense of purpose and an understanding on the importance of making a positive impact to society. 

Family-centric features including spacious playgrounds, resort-style swimming pools, and vast open greeneries like Vine Residences foster a sense of togetherness, encouraging families to spend more quality time together.

With the vision of building a nation of homeowners, SMDC remains resolute in creating holistic, well-rounded communities Filipinos can call home.

To know more about SMDC, its developments, and their “Step Into Luxury” campaign, follow them on Facebook (, Instagram (, YouTube (, Twitter (, and Tiktok (, or visit the SMDC Website (

About SM Development Corporation (SMDC):
SM Development Corporation (SMDC) is a trailblazer in the Philippine real estate industry, committed to creating world-class, sustainable communities. With a mission to make an affluent lifestyle more accessible to Filipinos, SMDC has long been at the forefront of innovative residential and mixed-use developments across the country.

How the Samsung S-Inverter Air Conditioner Gives Your Businesses a Cool Boost

Air conditioners are essential amidst the tropical climate of the Philippines. This is especially true for businesses, which must create a comfortable atmosphere for their guests on top of the services they provide. Energy consumption, however, is still a main concern as expenses are steadily rising due to inflation.

Business owners can cultivate a relaxing ambiance while getting the best value for money with the Samsung S-Inverter. The air conditioner uses the latest and most cutting-edge technology to bring cooler air while using less energy, so entrepreneurs can make their business dreams come true while managing expenses.

Samsung’s innovative air conditioner cools a room 47% faster so customers can enjoy a refreshing breeze even during opening time. The S-Inverter disperses cool air farther and wider, covering an entire room quickly within minutes and ensuring that customers are always comfortable.

Despite its power, the air conditioner is energy-efficient with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Boost technology. This keeps the desired temperature with less fluctuation while reducing energy usage by up to 73%.

The S-Inverter is designed to last longer with Samsung’s proprietary technologies. Triple Protector Plus prevents damage from power surges and electrical currents, while DuraFin™ protects the unit from corrosion. The two work together to bring fewer repairs and replacements. Samsung’s 10-year warranty guarantees long-lasting performance for bigger savings.

Samsung is the best and most reliable option for businesses when it comes to premium, innovative, and modern air conditioners. Discover the newest Samsung S-Inverter and Custom Cool Solution of Samsung Air Solutions at any authorized dealer or on

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, digital appliances, network systems, and memory, system LSI and LED solutions. For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at

Celebrate World Lasagna Day with Greenwich’s best-selling Lasagna Supreme®

World Lasagna Day is right around the corner! On July 29, Greenwich—the number one pizza chain in the country—is ushering in the special day with limited-offer treats that will run until July 31, only. That’s three days of awesome beefy, cheesy, and ‘saucy-sarap’ Lasagna Supreme®!
Aside from its bestselling pizzas—the Hawaiian Overload®, All-In Overload®, and other overloaded flavors—Greenwich’s Lasagna Supreme® remains a crowd pleaser, a barkada favorite! They keep coming back for its delicious pasta layers, beefy filling, and creamy cheese!

“It is only fitting that we celebrate the World Lasagna Day, because who wouldn’t fall in love with Greenwich Lasagna Supreme®? We are thrilled to introduce these limited-offer treats so every barkada can indulge in Greenwich’s beefy, cheesy, and saucy-sarap lasagna and celebrate with the rest of the world. As among our many bestsellers, we make sure that lasang lasa ang sarap ng Lasagna Supreme® with our special deals.” ~Ali De Torres, Greenwich’s Head of Marketing

Taste Greenwich’s Lasagna Supreme® at a discounted price when you visit any of their stores nationwide on July 29-31. Make sure you don’t miss out on these offers:
  • Buy the Lasagna Supreme® Snack Plate Value Meal (comes with Regular Drink) for only Php89 instead of Php99 and the Lasagna Supreme® Snack Solo for only Php79 instead of Php89
  • Buy the Lasagna Supreme® Snack Plate and Regular Potato Waves with dip for only Php139 instead of Php 158 and the Lasagna Supreme® Chicken Combo for only Php169 instead of Php179.
  • A Greenwich delivery exclusive is also available for orders made on their website,, and delivery hotline, # 5-55-55. Use the code FREE2LAS and get two free Lasagna Supreme®!

Head over to nearest Greenwich store and order your favorite Lasagna Supreme® favorites for dine-in or take-out. You may also get them via, GrabFood, foodpanda, and delivery hotline #5-55-55.
For more information, visit Greenwich’s official Facebook Page at, or message Greenwich Barkada on Facebook Messenger.

About Greenwich 
Greenwich’s story began in 1971 as a small, family-owned store selling a selection of pizzas at the then Greenhills Commercial Center. As the brand’s pizzas grew in popularity, Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) took notice. In 1994, JFC acquired majority shares in Greenwich, infusing what was a family business with industry-leading competitiveness. New pizza variants and a variety of products were introduced through the years, creating a reputation for Greenwich as a maker of mouthwatering pizzas and pastas for the Filipino “barkada.” Today, Greenwich is the country’s biggest pizza and pasta chain with over 270 stores and counting, and home of the best-selling Hawaiian Overload®, All-in Overload®, and Lasagna Supreme®. 

Jollibee Group Strengthens Commitment to Food Safety

Riders’ Role in Food Safety. Aggregator riders have an important role to play in ensuring food safety for customers, which is why part of this year’s World Food Safety Day Celebration of the Jollibee Group was an initiative to educate riders on food safety.

Food safety has always been the Jollibee Group’s anchor in serving great-tasting food and maintaining its customers’ trust worldwide. As part of its Global Sustainability Agenda dubbed Joy for Tomorrow, the company is reinforcing its commitment to sustainable food safety practices across its supply chain.

“Food safety has always been part of our DNA. Across all our brands, we go to great lengths to ensure safety in all our practices—from food production and handling to processing and distribution. As more consumers rely on food delivery services for their everyday meals, food safety and quality throughout the delivery process becomes even more significant. Food delivery riders can make a difference by preventing foodborne diseases from spreading and implementing food safety practices themselves.~Wally Mateo, Jollibee Group Vice President and Head of Quality Management.

Jollibee Group conducts yearly Food Safety inspections and certifications across all its stores, commissaries, and logistics. In 2022, the company conducted over 15,000 Food, Service, Cleanliness, & Condition Audits across all its stores worldwide. Jollibee Group employees also received over 125,000 online training hours on ensuring food safety and service quality.

The Jollibee Group uses risk-based and flexible methodologies to thoroughly verify the food safety and quality systems of its suppliers, commissaries, and distribution centers. It also conducts annual risk assessments to determine the appropriate audit mode, which is tailored fit to the store’s needs and to the season or external conditions during the audit period.

As of 2022, 100% of the Jollibee Group’s commissaries have their own internal audit system, which adheres to at least one external globally recognized standard such as Food Safety System Certification (FSSC), Safe Quality Foods (SQF), and ISO22000, among others. In addition, 94% of its commissaries have obtained third-party certifications from audits recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The Jollibee Group also recognizes the importance of maintaining food safety standards in the transport, storage, and distribution of food products. Therefore, the company ensures 100% of its third-party logistics providers in the Philippines acquire ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification.

Jollibee Group Strengthens Commitment to Food Safety

Jollibee Group Strengthens Commitment to Food Safety

Supply Chain Continuous Learning Program
The Jollibee Group, through its Global Quality Management Unit, recently gathered its global network of vendors and suppliers, commissary employees, and support groups in a training session on the latest industry trends.

The Jollibee Group partnered with global leader in cloud based QMS (Quality Management Systems) software, Veeva Systems, to conduct the training. The speakers were Natasha Telles D’Costa, Veeva Systems Director for Strategy – Food and Beverage for Asia; and Nirva Tee, Accounts & Partnerships Manager for Asia.

Jollibee Group Strengthens Commitment to Food Safety

World Food Safety Day Celebration
The Jollibee Group also celebrates World Food Safety Day annually as part of continuing efforts to foster a food safety culture across the business. This year’s celebration focused on the theme “Food Safety Beyond Our Doors,” which recognized the key role of third-party delivery riders in ensuring food safety. Several Jollibee Group restaurants handed sanitizers and a scanned QR code containing a Food Safety Reminder poster to riders. The poster, written in Filipino, details the benefits of ensuring food safety to both riders and consumers, as well as the food safety tips that riders can practice regularly.

Making Food Safety Reminder Accessible to Riders. Links to Food Safety Reminders were made accessible to riders via a QR code in Jollibee Group stores.

Food Safety A Priority. Several stores of different Jollibee Group brands handed out free sanitizers to aggregator riders to remind them of the key role they play in ensuring food safety for customers.

To learn more about Jollibee Group, visit

About Jollibee Group
Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC, also known as Jollibee Group) is one of the fastest-growing restaurant companies in the world. Its mission is to serve great-tasting food and bring the joy of eating to everyone through its 16 brands with over 6,500 stores across 34 countries including the Philippines, United States, Canada, the People's Republic of China, United Kingdom, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

The Jollibee Group has eight wholly owned brands (Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal, Yonghe King, Hong Zhuang Yuan, Smashburger); four franchised brands (Burger King, Panda Express, and Yoshinoya in the Philippines, and Tim Ho Wan in certain territories in China); 80% ownership of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf; 60% ownership in the SuperFoods Group that owns Highlands Coffee; and 51% ownership of Milksha, a popular Taiwanese bubble tea brand.

The Jollibee Group, through its subsidiary Jollibee Worldwide Pte. Ltd. (JWPL) owns 90% participating interest in Titan Dining LP, a private equity fund that owns the Tim Ho Wan brand. The Jollibee Group has a joint venture with the THW Group to open and operate THW restaurants in Mainland China. It also has a business venture with award-winning Chef Rick Bayless for Tortazo, a Mexican fast-casual restaurant business in the United States.

The Jollibee Group has launched its global sustainability agenda dubbed Joy for Tomorrow, which aims to strengthen the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices. The agenda centers on the key pillars of Food, People, and Planet, and consists of 10 focus areas namely: food safety, food quality, nutrition & transparency, employee welfare, farmers livelihood, community support, good governance, packaging & recycling, waste reduction, and energy & water efficiency. Each focus area sets goals and initiatives that contribute and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The Jollibee Group was named the Philippines' most admired company by the Asian Wall Street Journal for ten years. It was also honored as one of Asia's Fab 50 Companies and among the World's Best Employers and World’s Top Female-Friendly Companies by Forbes. The company is also a two-time recipient of Gallup’s Exceptional Workplace Award, making it the only Philippine-based company to receive the distinction. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

SMDC throws birthday bash for their ultimate ‘Good Guy,’ Lee Minho

SMDC gathers Minoz fans and K-drama enthusiasts for a cup sleeve event celebrating their beloved idol

HAPPY LEE MINHO DAY! In celebration of their brand ambassador’s 36th birthday, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) gathered Lee Minho’s fans, collectively known as “Minoz'' or “a presence like God,” for a series of cup sleeve events across the metro. 

Held simultaneously in SMDC showrooms — Gold Residences ( across NAIA Terminal 1; Bloom Residences ( in Sucat, Paranaque; SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, SM Megamall in Mandaluyong; and Light Mall along EDSA-Boni MRT Station — the cup sleeve events served as a testament not only to the enduring popular.

Throughout the afternoon, SMDC treated the attendees to exciting activities and surprises, immersing them in the world of Lee Minho. Minoz fans sent their heartfelt wishes for the star, and made lasting memories over coffee, snacks, and commemorative keepsakes. 

A ‘Good Guy’ Like No Other

As the face of SMDC, Lee Minho has continued to capture the hearts of millions across the globe, exemplifying what it truly means to be a "Good Guy." His donation platform, PROMIZ, encourages people to make a positive impact on the lives of others and make a difference in their communities. From the environment, to children, and animals, PROMIZ acts as a catalyst for people to share their resources for the benefit of those in need, and all-in-all, create “a better tomorrow” for everyone.

Aye Luna, Vice President for Marketing at SMDC, highlighted how Lee Minho’s partnership with SMDC has been pivotal to their vision of building a nation of homeowners through sustainable, community-centric communities with an intrinsic care for one another.

“At SMDC, we endeavor to make luxurious homes accessible to more Filipinos. Our investors and home buyers deserve nothing but the best, and Lee Minho’s endorsement of our properties validates this belief. It is through the passion and dedication of our ‘Good Guys’ that we are able to redefine and elevate the urban landscape in the Philippines, and bring many Filipinos’ dreams to life. Lee Minho is a cherished member of our SMDC family, and we are honored to celebrate him as our brand ambassador.~Aye Luna, Vice President for Marketing at SMDC

With resilient, safe, secure, and developments in premium locations that provide hotel-like interiors, resort-style amenities, and community-building initiatives, SMDC, curates a holistic, affluent lifestyle for their residents. 

She reiterated how, in line with their “Step Into Luxury campaign,” SMDC affirms their commitment to building world-class, sustainable communities for all. 

Luna concluded the series of cup sleeve events by thanking the many loyal fan clubs that relentlessly support their ‘Good Guy.’ 

To know more about SMDC, its developments, and their “Step Into Luxury” campaign, follow them on Facebook (, Instagram (, YouTube (, Twitter (, and Tiktok (, or visit the SMDC Website (

About SM Development Corporation (SMDC):
SM Development Corporation (SMDC) is a trailblazer in the Philippine real estate industry, committed to creating world-class, sustainable communities. With a mission to make an affluent lifestyle more accessible to Filipinos, SMDC has long been at the forefront of innovative residential and mixed-use developments across the country.

Monday, July 24, 2023

7th HONOR Experience Store now open in SM City North EDSA!

HONOR Experience Store SM North EDSA ribbon cutting

In pursuit of providing quality service and making it more accessible to its aggressively growing market in the country, HONOR Philippines has unveiled yet another experience store, now in SM City North EDSA Annex located at 4/F Cyberzone.

“As our HONOR fans grow, it is our duty to bring our wide array of offerings closer to them. We are now in six stores nationwide – SM City Fairview, SM City Consolacion Cebu, SM City Marilao, SM City Grand Central, SM City Makati, and now are more than excited to officially open our newest experience store in SM City North EDSA.” ~Stephen Cheng, HONOR Philippines Vice President

This momentous event was officiated by HONOR Philippines Brand Marketing Manager Joepy Libo-on, PR Manager Pao Oga, SM City North EDSA Assistant Mall Manager Gio Arandilla, and Leasing Manager Jorel Quan together with GMA Host and Actress Shaira Diaz.

In this jampacked store opening, the viral HONOR X9a 5G was put to a smash test yet again led by Diaz and lucky customers got the chance to win an HONOR smartphone. The newest and most powerful flagship of HONOR was also seen in a water dip test to prove its very high IP68 ranking.

Shaira Diaz and HONOR Brand Manager Joepy Libo-on

It’s TechTok Wednesday on July 26!

Join HONOR Philippines’ Tech-Tok Wednesday if you’re itching to get HONOR products at a discount! You can get up to Php 2,000 off HONOR X6, X7, X8, X9, and HONOR 70 5G while HONOR MagicBook X Series laptops have great deals too! Tune in as HONOR goes live on TikTok on July 26, 2023 to get more freebies and prizes!

HONOR TechTok Wednesday

For more announcements, you may visit HONOR’s website or social media platforms: and To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, go to

Catch the #AcerU2024 Campus Bus at SM North EDSA on July 13 – 14 with SB19 and G22

Even after the tremendous success of the SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall stops, the #AcerU2024 Campus bus is still operating. Can you guess ...