Friday, October 22, 2021

InLife Sheroes #InAko Campaign Champions Grassroot Engagement

InLife Sheroes

The InLife Sheroes Movement is growing stronger, while getting deeper into the hearts of Filipino women. 

During the InLife Sheroe’s #InAko campaign broadcast live over InLife’s FB page recently, thousands came to watch and engage with program host DJ Chacha and guests as they discussed topics that make a strong, independent, and empowered Filipina. 

InLife Sheroes

The InLife Sheroes #InAko campaign challenges Filipino women to take a deeper understanding of their immense capacity to succeed no matter their personal circumstance, occupation, or station in life. 
This was exemplified through the personal stories by its guests – mompreneur and blogger Shari Poquiz, health advocate Dr. Gia Sison, actress and women’s group prime mover Iza Calzado, and songwriter Abby Asistio – who shared about their experiences of becoming financially independent. 

InLife Sheroes

InLife Financial Advisor Julianne Benitez, who was also part of the event, commended the guests for taking a stand to being financially empowered and shared several tips on how others can start on their journey to financial preparedness.

InLife Sheroes

The music video “Be A Shero”, composed by Abby Asistio, was also unveiled during the #InAko campaign launch. The song amplifies the message that Filipinas have the capacity to empower herself and calls on others to join the movement for financial transformation. 

“When we launched InLife Sheroes in 2019, our initial ambition was to touch the lives of one million Filipino women within three years. Now that we have successfully touched their lives, it is time to go deeper, to fully explore this engagement so that their financial knowledge will lead to actual financial empowerment. We become the voice of women who were born without or who lost their voices simply because life happened (covid, gender bias, harassment, war, abuse, deprivation). We work so they are unmuted and find their voices again and regain the right and courage to speak for themselves.” ~Nina D. Aguas, InLife Executive Chairperson

She noted that through various activities and engagements with women from all walks of life, InLife achieved and exceeded the goal in just a little over a year. 

Through the InLife Sheroes #InAko campaign, Insular Life will continue to champion financial empowerment by tapping and enlisting advocates and provide Filipinas equal opportunities for growth towards achieving financial empowerment for herself, her family, and communities, and ultimately for a financially inclusive nation. 

Join the InLife Sheroes Movement and become an empowered Filipina. If you wish to learn about the InLife Sheroes Movement and the #InAko campaign, please visit our website at:; the InLife Shero YouTube channel at; or you many email us as

Feel the rush to keep going amid a pandemic

During this pandemic, we need to keep ourselves sane. The plan is simple: to move forward to keep the adventure going.

“During these trying times, our only option is to move forward and take on more adventures. As you face life’s challenges, a bottle of Mountain Dew could be a good pair. This one-of-a-kind citrus-flavored beverage will give you the rush to keep going.” ~Frederick D. Ong, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI) the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country

There are many stories of brave undertakings in these uncertain times. There are those who shifted careers as a delivery rider or online reseller after losing their jobs. There are also those who left the city life to work remotely or to pursue a simpler lifestyle.

For Paul Anthony Estares, he took the big leap of moving back to his hometown of Sorsogon from working as a full-time writer in Manila during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paul felt the urge to do something. So, he kept moving—from relocating to biking solo almost every day in Sorsogon to fight boredom and feel a sense of normalcy.

“When the lockdown was first implemented, it was an unsettling situation for someone like me who lives alone in Manila. The uncertainty was too much to bear. I knew that I needed to do something to alleviate the anxiety that I was feeling. Just like almost everyone, the pandemic has really taken a toll on me. I needed to get myself out of the lockdown rut. I am lucky that my province has been very strict with visitors and returning locals. They were able to keep the cases at bay. This allowed me to explore safely even amid quarantine restrictions. I am more physically active now than before the pandemic. I spend most of my afternoons either biking, jogging, or taking a quick dip in the beach. I also managed to climb a mountain full of leeches, camp in the woods, and enroll in tennis class with health and safety precautions, of course—all for the first time. And all of these were great antidotes to stress during the pandemic.” ~Paul Anthony Estares

Even amid a global health crisis, life goes on. Despite the varying pace, style, and living conditions, we can have the will and mindset to find ways to carry on.

This is the very essence of Mountain Dew. True to its slogan “Fuel for Adventure,” we and all other consumers are encouraged to have meaningful, formative experiences that fuel our youth, whatever situation we may find ourselves in.

Mountain Dew is available in 8 oz to 1L glass bottles, 250 ml to 330 ml cans, and 300 ml to 2.25L PET bottles. It also recently launched its new 850ml PET bottle serving in Luzon and 1L bottle serving in Visayas and Mindanao. Get all these in supermarkets, groceries,  convenience stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide.

PCPPI is the exclusive manufacturer of well-known beverage brands like Pepsi-Cola, Mug Root Beer, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Sting, Premier, Milkis, and Aquafina.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

LESHA Breaks Free from the Norm

The electropop singer with global sound launches her second track, Karma.

In a cutthroat industry such as music and entertainment, newbies can experience some sort of possession by monopolizing forces. Sadly, it’s an unfortunate situation to be in.  Its either you give in, or you break free.  You always have a choice on how to steer your path to achieve your end goal.  The hard truth is that there’s always the Law of Karma coming right at you. Thus, everything you do comes back to you, whether it’s good or bad. 

For electropop singer and now independent singer Lesha, Karma is more than just a word that you utter daily. But rather, she wants to impart a whole new meaning to the term through a song. This has become a way to defy the norms, break out from the lousy system and share her story no holds barred. Lesha is making it loud and strong statement with her newly launched second single, KARMA. Her latest track included in her SUN MOON RISING global collaboration album.

In “KARMA”, Lesha speaks her truth of having to deal with people in the past for only seeing her value when they are able to take advantage of her. She expresses how her past experiences and learnings molded her into the artist and person she is today which serves as her motivation to continue working smarter and harder because she believes that success is her best revenge. 

Likewise, Lesha once again is collaborating with her Co-Producers friends from all over the globe generously supporting her through this track. Although Lesha produced and recorded her demo for KARMA in her own bedroom,  she decided to send in the song to her collaborator/co-producer from South Korea, REBENN, and he took the lead from there. Another friend Nephibis, a rapper from Baltimore USA, who Lesha previously collaborated with on a track for the Netflix Film: Project Power and was also cool to jump in for a verse. And the rest, as they say is history.

Expect this new song to be a revolutionary anthem for listeners going through the same predicament as Lesha on being an independent singer, songwriter, and producer of her own music fighting the injustice of the system that she went through. 

“I made sure to make this song relatable to whatever situation a person is going through in life and I feel like I’ve hit a jackpot with KARMA.” ~Lesha

Giving you a sneak peek of what you are about to tune in.  You all better heed the words straight from Lesha as she flesh out the analogies of Karma’s lyrics and speak out the real truth in her own words. 

You’re underrated baby, know you’ll make it far

Lesha says: This line was inspired by my YouTube’s comment section and twitter mentions. When people would watch or listen to my music on YouTube or tweet about me, they’d always write something cool about me then go “....she’s super underrated though and I don’t know why”. I guess I’m just aware of how much passion, time, money, effort, and love I put into all my projects for it to not get the attention I believe it deserves, and how many times I’d get an opportunity where one of my videos would go viral, but none of them actually translated to make me cut through as an artist here in the Philippines. Through the years, I’ve shown my audience that an artist that can make it in the industry without being backed up by the big machinery. I’ve had so many people take advantage of me in the past, but that doesn’t stop me.”

Co-Producer from Seoul, South Korea Rebenn

Electropop Singer Lesha

American Rapper Nephibis

But if only you could see things from my point of view, they’ll only love you when you make them bank…

Lesha says: The line also talks about how unfair the industry can be. When an artist goes viral, that’s the only time they will invest and build them which is probably also why there are so many talented artists out there who are unseen for their work because they were never given the platform or stage they deserve all because of how the system works. With this, I came up a decision to make the bold move of going fully independent again and teaming up with a new team for my music distribution, because I felt it was the right thing to do.

“It gets messier make sure you bring your gun”

Lesha says: This line is basically a warning that you have to be prepared before getting into the industry (in my case, the music industry) cause it’s tough, there’ll be people who’ll doubt you and your capabilities, people who plan to take advantage of you, or people who are just there because they need to use you. I’ve been belittled, used, and manipulated being in the industry for a while now and I think it’s something people have to be aware of that it’s not all just fun and games.

Lesha is unstoppable in reaching her goals. There’s more to look forward to the next coming days, so watch out for a stronger and more vocal Lesha who isn’t fearless to pursue what she wants.
“I can say KARMA is a very “Lesha” song in a sense that people can tell because of the messaging, the visual aesthetic, and the overall vibe of the track which is the complete opposite from my first release, SUN MOON RISING. This is something people should expect from the next releases in the album because each release has its own flavor or side people haven’t seen or heard from Lesha yet.”

KARMA, the second single of Lesha’s  upcoming global collaboration visual album titled 'SUN MOON RISING' dropping this October 8, 2021 on all digital music streaming platforms! Check out Lesha’s  music on Spotify or watch the official music videos, covers, and learn more about music production on Lesha’s YouTube Channel.

The Property Expo 2021


As direct selling plays a vital role in building relationships, recent events have compelled the real estate industry to think outside of the box in reaching its clients. With the world going mobile, it is no surprise that virtual platforms become a commonplace as business tools and assets.

EXPO PH Mobile App is a digital event and promotions app which offers access to the largest available showcase of project development that brings all aspects of property and real estate together! 

Welcome to THE PROPERTY EXPO 2021, the first digital Property Expo in the country!

To help unlock potential business opportunities and give the construction and property development industry a reliable digital support, EXPO PH Mobile App serves as an exclusive B2B and B2C virtual platform providing marketing support for The PROPERTY EXPO 2021 and ensure its success thru the collaborative efforts of EXPO PH media partners providing the industry a Direct & Personalized channel among property developers, property consultants and potential investors.






Virtual streaming partner: KUMU App 

Official media partners:
Philippine Daily inquirer
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EXPO PH Mobile App opens opportunities for brands to be part of its growing number of EXHIBITORS on upcoming events! 

Visit WWW.GOEXPOPH.COM or call (+63) 917.588.88.53 (02) 7971-1293


The first DIGITAL PROPERTY Expo in your hands!


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Spice Up Your Relationships during the Pandemic with Subway's Spicy Buffalo Chicken

Have you fallen out of love with your partner or special other during the pandemic? For couples, married or not, it is a fact that the quarantine has greatly impacted our lives and relationships with the people around us.

And when everything gets too chaotic, the best thing to do is listen in and learn from each other’s experiences during COVID-19 and one place to do so is by tuning in to DJ Chacha and Sam YG’s podcast, “Lecheng Pag-Ibig 'To!”

Sam YG or Samir Gogna, known professionally as Samir Young Guy. Is an Indian Filipino radio and television personality. He is the one of the three Boys Night Out hosts on Magic 89.9 along with Tony Toni and Slick Rick. And he was also a co-host for Eat Bulaga!.

DJ Chacha or Czarina Marie "Chacha" Balba-Guevara, wife of Michael Guevara, is Filipina radio disc jockey, actress and broadcast journalist. On radio, she presents the news as a segment anchor for the segment, Showbiz Balita, on Radyo Patrol Balita Alas-Siyete and Gising Pilipinas, and co-anchors her radio programs, Radyo5 Network News and Ted Failon at DJ Chacha sa Radyo5.

Together, they host the podcast “Lecheng Pag-Ibig ‘To!” to bring you some up-to-date news on COVID-19 situation in our community. In addition, they also provide suggestions on how to remedy lost love, repair broken relationships, and most importantly, how to get through a bad breakup and experiences by spicing things up!

Subway® chose DJ Chacha and DJ Sam YG because they can definitely connect with their audience to spice things up!. In their recent podcast episode, they talked about a letter sender confessing how she has fallen out of love with her husband BnHF they are just two years into their marriage. There’s going to be a lot of interesting and useful advice for couples out there, married or not!

Don’t forget to tune in and subscribe to “Lecheng Pag-Ibig ‘To!” podcast on Spotify with DJ Chacha and Sam YG today!


Subway® NEW Spicy Buffalo Chicken

Problems may continue to rise during the pandemic but don’t forget to take a well-deserved break by enjoying a good meal from Subway! Continue moving forward in life and don’t stay in one situation for too long.

If you need something to spice up and invigorate your week especially when working at home. Have a taste of our NEW Spicy Buffalo Chicken!

The Subway® Spicy Buffalo Chicken a la carte prices start from Php 125 for 6-inch, Php 240 for a footlong bread, or choose to upgrade it to a 10-inch wrap for only Php 135. Sub lovers can also add Php 70 to make it a meal with a cookie and 16oz drink.

For delivery orders, the Spicy Buffalo Chicken ala carte prices start from Php 152.50 for the 6-inch, Php 292.80 for the footlong, and Php 164.70 for the 10-inch wrap. The regular meals with the 22oz drink and 2 cookies starts at Php 256.20 for the 6-inch sub, Php 396.50 for the footlong, and Php 268.40 for the 10-inch wrap.

Order now and enjoy our Spicy Buffalo Chicken sub! This is valid for dine-in and takeout transactions. Subway cares about your health and safety during this pandemic, this new item in the menu is available for delivery via Facebook Messenger BOTTY or via GrabFood. You can also do a takeout from any Subway branch near you.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Scholastic & Its Reading Partners Steadfastly Champion Reading Amidst the Pandemic

Scholastic & Its Reading Partners Steadfastly Champion Reading Amidst the Pandemic

Scholastic, a trusted leader in education, honored its partner schools and educators in the 2021 Scholastic Readers Cup, streamed on Scholastic Asia Teachers Facebook page on the 23rd of September.

In Scholastic’s 101 years of partnering with schools and homes worldwide, it is a love of reading and a belief in its power that is at the heart of everything Scholastic has done and continues to do.  Scholastic’s mission is to make reading a central part of children’s lives.  

In 2012, Scholastic Philippines started the nationwide Readers Cup to excite and motivate its partners in its literacy programs to transform their schools into reading communities.  And every year, more and more schools would hit their reading target and take pride in how their libraries have become one of the busiest and most productive places in school.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the sudden shift to distance learning, Scholastic and its partner schools did not waver in their reading advocacy.  They understood how books and reading are fundamental, and how reading is necessary not just for the continuity of learning, but also for the readers’ delight and personal well-being.  

“The LitPro Library is the coolest!  Learners can access books whenever and wherever they want to, as long as they have Internet connection.  One of our learners read more than 500 books because she just loves to read.” ~Mr. Joven Sierra Llabore, PR1ME English Coordinator of Assumption Iloilo has this to say about the Literacy Pro Library

Through the PR1ME English Program, Scholastic’s partner schools had access to Literacy Pro Library –  a growing digital library of 1,600+ eBooks that enriched learning and that motivated pleasure reading. To aid teachers, PR1ME English also made available instructional resources (both print and digital) and lesson videos for synchronous and asynchronous distance learning.  

Some school libraries, like that of Early Christian College of Arts and Technology (1st place winner in the 2021 Readers Cup Diamond Category), also resumed their lending services through curbside pick-up or bookmobiles.  The books in their Scholastic Reading Centers found their way to children’s homes to provide children comfort and hope, and to take them to adventures in the wonderful world of books.

With Scholastic’s support, many schools continued with their reading campaigns.  Rookie of the Year Awardee, Maria Ferrari School Inc., for example, had regular read aloud sessions with their students, and the Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Day to encourage independent reading.

Scholastic’s General Manager, Jane Tiongco-Aguirre, proudly reported that the learners in Scholastic’s partner schools even increased their reading rate in SY 2020-2021 by 36% from their readership in SY 2019-2020.  A fantastic achievement during a challenging “pandemic” school year, when many expected that pleasure reading might be put aside.

Scholastic & Its Reading Partners Steadfastly Champion Reading Amidst the Pandemic

Steadfast Reading Champions
Scholastic is grateful to find in many Philippine schools dedicated and loyal partners in their reading advocacy.  And, with great pride and admiration, they announced that 80 of their partner schools have reached their reading target, with many far-exceeding the goal of 30-books-read per child.

The top winners of the 2021 Readers Cup and their average number of books-read per child are:
DIAMOND CATEGORY:  Early Christian College of Arts & Technology, Inc. (67 books); Our Lady of Peace School Antipolo (66 books); and Philippine Cultural College, Caloocan (64 books)
RUBY CATEGORY:  Iloilo Scholastic Academy (332 books); Stonyhurst Southville International School, Malarayat (103 books); and Saint Mary’s Angels College of Valenzuela (99 books) 
EMERALD CATEGORY:  Casa Del Niño Montessori School Ciudad de Calamba (326 books); University of Batangas Lipa City (168 books); and Virtudes de la Academia, Inc. (157 books) 
SYNERGY AWARDS:  Stonyhurst Southville International School, Batangas City and Malarayat (108 books); Casa Del Niño Montessori School System (93 books); and Saint Mary’s Angels College of Pampanga and Valenzuela (84 books) 
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR:  Maria Ferrari School, Inc. (92 books) 

Scholastic & Its Reading Partners Steadfastly Champion Reading Amidst the Pandemic

Reading is Transformational.  Read On.
The 2021 Readers Cup theme - “Soar into Possibility” - builds on Scholastic’s centennial theme – Reading is Transformational.  Read On.

Celebrity readers and authors joyfully shared their personal ‘reading stories’. Kakie Pangilinan shared how she was a voracious reader as a child, and how reading has fueled her passion to write.  Martin Del Rosario proudly described himself as a “book lover”, and so did Andrea Torres, who also shared how reading has nurtured her sense of wonder and discovery, imagination, and eloquence.

Filipino authors, Catherine Rose Torres and Joel Donato Ching Jacob, talked about how reading can be our refuge, comfort, and joy during trying times like this pandemic, and proceeded to encourage the youth to write and tell their own stories.

The winning schools shared their journey to becoming a community of readers and the fruits that their learners are reaping from their reading habit.

Mr. Peter Chan, Executive Director of Iloilo Scholastic Academy revealed that their school was guided by these 5Cs in their effort to become a community of readers – Collective efforts, Convincing skills, Conviction, Collaboration, and Consistency.

Ms. Donnabelle Atienza, Principal of Stonyhurst Southville International School – Malarayat, who shared the top Synergy Award with sister school Stonyhurst Southville International School, Batangas City, expressed her delight in how Scholastic’s Reading Program has excited their young learners to read and equipped them to become skilled and confident readers.

“The Scholastic Reading Program and the Readers Cup Award has made our young CASAns voracious readers, and transformed them to be competitive in ways more than we can imagine.  Declared as national champion in this aspect has made our students feel that reading can make them superior and special.”  ~Dr. Farah G. Acierto, School Directress of Casa Del Niño Montessori School Ciudad de Calamba

The 2021 Readers Cup was indeed a great celebration – a celebration of books and reading, of writers and storytellers, and of readers and those who champion reading to open for all children a world of greater possibilities, opportunities, and joy.

For more information on Scholastic’s education initiatives, visit or their Facebook page at  Please feel free to send a message, too, to Scholastic Philippines at

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Learn Easy-to-Prepare Dishes in Hanabishi & Mega Prime’s LazLive Cooking Demos on Sept. 26 & 30

“Hanabishi and Mega Prime Global along with The Bailiwick Academy are holding these cooking demonstrations so our audiences can learn how to prepare simple meals using Hanabishi cooking appliances. We made sure that they are easy to follow so that even those who don’t know how to cook and operate basic kitchen appliances can do the dishes at home.” ~Cherish Ong-Chua, Vice President, Finance and Marketing at Hanabishi Appliances

Hanabishi Appliances and Mega Prime Global team up once more for a LazLive cooking demonstration on September 26 at 6:00 PM and September 30 at 5:30 PM. Both events will be live streamed on Hanabishi’s official Facebook account.

Learn how to prepare beef pares using an electric pressure cooker and homemade pizza with an air fryer oven.

“From these simple dishes, we hope more people would be encouraged to cook their own meals at home. Both Hanabishi and Mega Prime are here to help our customers make their cooking easier and healthier.” ~Chris Fernandez, head of marketing at Mega Prime Global Corporation

Grace Parazo, CEO of The Bailiwick Academy, added that chefs will be preparing the dishes, they made sure that the cooking procedures are easy to follow.

“It will be a fun and educational event, and we hope we could encourage more people to take up cooking.” ~Grace Parazo, CEO of The Bailiwick Academy

Vouchers and Amazing Deals

All throughout the livestreams, Hanabishi and Mega Prime Global will be giving away discounts and vouchers. Exclusive bundles will also be up for grabs. 

Those who will purchase a Hanabishi electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, and fryer during live events will receive free bundles of Mega Prime products.

Products to Be Used During the Cooking Demos

Hanabishi’s electric pressure cooker and air fryers are two of its most popular product lines.

The Hanabishi HDIGPC10in1 that will be used during the event has a 5.7L capacity. It can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, stir fry pan, steamer, yogurt maker, cake maker, warmer, searing pan, and sterilizer.

It has a 10-program cooking selection: rice, multi-grain, soup, meat/stew, poultry, fish, steam beans/chill, yogurt, porridge. It comes with a digital display and an intelligent no-pot sensor.

Hanabishi air fryers, meanwhile, come in two variations: the standard air fryer and the air fryer oven, which comes in two sizes.

The Hanabishi HAFRYER70 has a 7-liter capacity and a 1 to 30 minutes cooking time setting. Its cooking temperature ranges from 100 to 200°C. It comes with a non-slip base and an air fryer basket.

The Hanabishi Air Fryer Oven HAFEO23SS, meanwhile, has a 23-liter capacity and adjustable thermostat. It has six functions: air fry, boil, bake, toast, convection broil, and convection bake. It also comes with a rotisserie. It has a pure stainless steel housing, and includes an air fryer basket, baking pan, and oven rack.

For more information about Hanabishi products, visit and its official flagship store on LazMall :

*For updates on the upcoming cooking demonstration schedules, please follow Hanabishi’s official 
Facebook account: Also follow its 
Instagram: for the latest product news and promotions.

*For more information about Mega Prime products, visit:

*For more information on Bailiwick Academy, visit their website and social media pages: 

About Hanabishi:
Spanning more than three decades, Hanabishi has established its reputation as a provider of affordable yet quality home products that lasts, which paved the way for its tagline “Kapartner from Start to Forever.” Hanabishi Home Appliances are available at leading appliance stores nationwide. For more information about Hanabishi, please visit and like them on Facebook:

First Jollibee opened its first store in Spain right at the heart of Madrid at Puerta del Sol, Calle Arenal

Inaugurating Jollibee's first store in Spain was Philippine Ambassador to Spain Philippe J. Lhuillier (middle-left), together with Jollibee Europe Business Head Adam Parkinson (right) and Jollibee Spain General Manager Clara Breda (left).

Homegrown restaurant brand Jollibee opened its first store in Spain right at the heart of Madrid at Puerta del Sol, Calle Arenal nº4 last September 23, 2021. This is one of Jollibee's biggest openings in Europe, with thousands of customers greeting the opening and the queue starting at 10 pm the previous day. 

"Our entry into Spain is a major milestone in Jollibee's history and our international expansion. The heartwarming reception to our opening in Spain inspires us in our journey to bring our much-loved Chickenjoy to more countries in Europe, and is in line with our vision to become among the top five restaurant companies in the world." ~Ernesto Tanmantiong, CEO of Jollibee Group

Jollibee's debut in Spain comes as the brand continues to expand its current network of more than 1,400 restaurants worldwide, including cities such as New York, Rome, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Jollibee Madrid is the brand's largest restaurant in Europe, with a capacity of about 200 diners, and showcases new design features, including a full-size indoor palm tree in a large two-storey dining room.  

"Our first restaurant in Madrid is an important step in our European expansion, especially as we grow Spain into one of our core markets in the region. With our delicious food, friendly prices, and warm service, we hope to continue enticing more locals to love our food just as we see in other countries across EMEAA." ~Dennis Flores, President of Jollibee Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia (EMEAA)

WELCOME TO SPAIN, JOLLIBEE! Long lines stretching around the block greeted the Jollibee's debut in Spain. Thousands of customers patiently queued for a taste of Jollibee's world-famous Chickenjoy, with the line starting as early as 10 pm the previous day.

For the first time in Madrid, customers were able to try Jollibee's fan favorites: including its world-famous Chickenjoy that is delicately hand-breaded for a crispy exterior, cooked hotter and faster for maximum juiciness, and marinated to the bone for next-level flavor. Fans were also excited to try Jollibee Europe's emerging bestsellers, such as the new Spicy Chicken Burger, Sriracha Chicken Loaded Fries, and the popular Tropical Chicken Burger - delicately crafted with a breaded chicken breast topped with cheese, lettuce, slightly spicy Chili Ginger sauce, and a slice of pineapple for a unique twist. 

"We have worked hard to ensure we were ready to introduce the Spanish people to Jollibee, and to see it come to fruition today was a very humbling moment and a reminder of the opportunity Jollibee has in Spain and throughout Europe. To see both our loyal fans and the local community come together and enjoy the experience over some great food was amazing – it's what we are all about!" ~Adam Parkinson, Business Head of Jollibee Europe

The local Spanish community joined the celebration of Jollibee's first store in Spain. "To see both our loyal fans and the local community come together and enjoy the experience over some great food was amazing – it's what we are all about!" shared Adam Parkinson, Jollibee Europe Business Head.

The Madrid restaurant introduces Jollibee's brand redesign for European customers to Spain, aiming to create a memorable experience with bright graphics, bold wall murals, and tiles inspired by woven fabrics. Unique to the Madrid restaurant is a life-sized palm tree adorning its double-height central dining space – something not seen in any other Jollibee restaurant in the region. 

"After seeing the reception to the opening, I can say that all the work we have been doing for over a year to bring Jollibee to Spain has been worth it. We are confident that Jollibee will become a meeting point for different generations who want to try new experiences and taste our menu with unique flavors". ~Clara Breda, General Manager of Jollibee Spain
To ensure a safe experience for customers, the restaurant features take-out pick-up areas, digital kiosks to facilitate transactions, and hand-washing stations. 

To learn more about Jollibee Group, visit

About Jollibee Group 
Jollibee Group is one of the fastest-growing Asian restaurant companies in the world. It operates in 33 countries, with over 5,800 stores globally with branches in the Philippines, United States, Canada, the People's Republic of China, United Kingdom, Italy, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Panama, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, India, and now Spain.  

Jollibee Group has eight wholly-owned brands (Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal, Yonghe King, Hong Zhuang Yuan, Smashburger); five franchised brands (Burger King, Panda Express, and PHO24 in the Philippines; Dunkin' and Tim Ho Wan in certain territories in China); 80% ownership of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf; 60% ownership in the SuperFoods Group that owns Highlands Coffee and PHO24; and 50% ownership in a joint venture established to operate and expand Yoshinoya in the Philippines. Yoshinoya is one of the largest and most recognized Japanese restaurant brands globally and is the company's first-ever Japanese food chain.  

Jollibee Group, through its subsidiary Jollibee Worldwide Pte. Ltd. (JWPL) owns 100% participating interest in Titan Dining LP, a private equity fund that ultimately owns the Tim Ho Wan brand.  It also has a joint venture with the THW Group to open and operate THW restaurants in Mainland China. Jollibee Group also has a business venture with award-winning Chef Rick Bayless for Tortazo, a Mexican fast-casual restaurant business in the United States.  

Jollibee Group was named the Philippines' most admired company by the Asian Wall Street Journal for ten years. It was also honored as one of Asia's Fab 50 Companies and among the World's Best Employers by Forbes. In 2020, Gallup awarded the Jollibee Group with the Exceptional Workplace Award, making it the first Philippine-based company to receive the distinction.  

 Jollibee Group has grown brands that bring delightful dining experiences to its customers worldwide, in line with its mission of serving great tasting food and spreading the joy of eating to everyone. 

To learn more about Jollibee Group, visit 

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Lumina Homes joins NREA’s first-ever International Housing Fiesta Filipinas

The 1st International Housing Fiesta Filipinas (IHFF 1) of the National Real Estate Association (NREA) joined by Lumina Homes, the affordable housing arm of Vista Land, taking place today until September 24, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Most investors, homebuyers and developers are still missing physical real estate trade shows, but virtual events have been growing and evolving, that attendees are seeing them as more efficient as they save time from traveling, quicker interaction with exhibition representatives, quicker payment options, and of course, safer for everyone.

For the participants from the real estate business, meanwhile, the IHFF will allow them to attract not just prospective local buyers but also in the global market.

The three-day online event will be the largest Philippine trade show for real estate and related businesses to be conducted online, where clients can expect exhibits and presentations at a touch of a button.

Lumina Homes is not new in expertly showcasing its products and services online, and new customers can witness this during the IHFF. With just one click while inside the online trade show, interested Filipinos worldwide can interact live—video and audio—with Lumina Homes representatives who will assist in all their inquiries. 

Every Juan is invited to attend, while at the comfort of his own home and own desk. Experience the uniqueness of a new normal trade show—a more conducive atmosphere where you can choose Lumina’s various offerings, from house and lots to affordable condominiums—all sans the crowd and noise of a physical show.

IHFF and Lumina Homes invite everyone interested in buying or leasing houses, lots, condominiums, apartments; property investments, such as buy-to-rent, land banking, REITs; housing loans—mortgages, term loans, and alternative financing; contractors, from individual home finishing to project development; construction materials; and home fit out and furnishing fixtures, furnishings, supplies, and services.

To better serve the OFW visitors and expatriates, the event will also offer consular information and services.

Making the first-ever IHFF more massive are big names in the roster of speakers. This includes Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario of the Department of Human Settlements & Urban Development (DHSUD) and Sen. Francis Tolentino, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Urban Planning, Housing & Resettlements.

To visit the virtual booth of Lumina Homes, visit this link:

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Stock Up on Your Favorite Tanduay Products in Time for the Holidays


Don’t wait for the holiday rush to stock up on your liquors. Head to to purchase your favorite Tanduay products. Shop without the hassle with just a few clicks or taps. To make your shopping even easier, the official e-commerce store of Tanduay offers several product deals that you won’t find elsewhere.

  • Assorted Bundles
Tanduay’s Asian Rum Gold and Silver are two of its most-awarded products. It has been recognized in numerous international wines and spirits competitions. With the Asian Rum Bundles, you can purchase these products along with add-ons. The bundles are available from PhP1,200 and up.

Asian Rhum Bundle #1

Asian Rhum Bundle #2

Asian Rhum Bundle #3

Asian Rhum Bundle #4

Asian Rhum Bundle #5

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your rum-loving friends and colleagues, you’ll never go wrong with the Tanduay Asian Rum Gold and Silver in a specially designed packaging by Kenneth Cobonpue. It also comes with a rock glass designed by the renowned Filipino artist.

Asian Rhum Gold & Silver Kenneth Cobonpue Edition

Asian Rhum Gold & Silver Kenneth Cobonpue Edition

Other rum bundles that come with assorted freebies such as chips, ginger ale, and rock glasses are also available. There are bundles for whiskey lovers, too.

  • Not Just Rum
Not only does carry Tanduay’s most popular and awarded spirits, it also offers premium Tanduay merchandise. Visit the merchandise page ( for apparel, bags, and collectibles that would be the best gifts for the family.

The Theo, Philo & Tanduay Infused Chocolate is also available in the online store. This specially crafted bar combines Theo & Philo’s famous chocolate flavor with the Tanduay Asian Rum Gold’s oak and honey-like taste with hints of almond and vanilla.

Explore the website to learn more about the latest available products.

  • Available for Pickup and Delivery
Pickups are available from Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Pickup locations include the Shots PH Headquarters in Kapitolyo, Pasig; the Tanduay Sales offices in Pampanga, Cebu, and Laguna.

Delivery is available in Metro Manila and select areas of Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Albay, Laguna, Cavite, Cebu, and GenSan (only in areas without a liquor ban).

For more information, you may leave a message through Shots by Tanduay’s Facebook page or through Viber message at 09171330786.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Glowing celebration with Mestiza Philippines & Samantha Bernardo

“I am proud to introduce to you the new face of our product and the torchbearer of this glowing brand.” ~Martina Salimbangon, Mestiza’s Head of Content
Ms Samantha, a Filipina beauty queen who exemplified the same glowing confidence from the pageant she joined to this virtual event. That glowing confidence made her win the first-runner up of Miss Grand International 2020 and the perfect choice to be the face of the brand. Mestiza Philippines passionately advocates for self-confidence and individuality among the new generation of young women in the country. 

It was a celebration of unified glow as Mestiza Philippines launched Samantha Bernardo as their new Brand Ambassador in a virtual press conference and a meet & greet with our friends from the media, bloggers, and influencers. Samantha truly showcased her glowing confidence by answering the questions from the guests who happily participated in the program’s games & gimmicks. Everyone had fun, good vibes, and enjoyed special gifts from Mestiza. 

“I am Samantha Bernardo and I am so honored to be Mestiza Philippines’s newest brand ambassador. I am one with the brand in promoting our message to young Pinays out there na with Mestiza, “Achieve ang Healthy Glowing Skin.” Kaya naman sama-sama nating i-achieve ang healthy glowing skin and together we can be confident and fearless to face the world.” ~Ms. Samantha Bernardo, Mestiza Philippines Grand Ambassador, 1st Ruuner Up Miss Grand International

Samantha took the lead in re-introducing the variety of soaps and their benefits to the skin. Its best-selling product “Original” variant is suitable for sensitive skin with 33% extra premium virgin coconut oil while their “Prime” variants are designed to help young Pinays with common skin issues like having oily to dry skin – Earth BrownGreen SerenityBountiful Violet, and Scarlet Rose all contain 40% extra premium VCO which makes this variation of soaps a total stand out in the market. Sam was also excited to launch a new line of skincare products with the brand soon. 

Get your own Mestiza variant and be part of the glowing community of #MestizaFam, available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Century Park Hotel is set to welcome guests under multiple use hotel status

Century Park Hotel has recently been granted Multiple Use Hotel status by the Department of Tourism and Bureau of Quarantine. Under this operational provision, the hotel can accept both quarantine and non-quarantine guests. Department of Tourism Approves Supplementary Accommodations. Essential meetings and social events can likewise be accommodated.  

With the recent awarding of the Safety Seal Certification, Century Park Hotel, one of the finest hotels in Manila, is pleased to announce that it has also been granted Multiple Use Hotel (MUH) status by the Department of Tourism (DOT). 

In line with the MUH status, essential meetings and social events will also be accepted.

“This latest development is a ray of light not just for us but to the rest of our contemporaries in the hotel and tourism industry.  We look forward to the hustle and bustle of guests in our property once again.  The pandemic has been an opportunity to review and improve our processes as well as innovate the brand of hospitality that the hotel is known for. We are eager to apply our learnings in the MUH setting. As a DOT-accredited hotel and Safety Seal holder, we will further bolster our health and safety protocols so that guests are assured of a clean and safe space during their stay.” ~Anthony Tan, Century Park Hotel’s General Manager

Under the operational provisions of MUH, Century Park Hotel will continue to accept essential stays for health and emergency front liners, OFWs, returning residents, foreign nationals and other individuals requiring quarantine.  The hotel can also offer accommodations for participants in essential meetings & social events, long-staying guests, business guests, and other APORs (Authorized Persons Outside Residence) in accordance with their official function or duty.  Operations under MUH are subject to the prevailing community classification status for the City of Manila.

Century Park Hotel was able to satisfy the stringent conditions set by the DOT and Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) during their inspections. One can expect a hassle-free stay with the following measures in implementation: 
  • Proper ventilation in and around the property
  • Check-in and checkout procedures with contactless transactions
  • Supporting protocols in reporting and extraction of confirmed COVID-19 cases
  • Separate buildings with designated access points and multiple elevators for quarantine and non-quarantine guests
  • Different sets of room/food attendants serving for each type of guest
  • Proper waste disposal, disinfection and decontamination systems in place

Launched in 1976, the Century Park Hotel remains as one of the finest hotels in Manila. It is owned and operated by Maranaw Hotels and Resort Corporation and enjoys a mix of local and international patrons. The renowned establishment has over 500 rooms in varied types and facilities for a complete dining and leisure experience. To know more about Century Park Hotel, visit or contact and telephone number: (632) 528-8888.

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