Sunday, June 14, 2020

McDonald’s elevates commitment to quality, safety and cleanliness to welcome back dine-in customers

As the country continues to follow quarantine guidelines and people continue to adapt to new behaviors, McDonald’s Philippines has been taking strides in ensuring the safety of their customers, while prioritizing the health and safety of their employees.
With the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) eyeing resumption of dine-in for more restaurants by June 15, McDonald’s has elevated its standards and measures for people safety, sanitation and cleanliness for its customers and employees, as well as for food safety.
“Quality, service, value and cleanliness have always been integral parts of McDonald's culture. These have guided us throughout the years of providing delicious food and feel good moments for Filipino communities. Now that we welcome everyone back to our stores for dine-in, we make sure to leverage this constant commitment as we elevate and strengthen our existing measures for the uncompromised safety of our people and our customers. It is important for us to ensure the safety and health of our employees so they keep customers safe and continue to deliver quality service to our customers.~Kenneth S. Yang, President and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Philippines

Keeping employees safe so customers stay safe
For McDonald’s, customer satisfaction and safety begins with guaranteeing that their employees’ safety is prioritized. Since the quarantine period, not only has the company raised the standards for food safety, service and cleanliness, McDonald’s has also taken extra steps in supporting their employees’ health and safety.
To ensure that they are fit to work, store crew are required to regularly submit a health declaration form and a fit to work clearance if they experienced any sickness, whether or not related to the virus. Daily health checks are conducted, as well as temperature checks before and after their shift.
McDonald's - Table Markers
DTI visits McDonalds
McDonald's - Crew at Front Counter


McDonald's - Dedicated Waiting Area for Take Out orders

McDonald's - Floor Markers for Physical Distancing and Front Counter Acrylic Shields
McDonald's - Hand Sanitizer for Customers

McDonald's - Floor Markers for Physical Distancing and Front Counter Acrylic Shields

McDonald's - Footwear and Hand Sanitation


McDonald's - Reminder for Customers


McDonald's - Temperature Check for Customers


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