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Monday, November 27, 2023

Dive into Darkness: Lesha's 'no heart' Redefines the Pop Music Landscape

Just when you least expect it, Gen Z’s rising rockstar and femme ingenious Lesha has recently dropped another surefire ‘hit’ single entitled ‘no heart’.  Expect this new track to offer fresh spins. Of course, coming from the fearless singer/songwriter Lesha; no doubt she’s going to dish out a different kind of vibe.
“no heart” is an anthem of empowerment and resilience, where the act of dancing symbolizes the ability to move forward and embrace life with a fearless heart. It embodies the essence of danceable dark pop with its combination of catchy beats and lyrics about self- discovery, and unapologetically being oneself.
“I’m really excited for this one ‘coz of how different it is from my last release GO TO HELL!!! This track is leaning more into the dark dance pop side - a genre I’m well known for. I can’t wait to perform this song live soon! I wrote this song with LA-based songwriter Krizia Carbonell and I remember us just coming up with the concept of empowerment and not caring about what anyone else thinks in reference to the ‘dancing with no heart’ line.  While the line “glowing in the dark” metaphorically symbolizes just me being an untouchable magical force or in general as someone who possesses power. It is a song that I wrote about a phase in my life where I finally decided to move on and not care about what anyone thought of me. For now I’m focusing on my upcoming plans for next year as we prepare to drop more singles and hopefully I get to perform all my new songs live soon too! A lot of my fans would agree with me on this, but I honestly can’t wait to drop another unreleased song of mine called Skin2Skin. It’s also produced by De’La and written by me in LA last year. I’ve been performing it at all my live shows this year and it organically built its own fanbase on social media! So, wait for it!~Lesha, Gen Z Rising Rockstar and Femme Ingenious
You can also say that no heart is quite different from her previous tracks.  For one, this is a very bouncy danceable anthem. The track that you listen to when you want to boost up your energy and confidence. Lesha has also incorporated different vocal chops into the song’s production working with her US based producer De’La and LA-based songwriter Krizia Carbonell.

It has always been her trademark for all the songs to share her feelings and innermost thoughts. For “no heart” lyrics, she expressed her own imperfections in the context of a troubled relationship. Her self realization led her to make amends that she wasn’t as bad as she was made to believe. While the idea of ‘dancing’ as symbolism used in the song, reflects a sense of liberation or living without holding back and just allowing herself to have control over how she moves through life.

Lesha can only attest how “no heart” has made a great impact on her life. 

2023 is almost ending but Lesha remains unstoppable in her pace moving forward and achieving a whole lot more. 
As a true believer of manifestation, Lesha shares what’s on her mind lately and what she is manifesting to happen sooner than you think.

Listen to “no heart” on Lesha’s Spotify. Check out other social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok for more updates.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Hanabishi Joins A’TINs in Celebrating SB19’s 5th Year

SB19 is hailed as the Kings of P-pop. Their most recent hit, Gento, has climbed the top of the charts and its dance challenge has been performed by local and foreign artists alike.

Hanabishi Appliances recently gave away VIP tickets to SB19’s “One Zone” fanmeet held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. It also raffled off exclusive merchandise and products in its official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.

Through its My Hanabias contest, the leading appliance brand matched the emoji that each SB19 member represented with its best-selling appliances.

Stell’s emoji is the strawberry and was matched with the Hanabishi blender. Josh has the oden for his emoji and was matched with the Hanabishi griller. Pablo’s is the hotdog which corresponded with the air fryer, Ken the chicken which corresponded with the turbo broiler, and Justin the corn which corresponded with the multi-cooker grill.
Hanabishi gave away these appliances to lucky A’TINs who expressed their support for their biases.
On the day of the fanmeet, Hanabishi also handed out PhP200 vouchers in its booth.
“We are excited to be a part of this celebration and we would like to thank all the fans who joined our contest and help us trend on social media. Most of our ticket winners had their VIP experience for the first time, and we are very happy that they got to see their idols up-close. SB19 is a world-class talent that showcases the best of the Filipino and we are behind them in their journey of conquering the world.” ~Cherish Ong-Chua, VP for Marketing and Finance of Hanabishi Appliances
Ong-Chua shared that the brand hopes to have more collaborations with the group.
During the fanmeet, the group performed the song as their opening act. They then interacted with their loyal followers through different activities and surprised them with the launch of the official music video of Freedom.
SB19 has received several awards and performed to sold-out shows during the last five years. This year, it embarked on its Pagtatag world tour, which took the group to several cities in the Philippines, the United States, and Canada. They will be commencing the tour this November in Singapore, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

About Hanabishi:
Sa Bahay at sa Business Mo, Hanabishi!

Hanabishi is a Filipino household name for appliances for over 35 years. It is a brand engineered to fit the lifestyle of the Filipino both for homes and businesses.  Hardworking, durable and resilient, are the attributes that personify Hanabishi making it the brand of choice of every Filipino mom and businessman when it comes to value and practicality. Hanabishi is the mark of quality that grows with you through the years.  Built with passion and an impeccable desire to uphold the quality of life in every Filipino home, Hanabishi will remain to be the PRACTICAL choice and KAPARTNER, today and for the many years to come.

For more information about Hanabishi, please visit  and like them on Facebook:

BPI's Digital Savings Initiatives Transforming Banking for Filipinos

From left to right: Anne Christine Ruiz Head of Deposits, BPI; Anne Guiritan (Avida Condominium Winner, Anne Jara, Brand Marketing Head, Avida

Open a #SaveUp account by downloading the BPI App or through the BPI Flagship store in Lazada. Alternatively, open a #MySaveUp account from the GSAVE menu of the GCASH app and discover a world of possibilities.

BPI's commitment to innovation, convenience, and customer centricity is helping more Filipinos achieve their financial goals through various digital channels. Starting in 2021, BPI’s #SaveUp allows customers to open a savings account via the BPI App without the need to visit a branch. 

Building on that success, in 2022, BPI launched BPI #MySaveUp, which enables customers to open a savings account through the popular online wallet, GCash. This year, BPI has taken things to the next level with a brand new channel and partnership with Lazada, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. With the new BPI Flagship store, users can easily "add to cart" and open a savings account, #SaveUp, along with other BPI products. 

“Through these initiatives, BPI is empowering Filipinos with the ease and convenience of managing their finances anytime, anywhere through the various channels that cater to their unique banking needs. All it takes is 5 minutes and 1 ID.” ~Asi Ruiz, BPI Deposits Product Head

From left to right: BPI’s Ma. Carmina Marquez Head of Deposits (at the time), Ann Collin Imperial (Kia Winner), Manny Aligada Kia President (at the time), Bob Palanca, COO of Iconic Dealerships, Inc.

Despite the digital savings landscape nowadays heavily focusing on unprecedented high interest rates to attract depositors, BPI pioneered a different approach; one that is more sustainable yet still rewarding and affordable. 

In 2022, the Bank launched a rewards program exclusively available for its digital savings products.  The promotion concluded earlier this year, and two newly acquired BPI digital accountholders, Anne Imperial and Anne Guiritan, not only benefited from a convenient and easy-to-manage digital savings account but also won life-changing grand raffle prizes. Imperial drove home a brand-new Kia Stonic Style Edition, while Guiritan won an Avida Vireo Studio condo unit.

“BPI made saving more exciting for me as I was also looking forward to participating in the program and winning prizes. My #SaveUp account inspires me to enjoy life while working hard and saving harder.” ~Ann Collin Imperial, Kia Winner

This year, in celebration of the bank’s 172nd anniversary, BPI also waived the maintaining balance fee for the BPI #SaveUp and #MySaveUp accounts, making saving more affordable and convenient for its digital clients. 

Our vision is to make banking more inclusive, and encourage more and more Filipinos to start the habit of saving. And with all these efforts to provide accessible, relevant, and rewarding banking services to more Filipinos, BPI has already opened more than 1 million digital savings accounts, demonstrating our agility in meeting the ever-evolving needs of customers, and the number continues to grow,’’ said Ruiz.

BPI awards clients who won the #MySaveUpPromo

BPI Loans Marketplace Revolutionizes Loan Application Experience for Properties and Cars

Dennis Fronda, Head of Retail Loans

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing customer convenience and accessibility, BPI proudly unveils its cutting-edge Loans Marketplace Website at This dynamic platform serves as a one-stop shop for properties and cars, allowing clients to seamlessly browse and apply for loans with unprecedented ease.
BPI Loans Marketplace takes pride in partnering with a diverse array of property developers and car brands. Clients can explore a wide selection, confident in the reliability and reputation associated with BPI.
"As we launch BPI Loans Marketplace, we are not just introducing a platform; we are redefining the way our clients experience loan applications for properties and cars. Our commitment to innovation, transparency, and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of this initiative. BPI Loans Marketplace is designed to empower our clients, providing them with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about their financial future."

Engaging Features for Unmatched Convenience:

BPI Loans Marketplace stands out with its unique features tailored to provide an unparalleled user experience:
  • Mobile Accessibility: Accessible on various devices, the platform ensures that clients can explore loan options anytime, anywhere.
  • Real-time Availability: All properties are ready for occupancy (RFO), while a designated number of cars are allocated for inclusion on the website.
  • Transparent Loan Application Process: Wondering about the status of your loan application? BPI's dedicated Sales team will promptly get in touch once your online application is received, ensuring you are kept informed every step of the way.
  • Flexible Loan Computation: Tailor your loan experience with the stand-alone calculator,  allowing you to compute different down payment percentages and terms according to your      preferences.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Special features such as "Compare" and "Sort and Filter" empower clients  to effortlessly explore various properties and cars, enabling a side-by-side comparison and targeted searches based on brand, location, or price range.
  • Promos and Payment Solutions: Beyond regular amortization, BPI Loans Marketplace showcases a range of payment solutions and promotions, including AMYP and Step Up, offering clients an array of choices to suit their financial needs.
  • Dedicated Online Support: For inquiries regarding your online loan application, BPI Loans Marketplace boasts a dedicated online team ready to assist and provide prompt responses.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Feeling FOMO? Join the new #DewZeroSugarGen with Niana and James, and don’t miss out on the Mountain Dew Bangis ng Zero!

In a world where we're all about living our best lives and seeking healthier options, Mountain Dew Zero proudly introduces Mountain Dew Zero Sugar to keep you from missing out on excitement and adventure! Join the #DewZeroSugarGen movement and embody the Bangis ng Zero with Mountain Dew Zero Sugar!

Just like your favorite influencers Niana Guerrero and James Reid, you don't have to compromise on fun and flavor when you choose a  zero sugar lifestyle. With Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, you get to enjoy the same refreshing taste of Mountain Dew, without the sugar! It's a thirst quencher that retains the bold, citrusy kick and the exhilarating rush that Dew lovers adore, NOW with zero sugar! 

Break the mundane and unleash the adventurer inside you with Mountain Dew’s latest variant! With more people becoming health-conscious, Mountain Dew Zero Sugar is the answer for those who crave the flavorful fizz of Mountain Dew minus the guilt of sugar intake. 

Not only could Mountain Dew Zero fuel up a boring ol’ day, but it is also your barkada’s newest member. Gather up your crew, because with Mountain Dew Zero, you’re in for a good time with friends!  

With the launch of this new product, Mountain Dew adopts a fresh look and aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the Y2K era, aligning perfectly with the zesty vibes that resonate with the Gen Z spirit. It’s a blast from the past with a futuristic twist! In spite of its trendy modern aesthetic, it still offers a nostalgic nod to those who remember the Y2K era, creating a unique blend that bridges the generation gap.

So, don't be the last to hop aboard the zero-sugar train! Mountain Dew Zero Sugar is now available in supermarkets and convenience stores in GMA and select provinces, as well as online through Shopee or Lazada. Embrace #DewZeroSugarGen and savor the Bangis ng Zero today!

You dew you! Grab yourself a bottle, and indulge in the delicious, Mountain Dew ZERO Sugar experience. Share your Mountain Dew Zero Sugar moments with us using our hashtags: #MountainDewPH #DewZeroSugarGen #BangisNgZero. Don't forget to tag as you sip, savor, and share the zero-sugar goodness!

Friday, November 24, 2023

Singapore’s FairPrice Group officially launches award-winning Potato Chips best-seller in Philippine supermarkets

Singapore's FairPrice Group officially launches award-winning Potato Chips best-seller in Philippine supermarkets

FairPrice Group, Singapore’s largest grocery retailer, has officially launched its popular and award-winning range of potato chips in the Philippines.  The range is now available in leading supermarkets in Metro Manila.

FairPrice Potato Chips - the top selling potato chip brand for FairPrice Group in Singapore - are made from 100% fresh potatoes and come in seven flavors including Original, Truffle, Sour Cream, Black Pepper, Hot & Spicy, Cheese, and BBQ.

FairPrice Truffle Chips received the Retail Product of the Year Award at the 2023 Retail Asia Awards. Its premium truffle flavor makes it a great addition to one’s Christmas snack or party spread to share with family and friends during this festive season.

“We’re thrilled to finally be launching FairPrice Potato Chips in the Philippines. Tasty snacks are an important part of any family gathering, and we want Filipinos to enjoy the best of Singapore with their friends and loved ones.  We’re confident that the great flavors that our range of chips offers, such as truffle and black pepper, would make a great addition to any Filipino home this festive season.” ~Grace Cukingnan Chua, Chief Executive, Own Brands Food Solutions, FairPrice Group

In anticipation for consumer demand for healthier snack options, FairPrice will also be launching a range of nuts, including California Pistachios, Baked Almonds and Baked Cashews to Philippines supermarkets in the coming months.

The first wave of FairPrice snacks is available in 70 supermarkets, including SM, WalterMart, Landmark, AllDay, Unimart, South Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, and Sta. Lucia Supermarket.



About FairPrice Group (Singapore)
FairPrice Group was established in 2019 through the formation of four entities comprising NTUC FairPrice, Kopitiam, NTUC Foodfare and NTUC Link, with the purpose of making life better for all and to fulfil a vision of being a leader in everything food. FairPrice Group looks to optimize the resources of all four social enterprises and leverage their respective strengths to put customers first, provide better value for all and to make everything about food easy.

With an extensive network of close to 570 touchpoints, FairPrice Group seeks to provide an integrated array of products and services, from groceries, ready-to-cook, and ready-to-eat offerings, to on-premise meals, food take-aways, and a rewards program that delivers personalized and delightful experiences.

For more information on FairPrice Group, visit

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Yes! It's Christmas at Robinsons Department Store: Shop the perfect gift for you and your loved ones

The holidays are all about treating our loved ones and ourselves. As Christmas nears, many have started ticking off items on their gift shopping lists, making sure that they find the perfect presents. These can range from stylish clothing and shoes to useful home items.

In the spirit of bringing joy to all, Robinsons Department Store opened its doors for holiday shopping with its Holiday Collection. It offers a diverse range of products for thoughtful gifting and personal indulgence. You can enjoy exclusive promos at all Robinsons Department Store branches nationwide, as well as its online marketplaces in GoCart, LazMall, and Shopee.

The promo includes up to 70% off on select items and 0% interest when you shop using any major credit card. You also have a chance to earn a raffle entry for a chance to win flight tickets to select international and domestic destinations, or win P5,000 GoRewards points when they spend a minimum of P3,500.

If you’re drawing a blank on what to give to your loved ones or get yourself for Christmas, here are some ideas from Robinsons Department Store’s Holiday Collection:

Dress to impress

From Christmas parties to hallmark holidays throughout the year, it’s important to have a nice outfit on hand. Robinsons Department Store’s Holiday Collection has pieces for ladies, men, and kids they can rock on any occasion.

The ladies line has a wide selection of dresses and tops for every style preference. If you’re looking for a printed ensemble, you can cop the deep blue Stella Jacquard Top (P849) and Skirt (P949) set paired with the elegant Stella Accessories Mini Handbag (P499). For a more elegant piece, you can opt for the Stella Silk Sleeveless Dress with Drape (P1,300). Accessorize it with a pair of Stella Accessories Dangling Earrings (P299) and Kimbel Silver Clutch (P899.75).

For the men, there’s also a diverse range of formal suits, like the Executive Formal Suit (P2,399) and Formal Slacks (P1,199) with the Executive Printed Woven Polo Short Sleeves Shirt (P549). There are also more casual-looking suit options, the Executive Extra Fine Cotton Long Sleeves Shirt (P899), Executive Formal Slacks (P1,199), and Gallardo Casual Shoes Izak (P999).

Of course, we want our kids to look and feel their best as well. Let your girls feel like a real-life Barbie with the baby pink Barbie Halter Dress (P2,499) and Bella Two-Strap Format Sandals (P699). Make your boys feel sleek with outfits like the Hammerhead Long Sleeves (P625.75), Hammerhead Vest (P359.75), Byloz Pants (P1,299.75), and Air Balance Rubber Shoes (P1,699).

Take beauty to the next level

Feel confident on any occasion, and stock up on makeup and skincare products from Robinsons Department Store. Sport beautiful red lips at Christmas parties with Revlon Colorstay Overtime (P625) and Maybelline Super Stay (P399). Give your skin some love with skincare picks like the 3HA Clear Soothing Mist (P599) Y.O.U Acneplus AHA BHA PHA Daily Essence (P439).

If you’re looking for the perfect everyday scent, shop premium picks, like Valentino’s Born in Roma Donna Coral Fantasy Women (P10,500) and Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Toilette (P5,698).

Fun travels with the right stuff

If you and your loved ones are planning a trip soon, Robinsons Department Store has you covered with travel essentials. For suitcases, the durable TUNKR Hardcase 8-wheels (P5,500 for Medium, P5,000 for Small) can keep your clothing and other valuables safe. Other essentials include the Stella Essentials Studded Tumbler (P349) to keep you hydrated and the Workshop Packable Parkas (P449) to keep you dry if it rains.

Chef in practice

Cook up your favorite meals and give your loved ones new cookware with Robinsons Department Store’s line of kitchen items. Get a skillet set from General Store (P2,049) for every kind of dish. You can also make cooking quicker and easier with a Russel Hobbs Airfryer (P9,995).

Add a holiday touch to your Christmas spread with the Martha Stewart 16pcs Dinner Set in Ralston Blue (P1,099.75), Printed Mugs (P169) for your hot cocoa, and the Gibson Cookie Jar (P899) in the shape of Santa’s head to store your sweet bites.

With Robinsons Department Store’s Holiday Collection, you can ensure that you and your loved ones will have a joyful Christmas with its diverse range of products. Don’t miss out on this collection’s promos to get the best deal.

Browse the Holiday Collection’s e-catalogue for the full “Fantastical Christmas” collection here. For more information, check the official Robonson’s Department Store social media platforms, FacebookInstagramTikTok.

Dive into Darkness: Lesha's 'no heart' Redefines the Pop Music Landscape

Just when you least expect it, Gen Z’s rising rockstar and femme ingenious Lesha has recently dropped another surefire ‘hit’ single entitled...