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Basta Mackerel dapat tatak UniPak

Hindi basta nakasanayan the best na yan
Kaya basta Mackerel dapat tatak Unipak

Thank you UniPak for sending this package to us and for giving the chance to taste your outstanding product.

I am a Mackerel, Sardines and Tuna lover as well as different fish dishes. There is one brand of Mackerel I always buy before, I will not mention anymore the brand and I didn't know about UniPak. I saw the difference between the two, one advantage of UniPak is easy - open can. It's very convenient in canned goods with this kind of features with easy access for anyone.

Easy-open ends  - represent a revolutionary new standard in convenience packaging, an increasingly important attribute for today's consumers. Offering significantly improved finger access under the tab, these ends make it easier and quicker for consumers to open food cans. Now even consumers with limited mobility, such as seniors, children and the physically impaired, are able to open food packaging without using a can opener or other tools.
                                                                                                               Credits to Crown's Easylift®

Another thing noticeable is about the taste of the mackerel which is not so salty compared to the other brands I am buying before in the market.

UniPak Mackerel is very easy to prepare and cook. Most of the times if we are in a hurry, we just open it and directly put in a bowl and we enjoy our lunch or dinner.

There are lots of recipes you can make out of this product and even create your own recipe.
One time we just saute it on Onions and Garlic then that's it. Serve and Enjoy the meal.

Another recipe my wife cooked is sauteed in garlic, onions, tomatoes and she adds sotanghon on it.
The result is Saute Mackerel ala Sotanghon.

I received also a  calendar with different recipes at the back which you can do at home.


Mackerel is one of the very few natural sources containing good amounts of Vitamin D that is known to increase the survival rate of bowel cancer patients.

UNI-PAK Mackerel is a brand owned by the SLORD DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, a manufacturer of canned goods that has been in the business of import, export, retail, distribution, and manufacturing since April 15, 1985. UNI-PAK Mackerel products adhere to strict quality control standards, and are manufactured using only the freshest ingredients and up-to-date processing and packing facilities.

Now that I taste this product, I'm considering changing my brand.
Pak-adaling buksan!
Pak-adaling ulamin!
Pak! na Pak! talaga! kaya Pak-yawin nyo na sa mga suking tindahan nyo!
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IG: @unipakmackerel
Twitter: @unipak_mackerel

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunlife #Live Brighter Session with Jonathan Yabut and JP Cruz

Jonathan Yabut the first winner of the hit reality show "Apprentice Asia" shares his "GRIT" for becoming successful

The first ever winner of the hit reality show "Apprentice Asia/' Jonathan Yabut, graced Sun Life
Financial's "Live Brighter Session," a gathering for bloggers and aspiring financial advisors, to share the story of how he rose from humble beginnings to become a successful businessman and an in-demand motivational speaker.

Yabut, who served as Chief of Staff for AirAsia for a year after winning in the reality show hosted by Malaysian business mogul Tony Fernandes, now runs his very own JY Consultancy & Ventures, which operates in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. Addressing the bloggers and aspiring advisors, he talked about the work principles that has brought him to where he is now, and also emphasized the importance of serving a social purpose. According to Yabut, the latter is what will keep one inspired to keep improving his work.

Apart from Yabut, Sun Life Financial advisor JP Cruz also spoke, giving the bloggers an inside look at his own career, as well as his personal journey. He spoke about how he reached rock bottom in both his finances and his love life, and what he did to overcome the struggle. Now a successful Sun Life advisor, Cruz interestingly stressed a thought akin to what Yabut emphasized: that is to have a deeper reason for the work one pursues. In his case, Cruz finds it by helping people achieve lifetime financial security.

"There's so much inspiration to be had in this Live Brighter Session, between Jonathan's and JP's stories. I'm sure that the bloggers who joined us in the venue and even those who tuned in via Facebook Live found motivation to continue pursuing their dreams and finding a purpose to serve," Sun Life Financial Advisor Recruitment Manager Fin Bernardo said. "We hope that this also opens to them opportunities that they can enjoy if they become a financial advisor. It's a career that's definitely meaningful, and at the same time financially rewarding."

This session of SunLife supposedly for millennials only yet we are fortunate to be invited again by Mr. Arnel Bautista- one of the financial adviser assigned to the bloggers.

Question is Why for Millennials only? 

Well, millennials now are talking of the century because of their huge number in our population and its increasingly every year. Millennials describes to be "more civically and politically disengaged, more focused on materialistic values, and less concerned about helping the larger community.

Some of the youth today, have no clear goals about their future. The common term with this is "happy go lucky".

This #Live Brighter Session will really helps the youth to plan for their better future. I learn a lot of new things with this two speaker and I hope they continuously share their success to all people.

The word of Mr. Jonathan Yabut was truly inspiring and powerful. "Goose bumps" I feel at the time of listening to his story. He is very determined to achieve his goals. I'm sure lots of attendees have gained valuable information. Now, it will depend on how they will apply to their own.

Making a difference in the lives of Filipino families is a thrust that’s heavily anchored in Sun Life’s mission. This mission is carried out by the bloodlines of the company: the Financial Advisors.
Sun Life Financial is not only about insuring lives. A financial advisor’s job does not get done when a client purchases a policy or invests in the company. A financial advisor serves as the light that guides one in carrying out and making wise financial decisions.
If you’re passionate in helping people achieve financial freedom, in steering the direction of your own success and in maximizing your potential and getting rewarded for it, too, find out how to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

For more details, follow @ sunlife on facebook, Instagram, and twitter.
Interested to become a Sun Life advisor? Visit to learn more.

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BoomPods - Elevate your Music - Anywhere, Everywhere

They started as DT Design, which was established a homeware design and manufacturing business working with major UK and International Retail brands.

Boompods was Launched in 2012 with a vision of uniting visually appealing homeware design with product innovation and a love of the outdoors.

Boompods now has its headquarters in UK, and operations in Hong Kong and China.

What makes them different:

Simplicity by design, durability and style allows the user not think about how to use their device and simply GO! 

Rugged, well thought design, colour and tactile quality makes Boompods a clearly recognisable brand, easily distinguishable from our competitors. 

Extensive product range provides something for everyone to incorporate into daily and active lives. 

The “Pod” - Design out of the ordinary. 

music - anywhere – everywhere

What they are:

Well Designed
Hard Working


Boompods ultimate speaker. Fusion’s design combines style and function to outperform, outlast anywhere you choose.
Fusion is a mix of two worlds, its stylish enough to fit in any home or work environment and can be thrown into a bag ready for your next big adventure! Whether that’s a city break, a week on the beach or an exciting wilderness adventure, Fusion can handle it. Long battery life,

IPX6 rated waterproof the speaker can be fully submerged underwater, it’s also shock proof to take life’s knocks. A massive 10 watts of power is big enough for any room but if you want more you can pair two together to get true stereo sound for a party TURN UP THE BOOM!
Being based in the England we know a lot about bad weather and love testing everything we do in the worst of it, either on a bike, swimming in the sea or escaping to the countryside.

Double Blaster 2

Wireless Retrobuds


Macpower Marketing Corporation (MMC) is a privately held corporation engaged in the business of marketing and distribution companies in the Philippines and has presence in the market. MMC is among the Philippines TOP 1 Distributor in 7-eleven, Globe, Power Mac Centers, Switch, Lazada, Odyssey, All Day Supermarket and Landmark. It has been in operations for 2 Years.

MMC is engaged in a wide range distribution of food-related businesses, including the manufacture and distribution electronic toys, bags, audio products, wearable’s, photo, mobile and gadget accessories

MMC mission is to bring the best electronics brands, gadgets and accessories, from global market to the Filipino Retailers and Consumer. Our vision is to be the exclusive and the first importer & distributor of unique electronics toys, gadgets & accessories in the Philippines.

Macpower Marketing Corporation aims to bring the best products the Filipino retailers and consumers. We guarantee the features and the high quality standard of products that we represent. Our brands:

Belkin, an American brand of consumer electronic devices and accessories including cables, chargers, surge protectors, and mobile accessories.
Boompods, a UK Brand of unique and colorful audio speakers, cables, mobile chargers, power banks, headsets and ear buds.
Dog & Bone, Australian based brand known for smart cases for tablets and smart phones. Creators of the world’s first topless direct touch screen waterproof mobile case, and the world’s first shockproof wireless charging case military tested with fast wireless charging.
Fluxmob, World’s smallest battery backup + wall charger.
Homido, smart phone based virtual reality headset from the USA.
Lumee, This brilliant front-lit Smartphone case is changing the way people shoot and share social media.
Manfrotto, based in Northern Italy at Cassola, Manfrotto designs, manufactures and markets a wide range f camera and lighting support equipment including tripods, heads, lighting stands, bags and accessories.
MB Quart Audio, Founded in the 1960’s in Obrigheim, Germany, MB Quart has established itself as a key manufacturer of high quality audio components and speakers.
National Geographic bags, lifestyle and photo bags.
Onanoff, are the best headphones for kids with built n volume control.
Rhinoshield, the world’s strongest mobile case and screen protector.
Runtastic, Founded in 2009 in Austria, it tracks your runs, rides and other fitness and sports activities, works with a App for monitoring and a wide array of products from wearables, scales, and armbands. 
Ubooly, is a magical stuffed animal that talks and listens. Learn while you play with interactive games and play packs.
Unu, known as the world’s fastest charging power bank, featuring Ultra-X Charging Technology, significantly increases recharging speeds and saves time.
Woodford, quick draw cables for iPhone and iPad products.

Macpower guarantees that the products are of high quality and covered by warranty. 

Lea Denison - one of the developer of BoomPods demonstrates some sample of gadgets to the media

The Team behind the success of BoomPods

Mr. Prem Balani - Head of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Lea Denison and David Tansley with me holding one  of the Orange RokPod as token to our participation in the event.

Last May 22, 2017 at the F1 Hotel BGC - We were invited to the media event to formally announce in the public the Newest Music Gadget "BoomPods". We enjoy the night with the party having lots of drinks and foods. Some of the lucky winners got also exciting prizes in the raffle draw. 


To know more about BoomPods kindly visit their website @

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Join All the Action this Jam-packed June on Animax!

Join All the Action this Jam-packed June on Animax!

Philippines, 15 May 2017 – Anime fans across Asia will enjoy what’s in store for the month of June, jam-packed with all the action and mixed with science fiction, fantasy, and the supernatural as three of the highest-rated anime series from Japan make their debut on Animax.

Assassination Classroom
Students of Class 3-E at the Kunugigaoka Junior High School find themselves in an impossible mission as assassins to eliminate their homeroom teacher – a tentacled, smiley-faced creature responsible for destroying a part of the moon and threatens to destroy the earth within a year.
With the government offering a reward of 10 billion yen to whomever among the students succeeds in killing the monster, Nagisa Shiota and the class of academic underachievers take on the challenge to redeem themselves and finally earn the respect they deserve.
Despite the unattainable task before them, Nagisa and his band of social misfits must race against the clock, not only in time for their graduation, but also in time to save the world.
Assassination Classroom starts on 04 June, every Sunday at 9pm, with 4 episodes back-to-back, first & exclusively on Animax.

Hand Shakers
High school student Tazuna Takatsuki was just on his way to repair something as a mechanic when he finds himself in another world.
He meets Koyori Akutagawa, and the two become one as Hand Shakers – partners who can summon weapons called “Nimrods,” which are born from their deep psyche by joining hands.
With their newfound power, Tazuna and Koyori compete with other Hand Shakers for the chance to meet and challenge “God” and make their wish come true. But to do so, they should keep on holding hands at all times and not let go.
Hand Shakers premieres on 15 June, every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm, with 2 episodes back-to-back, first & exclusively on Animax.

Sixteen-year-old Mahiru Shirota lives a simple life and dislikes everything that is difficult. But when he rescues a black cat he named Kuro, his life suddenly becomes complicated.
Kuro turns out to be no ordinary feline but a Servamp – a servant vampire who happens to be in the middle of a sibling rivalry.
In an instant, Mahiru is dragged into a war among vampire brothers and pulled into a world completely unknown to him, realizing that his once simple life will never be simple again!
SERVAMP premieres on 15 June, from Monday to Friday at 6:30pm, with 2 episodes back-to-back, first & exclusively on Animax.

Terra Formars: Revenge
2620 A.D., the earth is being ravaged by a deadly pathogen called the Alien Engine Virus. In order to find a vaccine, Akari Hizamaru and his crew travel to Mars to get a sample of one of the giant humanoid cockroaches known as Terraformars.
But on the red planet, an unforeseen accident occurs, which forces them to engage in a fierce battle with the alien creatures.
Fighting for their survival, Akari is fully aware that he and his men should triumph against all odds to save humanity from the looming threat of extinction.

Terra Formars: Revenge premieres on 20 June, every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm, with 2 episodes back-to-back, first & exclusively on Animax.

Philippines, 3 May 2017 – In May, anime fans are surely in for a visual treat as they are bound to experience a whole lot of action and adventure, blended with fantasy and mystery, when today’s hottest anime series are shown on Animax.

My Hero Academia (All New Episodes)
In a world where majority of the population has developed a superpower, the young and idealistic Izuku Midoriya seems to be isolated for having been born without one.

But as fate would have it, top hero All Might decides to impart his power with Izuku in a chance encounter, and this changes Izuku’s life forever. With his newfound superpower known as “Quirk,” Izuku begins to attend a high school for budding heroes and finally embarks on his lifelong dream to become a hero himself.

With the highly anticipated U.A Sports Festival approaching, the clashes between Izuku, Bakugo, Torodoki, and others continue to heighten. New faces will appear, including members of Class 1-B. All the hero students are fired up for the festival and Izuku is no exception!
My Hero Academia (All New Episdoes) airs same day as Japan on every Saturday at 10pm.

Alice & Zoroku
Sana and a group of young girls are locked away in secret to be experimented upon for possessing a mysterious power known as “Alice’s Dream,” which gives them the special ability to make their imaginations come true.
However, Sana escapes to the outside world and crosses paths with Zoroku, a stubborn old man who intensely dislikes disruptions to his orderly life.
Now with Sana around, Zoroku’s life will never be the same again!
Alice & Zoroku airs same day as Japan on every Sunday at 11pm. 

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable
The year is 1999. The peaceful town of Morioh is suddenly beset with unexplained disappearances and mysterious events.

An older Jotaro Kujo, better known as JoJo, travels to the coastal city and meets with high school freshman Josuke Higashikata, the illegitimate son of his grandfather.
Along with two of their friends, and all their “Stand” super powers in place, JoJo and Josuke join forces to save their hometown from an emerging threat that creeps from within…
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable premieres on 26 May, from Wednesday to Friday at 10pm, with 2 episodes back-to-back, first & exclusively on Animax.

Chain Chronicle -The Light of Haecceitas-
In the continent of Yggdra, humans, ogres, giants, forest sprites, and many other mythical creatures live in harmony. Under the Holy King, the remote continent has been at peace until the arrival of a mysterious group called the Black Army which conquered the land.

When all seemed lost, Yuri, a young swordsman, decides to fight back and become the Holy Capital’s likely hero. He forms the Volunteer Army to restore peace in Yggdra.

Yuri then leads the battles against the Black Army before the world, as they know it, is swept by darkness and destroyed.

Chain Chronicle -The Light of Haecceitas- premieres on 30 May, every Monday & Tuesday at 10pm, with 2 episodes back-to-back, first & exclusively on Animax.

I'm a huge fan of anime since childhood, I love to watch Voltron, Daimos and Voltez V until now my desire on watching anime is not changing. The famous anime I had watch that last for 2-3 years is "Naruto" every Thursday I am waiting for the new episode to be release.

Anime' fans like me will surely enjoy watching with this new episodes  of Animax.

Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Channel 73, Dream Satellite TV Channel 07, and G Sat Channel 24.

About Animax Asia

Launched on 1 January 2004, Animax is Asia’s first channel brand specializing in Japanese animation – anime. Animax offers a wide variety of anime programs from across the most popular genres including action, romance, horror, supernatural, sci-fi, comedy and slice-of-life.
Animax is home to some of the biggest anime titles in the world that enjoy great following across the region. In addition, the channel created TV history in April 2009 by becoming the world’s first regional broadcaster to air an anime series at the same time as Japan and followed that with six other simulcast anime series. Currently reaching 58 million homes across 17 markets in Asia, Animax aims to offer anime programming for everyone.

Beyond television screens, Animax also actively engages its audiences at local events, including its signature Animax Carnival that has rolled out in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. See for more.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ayala Foundation launches interactive art installation celebrating Moro Art

Two acclaimed Filipino artists came together to celebrate Moro culture through Manāra, an interactive art installation at the Ayala Museum Plaza, which officially opened on May 3.

Manāra—the Arabic word for “minaret”—is the result of the creative collaboration be-tween internationally acclaimed sculptor and painter Toym Imao and industrial design-er and installation artist Lilianna Manahan.

Featuring 23 minarets and lanterns, the Manāra interactive art installation features Mo-ro textiles, wood and metal work, music, and indigenous patterns. Manāra is a project of Ayala Foundation. 

Toym ImaoAn internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor, Toym Imao has shown his works in the Philippines and abroad. His installation Last, Lost, Lust for Four Forgotten Episodes was the inaugural artwork featured in Ayala Museum’s OpenSpace in 2015. Toym received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of the Philippines, and a master of fine arts degree from the Rinehart School of Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Toym is of Tausug descent. He currently teaches at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.

Lilianna Manahanis an internationally recognized visual artist specializing in industrial design, interactive art, and installation art. A graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, Lilianna also studied at Central Saint Martins in London, and trained under renowned designers in Europe and the Philippines, including the acclaimed Kenneth Cobonpue. Her artworks and furniture design have been showcased both here and abroad.

At the Manāra launch, with (standing, fifth from left) Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Ayala Foundation co-chairman; Aliah Cimafranca, Ayala Foundation consultant; artist Lilianna Manahan; artist Toym Imao; and Ruel Maranan, Ayala Foundation president

Traditionally, minarets served as lighthouses, providing light to people and vessels that needed to find their way. Minarets, which are also important architectural features of mosques, are also where calls to prayer are made. 

The iconic sarimanok is one of the images adorning the minarets of Manāra

Similarly, the Manāra art installation hopes to shed light on the richness and diversity of Moro culture, and in the process inspire a deeper understanding of Muslim Filipinos. At the same time, the interactive art installation serves as a call for unity—for Filipinos, even though they come from diverse backgrounds, to become more open to dialogue and cooperation.

“In an increasingly digital environment, art continues to be a powerful expression of today’s realities and an important medium to convey messages of enlightenment, ac-tion, and community. We see this interactive exhibit as an opportunity to promote awareness and further educate people about the rich and inspiring culture of Minda-nao communities and the significant role the Moro culture plays in our country’s history and heritage,” Ayala Foundation Co-Chairman Fernando Zobel de Ayala said.

“The spirit of collaboration, mutual respect, and creativity shown in Manāra is the exact same spirit that we live by at Ayala Foundation,” says Ruel Maranan, president of Aya-la Foundation. “Through our various initiatives in education, youth leadership, sus-tainable livelihood, and arts and culture, we make sure that we are aligned with the needs of our stakeholders, and focus on programs that make an impact in the lives of the people we serve, which include our conglomerate, our communities, and the rest of the country.”

For over 50 years, Ayala Foundation has been implementing community development initiatives in Mindanao. One of the foundation’s first projects was the Sumilao Cattle Research Project at Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro in the 1960s. At present, the foundation has been nurturing its partnership with the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao for its youth leadership program Leadership Communities, and its education program Training Institute. 

Ayala Foundation has also partnered with the City Government of Marawi for the com-munity-based Siyapen Drug Rehabilitation Center, which was started earlier this year.

Ayala Foundation’s Initiatives in Mindanao
From left: Aliah Cimafranca, Ayala Foundation consultant; Mariles Gustilo, Ayala Foundation senior director for Arts and Culture; Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Ayala Foundation co-chairman; Ditas Samson, Ayala Museum curator; featured artist Lilianna Manahan; featured artist Toym Imao; and Ruel Maranan, Ayala Foundation president

As the social development arm of the Ayala group, Ayala Foundation envisions communities where people are productive, creative, self-reliant, and proud to be Filipino. 
Founded in 1961 as Filipinas Foundation, the foundation’s first program was, in fact, implemented in Mindanao: the Sumilao Cattle Research Project, which sought to upgrade the quality of livestock in Bukidnon. 

Ayala Foundation Co-Chairman Fernando Zobel de Ayala with artists Toym Imao and Lilianna Manahan, who collaborated on Manāra

In the 1970s the foundation also undertook several studies on Muslim Mindanao, looking at migration patterns, culture, public policy, and economic opportunities. Projects in Mindanao continued in the 1980s and 1990s, until Filipinas Foundation was renamed Ayala Foundation in 1990, signaling the Ayala group’s renewed commitment to improving lives and contributing to national development.

Artists Toym Imao and Lilianna Manahan with Ayala Foundation President Ruel Maranan

Ayala Foundation’s operations in Mindanao are based in Cagayan de Oro City.  
At present, Ayala Foundation’s initiatives in Mindanao focus on two program areas—youth leadership and education, the bulk of which are done in partnership with the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. 

• Leadership Communities, a program which strengthens the leadership potential of community-based youth as they identify urgent challenges faced by their own communities, and to conceptualize and implement projects to address these challenges. LeadCom has reached the youth in Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, and Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. 

• Basilan Young Leaders Program-LeadCom, where 28 young Muslim leaders underwent an immersion and exposure programs, enabling them to appreciate best practices in health, education, livelihood, peace and synergy in key cities around the country. This was done in partnership with RG Mujiv Hataman and the ARMM and the Eisenhower Fellows Association of the Philippines (EFAP). These 28 young leaders either partnered with each other or put up their own groups to implement projects. These resulted in 10 youth projects that had 628 direct beneficiaries benefited through the efforts of youth leaders; 167 youth volunteers all over Basilan were involved in the implementation of the projects

• Bangsamoro Young Leaders Program-LeadCom was initiated to build on the success of the Basilan Young Leaders Program, this time reaching out to the entire ARMM. Ongoing is the project conceptualization phase, where 35 Bangsamoro youth are participating.

• Training Institute is a teacher training program focusing on four major elements, namely classroom pedagogy, development of critical thinking skills, values clarification and use of technology in the classroom. Ongoing are two-year training sessions in both Lamitan and Lantawan in Basilan where 41 teachers and school heads learn new techniques in improving the classroom experience. In Cagayan de Oro, AFI has trained 64 teachers, most of whom will also become trainers for TI initiatives in other parts of Mindanao.

• Global Filipino Schools, a partnership program between Ayala Foundation, Globe Telecom, Mitsubishi, and the City Government of Cagayan de Oro, provides internet connectivity and teacher training in the use of technology in the classroom. GFS reached 2,710 pupils and 62 teachers from Fr. Masterson Elementary School and Indahag Elementary School, both in Cagayan de Oro. 

• The Siyapen Drug Rehabilitation Center is a partnership project with the City Government of Marawi, and hopes to provide a community-based approach to drug rehabilitation. It will be opened in 2017.

Guests are welcome to explore and interact with Manāra at the Ayala Museum Plaza from May 3 to May 30. The installation will then be brought to key sites in Visayas and Mindanao later this year.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

RUNRIO Events, Inc. Launches the Siargao International Marathon

Siargao has the perfect waves for surfers and the biggest mangroves conservation areas in the country today. The Run event is the first.... inviting everyone to support and join the run, visit the island and make your story under the sun in Siargao because words alone cannot capture the beauty of the island.

RUNRIO Events, Inc. Launches the Siargao International Marathon last Thursday, May 18, 2017, 3pm at Plantation Bar & Bistro, Carlos Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati. The island of Siargao in Surigao del Norte has been gaining vast popularity among tourists. Other thank its world-renowned surf breaks, the island boasts of beautiful beaches, clear waters, scenic views and natural wonders.

In support of Del Carmen Mayor Alfredo Matugas Coro's mangrove rehabilitation program that he has started since coming into office in 2010, RunRio Events, Inc. and Open Space Media Inc. are launching the first Siargao International Marathon: Run for the Mangroves on July 23, 2017 to be held in Del Carmen, Siargao. This event aims to promote the island of Siargao as a place for sports and eco tourism as well as to contribute tot he rehabilitation of the Del Carmen Mangroves.

In the municipality of Del Carmen, on the way to the tourist favorite Sugba Lagoon, one passes through the Del Carmen Mangroves. This mangrove forest is the second largest in the country and is home to 27 out of 70 mangrove species in the world. Unfortunately, vast tracks of these mangroves have been illegally cut to make charcoal.

The Siargao International Marathon is in collaboration with the Municipality of Del Carmen, Siargao and the Department of Tourism and is presented by Skyjet Airlines. This event is also supported by H&M Sport, Pascual Greek Yogurt, The Live Fit Lab, and TetraPak.

Siargao International Marathon 2017 is a fundraising campaign organized by the Municipality of Del Carmen together with Runrio Events, Inc. and Open Space Media  Inc. for the benefit of mangrove rehabilitation in Del Carmen. This is the 1st Siargao International Marathon following the success of the first Siargao It Up! Marathon last year.

Registration for the 21km and 42km categories is open to participants from all over the world ages 18 years old and above. Aside from the race singlet, bib with timing chip and sponsors freebies, each race kit comes with a pledge of one seeding to be planted in the mangrove forest on July 25, 2017 during a planting activity that will include a talk by Dr. Jurgenne Primavera, Chief Mangrove Scientific Adviser.
Participants for this event may now register through the RunRio website, and also have the option to book their direct flights from Manila to Siargao via Skyjet Airlines.

Call the RUNRIO hotline at 463-4813 (Mondays to Fridays from 9:00AM to 6:00PM).
Email us at
Or visit our website www.runrio/siargaomarathon2017
For corporate packages, kindly contact Vismark Penada, Registration Secretariat at 463-4813. 

Event Date: July 23, 2017 (Sunday)
Event Venue: Del Carmen
Event Time: 5:00AM – 12:00PM

For more information, please visit: or like the official Facebook page, http://www.facebook/runrioeventsinc/.

The Longest-Running Campus Comedy Variety Show in the Philippines is Back!

[L-R] LIVE AIDS 34 Production Manager and SAMASKOM President  Danielle Asuncion ,  Mrs. Tan ,  Kaladkaren , and LIVE AIDS 34 Director  Bill ...