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Discover How Palawan Group is Leading the Finance Industry with its Bricktech Strategy

Serving the various needs of regular Filipinos, the Palawan Group of Companies has established a strong reputation as the most reliable source for pawning, remittance, and a variety of other financial transactions for almost 40 years. "I-Palawan Mo Na!" has gained popularity thanks to their unwavering commitment to providing successful financial services and solutions to their "sukis.", demonstrating people's strong bonds with them and faith in their abilities.

With its dedication to offering microinsurance, e-wallet, domestic and international remittances, and "mura, mabilis at walang kuskos balungos" (cheap, quick, and hassle-free) pawning services, the Palawan Group has emerged as the industry leader in pawnshop and remittance services, providing dependable financial solutions that Filipinos can rely on, particularly in difficult times. promoting the BrickTech approach by fusing the vast network of more than 3,300 Palawan branches with PalawanPay, the business's digital wallet and the fastest-growing app in the nation.  By combining digital innovation with physical branches, this strategy improves accessibility and dependability while securing the Palawan Group's position as a leader in the financial sector.

Parents can pawn their jewelry at Palawan Pawnshop if they find themselves in a tight spot financially, such as when they need quick cash to pay for their children's tuition, restock their "sari-sari" store, or expand their business capital. Because of Palawan's high appraisal and low interest rates, "sukis" are able to take advantage of the best rates, which increases their take-home pay and cash. 

Like this, Palawan Express Pera Padala (PEPP) is a dependable way for Filipinos working abroad to send money home; it ensures secure and quick money transfers through its international remittance services; families receive much-needed support quickly and safely with Palawan's "cash agad ang tanggap" feature; additionally, OFW families receive free ProtekTODO personal insurance coverage when claiming international remittances through PEPP or PalawanPay, giving them and their families additional security and peace of mind.

"At Palawan, our “sukis” are at the heart of everything we do. We're dedicated to constant innovation, always seeking ways to serve them better and provide winning financial solutions through our “mura, mabilis, at walang kuskos balungos na serbisyo.” ~Karlo Eugene Castro, President and CEO of the Palawan Group of Companies

The Palawan Group of Companies consistently improves the features of its digital wallet, PalawanPay, as evidence of its dedication to offering its clients a full range of profitable financial solutions. Customers can now easily manage their financial needs anytime, anywhere, "pwede sa branch at pwede rin sa app" (either in-branch or through the app), ensuring greater convenience and accessibility. Key services like pawn renewal, international remittance claims, and ProtekTODO insurance are seamlessly integrated with this system. With 18 million users in just two years, PalawanPay is the e-wallet with the fastest growth rate thanks to these services and other features.

Palawan's vast network and technological advancements are two of its main advantages. Customers enjoy unmatched flexibility and convenience in accessing financial services regardless of location thanks to the more than 40,000 Palawan outlets across the country. Customers have the option to transact in-branch or via the company's mobile app, PalawanPay. It offers a smooth integration of in-branch and online services, enabling users to manage their financial transactions from anywhere at any time.

Palawan has established standards for convenience, value, and successful financial solutions over the course of its 38-year existence. Its legacy is founded in integrity and service excellence. With a strong commitment to achieving financial inclusivity in the nation, they go out of their way to develop goods and services that try to improve the quality of life for Filipinos by using more reasonably priced methods. Through putting the needs of its customers first and providing outstanding, reasonably priced service, Palawan makes sure that every encounter benefits all of its "sukis."

Palawan Pawnshop, Palawan Express Pera Padala, and PalawanPay are supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. For more information, go to Palawan Pawnshop and PalawanPay Websites. 

The Palawan Group of Companies is composed of products and services such as Palawan Pawnshop, Palawan Express Pera Padala, Palawan ProtekTODO, Palawan Credit, and PalawanPay. A brand trusted by Filipinos for 38 years, PGC  is one of the fastest-growing financial institutions in the country.  With its strength in remittance and pawning services, the company is the market leader in the industry and has over 25,000 branches, Pera Padala outlets, and PalawanPay Money Shops nationwide.

Palawan Group of Companies offers pawnbroking services, domestic and international remittances, microinsurance, bills payment, electronic mobile phone loading, cash-in of e-wallets, money exchange, ATM withdrawal, and cash disbursements.

Palawan Group of Companies introduced PalawanPay, an e-wallet app that lets you send and receive remittances anytime, anywhere. PalawanPay app is the company’s latest digital solution for faster, safer, and easier transactions and gives users access to other financial services such as bills payment, e-cellphone load top-ups,  and scan-to-pay QRPH codes. The app now features integrated functionality for pawn renewal and claiming of international remittances.

Palawan Pawnshop, Palawan Express Pera Padala, and PalawanPay are supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. For more information, go to Palawan Pawnshop and PalawanPay Websites.

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