Saturday, April 20, 2024

Born to Bloom: BEVI comes of age, dominates industries as it reaches its 18th year

There aren't many genuinely inspirational success stories in the dynamic realm of business. One such story is that of Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc. (BEVI), a skincare and cosmetics company that was founded in 2006 and is currently commemorating 18 years of outstanding development and success. 

Being the pioneer in the Philippines to introduce kojic acid for commercial use, BEVI entered the market with great strength, akin to a seed planted with a clear vision. With a goal of expanding and prospering, the company created a variety of superior products and currently has brands that serve markets other than skin care.

BEVI's strategy of fostering a true connection with the market was the driving force behind its tenacity, inventiveness, and dynamic approach as it maneuvered through the competitive landscape. 

With just one seed that developed into a ground-breaking product, BEVI did not give up; rather, it kept innovating, producing top-notch goods, and broadening its product line to achieve success outside of the wellness, skincare, and cosmetics industries.

The business overcome obstacles and came out stronger every time thanks to this forward-thinking approach, demonstrating that it was destined to succeed from the start. 

Now, in its coming-of-age year, BEVI has blossomed into a flourishing company, setting the standard for others to follow suit.

As it strives to elevate the company and its brands, BEVI is thrilled to unveil exciting product launches that delve into new territories.

Kojie.san + elevates skincare to new levels of luxury and indulgence. Kojie.san is the brand that has earned its top spot in the market. In the meantime, Life by Kojie.San's line of liquid food supplements will let customers discover beauty from within. In the shape of a skincare set with strong active ingredients, Diamond Skin by Kojie.San will offer a treasure trove of skincare delights, further revolutionizing the brand. 

Additionally, BEVI is redefining the norm in hygiene with its revolutionary Defensil line of products, which combines cutting-edge antimicrobial protection with skin-nourishing ingredients. This line of products is a testament to BEVI's commitment to overall wellness. 

True to its vision to expand and excel in newer markets, the company is also venturing into the pet food market. 

Happy Bites by Top2Tail is a line of dog food infused with love, dedication, and passion for pets, guaranteed to delight furry companions at every life stage with wholesome and delicious meals. 

BEVI’s pursuit of innovation extends beyond these quality products. 

Aligned with its commitment to taking its services to the next level, it proudly introduces an array of offerings under its esteemed group of companies.

BEVM (Beauty Elements Ventures Manufacturing, Inc.) and OSP (One Stand Point Manufacturing Corporation) are dynamic forces in the manufacturing services industry; PBB (Philippine Bottling Beverage), a world-class company, manufactures and tolls bottled products; SPC Microtech boasts state-of-the-art analytical and testing laboratories to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficacy in products. BIGi (Basic Integrated Global, Inc.) provides comprehensive solutions in eCommerce, global distribution expansion, and digital marketing initiatives. 

With all these and more to come, it is clear that BEVI will only grow, evolve, and blossom in the future, continuing to fulfill its destiny as a company born to bloom. 

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