Sunday, August 13, 2017

Nash marami Nash masarap! Tara na mag Nash coffee na tayo!

“NASH masarap ang buhay kapag NASH ang karamay”

Coffee has always been by our side from the beginning. It has become an integral part of our day to day lives. The coffee culture has been inextricably woven into our Filipino lives. It has diffused and adopted coffee as means of stimulant and source of energy by culture.

Nash Coffee was officially launched last August 12, 2017, at Brentwood Suites. This is the first Bloggers Conference to officially launch the product to the public.

This is the interview of one tv network to Mr. Gem Encarnacion-Consultant for Nash Coffee

Finally, the moment we are waiting for has come, the program starts with the powerful dance presentation from Ms. Dianne Medina (Actress, Model, TV/Event Host, News Anchor, commentator and the ambassador for Nash Coffee)

Mr. Gem Encarnacion talks about Nash products.

Celebrity guest talks about their experience with Nash Coffee. Ms. RR Enriquez and basketball player Mr. JJ Helterbrand

From the moment we wake up in the morning, we would find ourselves having coffee to perk us up amidst the every day Monday blues we feel. Our breakfast meal would not be complete without coffee in it. In fact, most often than not, coffee has also become a complete breakfast meal for us who are always on the go. We wake up and start our daily grind very early in the morning and to boost and jump start our day, our “Karamay” coffee is there. It is that coffee AROMA taste and smells that give us the perkiness and energy that we need.

Our coffee culture isn’t always confined in the morning. In fact, it has actually extended from a morning drink to an after-meal drink. It has become the drink of choice to either complete or supplement our meal. Our “karamay” drink has gone through a lot of face lift just to satisfy the particular need in a day in the lives of the Filipinos. From the black coffee flavor, it became WHITE coffee to give us the sweet after meal drink.

Coffee really remains to be the go-to beverage of Filipinos for an instant energy boost and provide the last kick that we need to end the day. The BROWN coffee is the perfect coffee type for this setting as it is a balance of bitter coffee to provide the energy boost and white coffee to provide the sweetness that we need for our “merienda”.

As we go through the day, coffee is still the drink of choice for us Filipinos when we have our break time. In fact, the latter has become synonymous to a coffee break. We even make it a “merienda” (snacks) by pairing the drink with “pandesal” or sandwich.

A day in the life of a Filipino, struggles, hardships and a jammed pack busy day are the common things you would hear from our everyday stories. In fact, it has become a common saying to many “Ito ang kwento ng buhay ko. (this is my life story). We share our struggles in life to get empathy from others. However, what is surprisingly unfathomable about this setting is that our ability to move forward, be hopeful and smile despite everything. Our outlook in life is unquestionably a very positive one. The big question is why?  
What drives us to be positive is the fact that we share our struggles. We share the heavy load with someone one way or the other. It’s the common bond that we share with our Filipino brothers and sisters. That is what makes our bond stronger and again, as they would say “meron ako KARAMAY sa BUHAY.” Our life’s journey is easier with our “karamay” by our side and one of the things that we found to be by our side is coffee. 

And to go through this daily struggle we have a sure “karamay sa buhay” that would keep us going like Nash Coffee.

“NASH masarap ang buhay kapag NASH ang karamay” and this is the NASH culture!
NASH Coffee offers three variants that have become part of our daily lives, Nash Aroma, Nash White and Nash Brown. Each variant has the right mix of coffee and sweetness that is right for each time of the day.

The program closed with the photo shoot from organizers, committees, and chairman of Nash Coffee.

-This is my experience on the first time I sip on the cup of Nash coffee-
The distinct flavor that differs from the other leading brand can easily be noticed due to its rich and improved flavor they're provided to this coffee. I highly suggest and encourage everyone to try this amazing product. 

Embrace the NASH Culture, and make every part of the day more energetic! 

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To God Be The Glory!

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