Thursday, June 28, 2018

YKK 2018 brings back Real Madrid coaches to teach football to Filipino kids

June 23, 2018. MULTI-TITLED Spanish football club Real Madrid together with YKK Holding Asia PTE. Ltd. (YHA) and YKK Philippines, Inc. pays it forward to young Filipino football players as the YKK Asia Group Kids Football Clinic kicks off today at the McKinley Hill Stadium.

Real Madrid Foundation coaches Pablo Gomez Revenga, Santiago Sanchez Martin and Hector Vicente trained 30 local football coaches immediately after the Press Conference held at Shangri-La at the Fort on June 22 to prepare for a two-day clinic for kids aged 8-15 on June 23 and 24. The Real Madrid coaches from the most multi-titled La Liga team in history with 33 Championship titles to its name, shared and demonstrated world-class training methodologies and training techniques to the local coaches, who will in turn assist the Spanish coaches in the Saturday and Sunday kids clinics.

300 underprivileged children from three NGOs – Child Hope Asia, Gawad Kalinga and a community in Batangas -- will learn football over two days of fun and interactive training sessions from the three RMF coaches who will also share footballing tips, techniques and basic fundamentals with the young athletes. The clinics have morning (8:30 a.m.) and afternoon (1:30 p.m.) sessions at the McKinley Hill Stadium. 
Local football coaches are trained by Real Madrid Foundation coaches at the YKK Asia Group Kids Football Clinic at McKinley Hill Stadium.

The YKK football clinic was first held in the Philippines in 2012, and this second installment once again gives more local kids and coaches an avenue to experience world-class football from the international coaches.

"Our objective is to give the underprivileged the chance to be part of this football clinic. YKK's presence in the Philippines dates back since 1978, and our growth and success during these 40 years owes a great deal to the local society which our customers and employees also form part of. It is a great opportunity and pleasure for us to give back and help create the initial spark of encouragement for children who do not normally experience big name events due to its exclusivity. This time, it’s their turn to experience greatness," said President of YKK Philippines, Inc., Mr Tadashi Koshio.

The clinics draw on YKK’s corporate philosophy of the “Cycle of Goodness”, which states that “No one prospers without rendering benefit to others,” said Mr. Kosuke Miimi, YHA President. “AKFC is an integral program that not only values children but the community as well. This event gives opportunities to those who normally have lesser chances at sports and brings the community together to celebrate the love of football. We believe that football is a common language that everyone can enjoy regardless of culture, nationality or religion.”

"We hope this clinic will develop more players and inspire other players," said Philippine Football Federation General Secretary Ed Gastanes during yesterday's press conference at the Shangri-La at the Fort in Taguig City. “We are always pleased that the Real Madrid Foundation is bringing their style of play and style of coaching here. We are happy that YKK Asia Group and YKK Philippines have partnered with Real Madrid Foundation for another meaningful and significant clinic," he added.

"Watching local coaches and children engage and participate in a sport which knows no language or social barriers is the ultimate reward," added Revenga, who is Real Madrid Foundation's technical management clinics and international technical schools director.

Each participant in the clinic receives a full set of YKK/Real Madrid Foundation football jersey kit which includes football boots, a cap, socks, and a certificate of participation. Other sporting equipment such as footballs, sports bibs and training cones will also be provided by YKK over the three-day event. Furthermore, YKK will donate all footballs and training equipment after the event to the invited NGO.
L-R: Alson Ng, Regional Marketing Manager, YKK Holdings Asia PTE LTD, RFM Coach Pablo Revenga,  Tadashi Koshio, President, YKK Philippines, Inc.; Atty. Edwin B. Gastanes, Gen. Sec. Philippines Football Federation

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Citi launches the newest generation Mobile App

In this modern technology mobile phones have played a major role in the lives of many people. Almost everything can now be done by using the smartphones and continuously innovating from time to time. That's why it becomes a necessity for an individual, especially for those with businesses.

With this latest innovation from Citi more customers have an easy access via mobile for their banking needs anywhere they wanted.

June 26, 2018 Manila - the next generation Citi Mobile®App will significantly change the way they manage their finances as Citi introduces a new and comprehensive set of mobile app features and experiences. This is for Citi's credit card customers in the Philippines.

Thanks to innovative and new functionalities, such as credit card locking and unlocking. The Citi Mobile®App was presented by Citi Philippines CEO Aftab Ahmed and consumer banking head Manoj Varma experience to provide customers with the freedom to do more.

With this launch, Citi's credit card clients in the country can seamlessly manage transactions and other needs digitally from anywhere, any time. 

"We are delighted to continue to introduce innovative digital solutions in the credit card industry," said Ahmed. "We are relentlessly focused on making it more convenient for our customers to transact with us. The Citi Mobile App will deliver a simple, fast and personalized experience to our valued card customers." 

Citi's Consumer Banking business has focused on digital transformation, continuously enhancing capabilities to make the customer journey more seamless on the desktop, mobile app or phone browser. More than 60 percent of Citi Philippines customers are already enrolled in digital channels, with even more customers already subscribed to electronic statements and notices. Today, the biggest growth in digital enrolments has been in mobile banking, which has surged 64% in the last 12 months. 

"Mobile banking is Citi's largest and fastest growing channel in the Philippines and we expect digital enrolments to continue to accelerate," said Varma. "We are excited to continue our tradition of innovation by bringing new and upgraded mobile solutions to best serve our customers' needs in the digital age." 

Citi is one of the first banks to launch an online presence and also one of the pioneers in attracting customers through its website. In recent years, the bank introduced numerous services including live chat, instant global fund transfers, and pioneering voice biometric technology allowing customers to be identified through their unique voice print.

In the Asia Pacific, mobile banking overtook other digital channels to become the preferred channel used by Citi's Asia Pacific clients. Digital is also growing rapidly as a source of new business at Citi. Digital acquisition in Citi's Credit Cards and Loans business grew 57% year-on-year, and digital lending now accounts for 40% of total consumer loans fulfilled by Citi in the region. 

The next generation Citi Mobile® App provides a comprehensive suite of features to help customers "track reward points and manage outstanding balances, available limits, transaction details and bill payments. Customers can quickly activate new or replacement cards and temporarily lock misplaced cards. 

Security features include biometric authentication (Face ID, Touch ID, and Android Fingerprint) and the Citi Mobile® Token, which instantly generates a One-Time PIN that authorizes online banking transactions. 

The Citi Mobile® App has also been designed to ensure a seamless and intuitive navigation experience. Qualified customers can convert a portion of their latest credit card balance to installment by simply tapping a "Convert" button. With just a few taps, eligible cardholders can get cash from their credit cards, which can be repaid in monthly installments. 

Citi's performance in the digital banking space has been recognized by the industry, winning several notable awards recently including: 

• Best Retail Mobile Banking Experience - Philippines (The Asset Triple A Digital Awards 2017) 

• Best Internet Banking Initiative (The Asian Banker Philippine Country Awards 2017) 

• Best Consumer Digital Bank - Philippines (Global Finance Best Digital Bank Awards 2017) 

About Citi 

Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments, and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management. 

Additional information may be found at | Twitter: @Citi | YouTube: | Blog: [Facebook.: | Linkedln:

Monday, June 25, 2018

Land Registration Authority’s Anywhere-to-Anywhere Program!

Less Hassle, More Hustle
Land Registration Authority’s
Anywhere-to-Anywhere Program makes the process easy for landowners
Before, getting Certified True Copies (CTCs) of land titles is seen as a challenge by landowners. One of their main concerns is the complicated process that takes a lot of back and forth, often leaving them with no choice but to dedicate a set number of hours or days just to secure a copy of their title. It’s especially more disadvantageous to those whose lands are situated in far-flung areas due to the time and money that they have to spend to acquire the document.
The Land Registration Authority (LRA), thankfully, gracefully rose to the challenge of providing a solution to this dilemma with the launch of its Anywhere-to-Anywhere (A2A) Program back in 2012. The project’s main aim is to provide convenience to landowners by enabling them to request for their CTC titles wherever they are in the Philippines, and claim them at LRA’s Registration of Deeds offices nationwide.
The effort has made a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of the Agency, as well as the experience of property holders. Now, landowners no longer need to make space on their daily routines just to apply for a CTC of property title because the request and collection for one can already be made on a Registry of Deeds office near them.
Before, some landowners even had to visit provinces where the title of their properties are kept just to obtain a CTC. With the launch of the A2A service, however, they can now wisely spend the time visiting and reconnecting with their family there instead. Moreover, the program takes out the factors of wasted time and money off the equation. With the help of the program, individuals can now use their time and budget to enjoy the north and south of a vacation break and not waste their leaves taking care of the official document. There’s also no need to leave family members for a trip since the LRA has brought the service closer to its stakeholders.

The A2A service is a good example of simplifying a process while providing more to its stakeholders. It organizes land deeds into a computerized registry, making the system more centralized and accessible to both the agency and landowners. The digital move minimizes the hassle of application, enabling landowners to have more time doing other important activities.

At present, the LRA has 164 Registry of Deeds offices nationwide, 159 of which are ready to accommodate A2A requests. Other digital projects that are in the pipeline of the agency include the Title Trace Back Service, Geo-Spatial Services, and Parcel Verification Service. Property holders can get more information about the A2A service by visiting LRA’s website here. For a list of Registry of Deeds offices nationwide, head to this link here.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Manila Mini Maker Faire at The Mind Museum

MANILA, Philippines - June 2018 - For the second year in a row, the Philippines will be in the global maker map again as The Mind Museum, Make Magazine, and co-presenter 3M

The Philippines, organize this year's Manila Mini Maker Faire (MMMF) on June 23-24, 2018 at The Mind Museum. The entrance to this event is free to the public.

A Maker Faire is "a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. It's a venue for makers to show examples of their work and interact with others about it. Many makers say they have no other place to share what they do. DIY (Do It-Yourself) is often invisible in our communities, taking place in shops, garages and on kitchen tables. It's typically out of the spotlight of traditional art or science or craft events. Maker Faire makes visible these projects and ideas that we don't encounter every day."

Local Ingenuity Shines 

The Manila Mini Maker Faire 2018 will have over 70 Makers from all over the Philippines,' including Visayas and Mindanao. Projects like paper crafts, upcycled furniture, electronic beatboxes, and a lightweight car body made from abaca will be showcased together with the usual favorites like robots, 3D printing, STEAM education, and so much more! Attendees can also sign up for a variety of free and ticketed workshops. Workshops such as paper engineering, day and pottery-making, 3D design, and more will be available for everyone interested to learn new things.

This year's MMMF also aims to establish a stronger maker community through networking and collaboration with makers from different parts of the country. A special innovation tour, hosted by 3M Philippines, will be held before the faire to help inspire makers to continue making. This will be followed by a Maker's Networking Night to give an extraordinary chance for participants to interact with their fellow makers.

Linking Science and Art 

What is game-changing about the Manila Mini Maker Faire and the Maker movement, in general, is that they actively explore the cross-overs among the fields of science, engineering, art, performance, and craft. It is no longer about isolated crafts or guilds but about how one field can inform the other and produce innovative things! The technologies that are birthed in these junctions are extremely interesting and many of them could become breakthroughs. The key is experimentation and collaboration not just with the specialists in your field but with others working on other kinds of materials, processes, and knowledge.

"The Mind Museum continues to push for the Filipino public to be part not just of the conversations in science and engineering around the world but also in making and doing. This second MMMF in a row that The Mind Museum is hosting is a salute to the makers in our local community who not only affirms but persist, despite the odds, to breed and raise the bar of creativity in the way technology can be at the service of human lives," says Maribel Garcia, curator of The Mind Museum.

"3M Philippines has been behind The Mind Museum since its beginning as a founding donor. We are pleased to support the Manila Mini Maker Faire on its second run this 2018. Innovation is at the heart of 3M. We never stop being curious because there is a value in asking what if. In wondering. Wonder leads to improving the world around us," shares Ariel Lacsamana, President & Managing Director of 3M Philippines.

The original Maker Faire event was held in San Mateo, CA in 2006 and in 2017 celebrated its twelfth annual show with some 1,250 makers and 150,000 people in attendance. World Maker Faire New York, the other flagship event, has grown in five years to 900+ makers and 90,000 attendees. Twenty-three other larger scale Maker Faires occur in cities around the world— Detroit, Atlanta, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and Shenzhen to name a few— and over 120 community-driven, independently organized Mini Maker Faires are now being produced around the world.

The Manila Mini Maker Faire is made possible by 3M Philippines and also supported by Norde

International Distributors, PCBWay, and Lush.

Visit The Mind Museum on June 23-24, 2018, and personally experience just what local passion and ingenuity can conjure up. Drop by, and be inspired by the various Filipino makers that manage to make their mark through DIY!

For more info, visit:

Official Social Media Pages: 

Instagram: @makerfairemanila 

Twitter: @makerfaireMNL

Key Facts about the Manila Mini Maker Faire 2018 

What's happening? 

• The Philippines will once again be in the global maker map as The Mind Museum organizes the 2nd Manila Mini Maker Faire.

• This is a free event for the public.

• The Mind Museum, Make Magazine, and co-presenter 3M Philippines are behind the Manila Mini Maker Faire this 2018.

• The event is also supported by Norde International Distributors, PCBWay, and Lush.

When: June 23-24, 2018 

Where: The Mind Museum, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

What can you expect from the Manila Mini Maker Faire?

• The Manila Mini Maker Faire will have over 70 Makers from all over the Philippines, including Visayas and Mindanao.

• Expect a good mix of science, tech, craft, and art Maker categories, from groups who make drones, upcycled furniture, electronic beatboxes, paper crafts, robots, 3D printed projects, and more.

• Attendees can also sign up for a variety of free and ticketed workshops such as paper engineering, clay and pottery-making, 3D design, and more.

• Visit the official website for more info: httD://mani]

What is Maker Faire? 

• Maker Faire is dubbed as "the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement."

• A gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do.

• The event brings together tech enthusiasts, crafters, STEM/STEAM advocates, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors.

• It's a venue for makers to show examples of their work and interact with others about it.

• Maker Faire is licensed only by the Maker Media of the US who catalyzed the global maker movement 13 years ago. It was first held in San Francisco, then New Year and Chicago. In 2017, over 190 independently-produced "Mini Maker

Faires" plus over 30 larger-scale Featured Maker Faires have taken place around the world.

What's revolutionary about the Manila Mini Maker Faire and the Maker movement?

• They actively explore the cross-overs among the fields of science, engineering, art, performance and craft.

• It is no longer about isolated crafts or guilds with only leather crafters working with leather or only metalsmiths working on all metals. It is now about how one field can inform the other and produce innovative things.

• The technologies that are birthed in these junctions are extremely interesting and many of them could become breakthroughs.

• The key is experimentation and collaboration not just with the specialists in your field but with others working on other kinds of materials, processes and knowledge.

About The Mind Museum 

The Mind Museum is a project of the non-profit BonifadoArt Foundation, Inc. It is dedicated to providing an e educational experience that inspires the public understanding of science. 

• To strengthen its commitment to lifelong science learning, The Mind Museum is a member of the Association of Science 

-Technology Centers and the Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres. 

• Visit the official website for more info:

GrandChase – Dimensional Chase Media Launch

Last June 23, 2018 - Elite games has announced the newest mobile games that will be release on July 03, 2018. Gaming enthusiasts, media friends (bloggers & vloggers) and invited visitors are joined together in the conference.

The discussion heats up during the (Question & Answer) as lots of question and inquiries raise from the audience.

KOG Chief Executive Officer Jong-won Lee has announced that the number of pre-registrations for the real-time RPG “GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser”, has reached more than 100K in the Philippines.
On June 23rd, “GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser” was introduced for the first time in the Philippines through a Press Conference held in Marco Polo. Rafael HS Noh, Director of KOG, said it was a great opportunity to feel the love of the gamers in the Philippines and it was the reason why KOG strove to launch the game in the country as soon as possible. Thanks to the accomplishment of 100K pre-registrations in the Philippines, all the users who participated would be able to receive monthly rewards of check in the game such as S Rank Hero Package, 200,000 Gold, 3,000 Prana, and 3 Monster Card x 10.

“GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser” is an official sequel to the hit online game ‘GrandChase’ and it has been produced by the Original GrandChase Online Development team. It inherits the original game’s spirit and was released in January in Korea. Since the launch in Korea, it had achieved the top game in the Apple App Store and Top 2 of Google Play Store. And “GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser” will be released through its local publishing partner, Elite Games.

If you want to participate in the pre-registration for “GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser”, it can be done through the official website ( and the events on Facebook may be checked here (

KOG is a game company started in 2000 with the aim of creating world-class games based on its excellent and cutting-edge technology. Today, GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser and Elsword is not only present in Korea, but also in North America, Europe, Japan, and have been in service in more than 20 countries. In 2012, KOG established a corporation in the United States and in the Philippines providing direct Elsword services. KOG is a company that keeps a lot of people around the world engaged year after year by making games that are fun for everyone. (KOG official website:
ELITE GAMES is the Local Publishing Partner of KOG for its critically acclaimed Mobile title, “GrandChase - Dimensional Chaser”.  Founded in 2016, ELITE GAMES is one of the leading international Game Service and Marketing Providers based in the Philippines with its regional HQ located in the Silicon Valley of Asia, Pangyo, South Korea.    

Promotion Video Link:

KOG Inc:

Public Relations Team / +82 53-217-5300 /

(KOG official page:

Friday, June 22, 2018

THE launch of BRAND PILIPINAS Choosing Homegrown brands

It is a high time that every Filipinos must come together and support this movement. In the end, everyone will get benefited with this campaign. 

Let's start with the smallest unit of the society our "family". We must first teach our children the spirit of patriotism. Loving your own first, rather than the foreign one. I strongly believe the products we have is highly competitive and some of them are being imported to the different country.

I have worked abroad 10 years ago, and I saw a product sold there. I was amazed and proud that our products reach that country. It only means our goods and even services are globally recognized by other people and nation. Let's be proud we are Filipinos and I am proud of being Filipino. 

June 21, 2018 - Top Filipino brands and organizations have come together to launch a movement that hopes to propel the single most important brand for all Filipinos—Brand Pilipinas.

Brand Pilipinas hopes the movement will influence Filipinos to adopt a “Filipino-first” mentality by choosing homegrown brands over the more popular and highly-commercial international brands.

The launch, held at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City, gathered more than a hundred top local brands who signed up to be partners in the Brand Pilipinas advocacy which aims to valorize local brands, locally made products and our homegrown artisans.

“The challenge for most Filipino brands is how to conquer that long-standing perception among that product made in the Philippines is sub-par. It’s time we had a paradigm-shift because this kind of mentality not only hurts local businesses but the economic reputation of the Philippines as a whole,” Brad Geiser, co-convenor of the Brand Pilipinas movement said.

David Lim, Founder of Brown & Proud Movement stressed that it is high time for Filipino brands to take center stage. “Be brown and proud! Let’s show our love for local products by supporting local enterprises,” he said.

United Neon Advertising COO Freddie Arlantico also points out: “We are a country that's richly blessed with the best resources -- our people. Put together the Filipinos' creativity, skills, innovative ideas with the new technologies that are easily accessible by everyone and you have a formula for global excellence.”

The full-day event featured inspiring talks on Why Local B2B Brands are Slaying It, The Search for Origins - The Quest for Relevance in Food, Emerging Social Enterprises, Local is the New Premium Brand Pilipinas- The Arts, and finally, Why the Philippines is Poised to be the Next Tech Hub.

Apart from local brands, the movement also saw the participation of individuals and private businesses from various industries.

Brand Pililpinas Movement Co-Convenor actor  and Founder of Liwanag ng Kapayapaan Foundation Robin Padilla said: “Ngayon ang oras para ipakita natin sa buong mundo ang ating dangal bilang Pilipino. Matapang, magaling, malikhain, mapagmahal sa bayan. Yan ang tatak ng tunay na Pilipino na kinakatawan ng Brand Pilipinas.”

“We want Brand Pilipinas to be the brand we wear, the brand we eat, the brand we use, the brand of which we could all be proud of,” Group of Five Creative Concepts Founder and CEO George Royeca, saying the movement hopes to see this vision become a reality very soon.

Guests were also treated to local performances from Dulaang UP and Pilipinas Got Talent star Jade Riccio. The event also featured a fashion show by noted Filipino weave designer Joseph Aloysius Montelibano, a perfect tribute to our Filipino artists.

The Brand Pilipinas Conference is organized and supported by the following partners: Brown & Proud Movement, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Group of Five Creative Concepts, IPG Mediabrands, Liwanag ng Kapayaan Foundation, Robin Padilla, United Neon Advertising, and Vidanes Celebrity Management.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Shopee assosiate with the Leading Beauty Brands, Maybelline and Palmolive to Celebrate Women Empowerment

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, partnered leading beauty brands Maybelline and Palmolive, to bring together five Women’s Rights advocates in celebration of women empowerment. As part of Shopee’s Beauty Fair event, the women - 2013 Miss World, Megan Young, actress KC Concepcion, and blogger-influencers Martha Jante, Kristine Roces and Helen Payawal - each shared their personal stories on how they overcame society’s beauty standards, and to encourage Filipina women to do the same.

Having with this collaboration will give an ease to a consumer in ordering their favorite brands online. While sharing the stories of this young ladies inspires more women and learn new things that possibly acan apply to their own lives.

Five Women’s Rights advocates, including 2013 Miss World, Megan Young, join Shopee in sharing their stories on overcoming society’s beauty standards.

The event featured three different talk show sessions where the five women shared personal stories on various topics, including how the media has influenced the standards of beauty, their struggles with overcoming society’s expectations of women, and how they managed to achieve success in both their careers and personal lives. Attendees enjoyed a complimentary ride to the event from Grab, the official ride sponsor, as well as a free blow-dry and hair styling session by Creations - a salon by Asia’s Top Model Judge, Lourd Ramos’ salon.

Jane Lim, Director of Shopee Philippines, said, “Shopee’s Beauty Fair is a celebration of women and their success, and we are proud to partner Maybelline and Palmolive for this event - both leading beauty brands who share the same belief that women should be celebrated as they are. Beauty Fair was conceptualized as part of Shopee’s continued commitment to empowering Filipina across the country. We hope that this serves as an inspirational platform for more women to take a step forward towards achieving their goals.”
Maybelline’s top beauty influencers shared their stories on being confident
One of Maybelline’s top priorities is to empower women to #MakeItHappen. The brand presented top beauty influencers Martha Jante, Real Asian Beauty (Kristine Roces), and Helen on Fleek (Helen Payawal) to talk about their work as influencers and bloggers in the beauty industry. The famous influencers also shared their everyday struggles as women in their field and how they were able to overcome it with the confidence that makeup has been able to give them.

Palmolive brand ambassador, KC Concepcion, on how health can empower women to be their best self
Brand ambassador for Palmolive, KC Concepcion, also shared her own story on how being healthy is as important as being true to oneself. The singer turned actress talked about numerous topics from haircare to fitness, and how her journey with maintaining her health has helped her confidence and enabled her to achieve success in both her career and personal life.

2013 Miss World Megan Young on empowerment and standing up for yourself
As a speaker at the event, Young shared about her journey to being crowned 2013 Miss World, and how the title has since placed her in a position to inspire young women around her.

“Joining Miss World 5 years ago really took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to be more confident. After being crowned, I realized I was in a position where I had the power to influence young women, and I wanted to do my part to encourage them to stand up for themselves. I used to just shrug off people who say insensitive or hurtful comments, but now call them out and tell them they’re wrong, and I encourage all women to not be afraid to do the same,” shared Young.

Young’s success in her acting career is also a reflection of her commitment to empowering women, choosing only to act in powerful female roles. She currently stars in the drama, The Step Daughters, where she plays a young, fearless woman named Mayumi who changes her destiny by being tenacious and true to herself.

In line with the Beauty Fair event, Shopee will also be celebrating Beauty Week from June 21 to 27. Users can expect up to 95% off the health and beauty category on top of a storewide sale, exclusive deals and bundles, P199 below collections and many more. Users can look forward to massive savings on a wide variety of items including makeup, skincare, haircare and other health and personal care items.

For more information about the Beauty Fair Sale, you may visit:

For more information, visit

Download the Shopee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

About Shopee
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s e-commerce destination of choice.

Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment.

Shopee, a Sea company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Sea is a leader in digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services across Greater Southeast Asia. Sea's mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

Catch the #AcerU2024 Campus Bus at SM North EDSA on July 13 – 14 with SB19 and G22

Even after the tremendous success of the SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall stops, the #AcerU2024 Campus bus is still operating. Can you guess ...