Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Cardinal Santos Medical Center covers cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery in latest webicon

Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) continues to educate the public on relevant medical issues with their 6th webicon, entitled “One Big Fight: A Webicon on Ways to Prevent, Detect, and Treat Cancer”. The webicon was held on October 14 via Zoom. 

CSMC’s top cancer specialists came together to discuss key facts about Cancer, from diagnosis, the various ways to prevent cancer from developing, and CSMC’s services for cancer treatment. 

The Oncology experts who served as the session resource speakers were Dr. Ma. Luisa Abesamis-Tiambeng, Dr. Kitchie Antipuesto, and Dr. Pauline Anne Cauton from the hospital’s Cancer Institute.

Dr. Kitchie Antipuesto, Active Consultant  Cancer Institute Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Dr. Antipuesto started off the webicon with a talk on what cancer essentially is, and the different kinds of cancer a person may develop. For her part, Dr. Cauton covered how to get accurate diagnoses for cancer and the most effective treatments for it. As cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality in the country, one of the session’s main objective was to dispel common myths and misconceptions about cancer detection, as well as touch on behaviors and lifestyle choices that contribute to the development of the disease.

Dr. Pauline Anne Cauton, Active Consultant Cancer Institute Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Dr. Ma. Luisa Abesamis-Tiambeng, Chairman  Cancer Institute Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Meanwhile, Dr. Abesamis-Tiambeng, the chairperson of CSMC’s Cancer Institute, discussed the future of cancer treatment and therapy, including the services and facilities CSMC’s Cancer Center offers. She highlighted that the hospital’s Cancer Center is the first one-stop-shop cancer center in the country, with state-of-the-art chemotherapy and radiation facilities and other programs that provide a holistic healing process for cancer patients such as spiritual guidance and counselling opportunities.

“We work together for a common goal - to give the best care possible to the cancer patient. Our cancer center team [is] a group of caring, competent and compassionate individuals, committed to alleviate the plight of each cancer patient entrusted to our care. We invite you to partner with us and together we will win the battle against the Big C.” ~Dr. Ma. Luisa Abesamis-Tiambeng, Chairman  Cancer Institute Cardinal Santos Medical Center

To encourage and give hope to the session’s viewers, the hospital also invited Ms. Greta Chua, a breast cancer survivor and former patient of the CSMC Cancer Center, to share her experience fighting the disease, and how CSMC’s cancer program helped her recover from her condition.

“Battling cancer for 14 years wasn’t easy, but I am thankful [to CSMC] for [providing] effective and appropriate treatments, and [ensuring] that I am well-taken care of.  I’m really grateful that I was given the opportunity to be treated in a world-class hospital with excellent doctors and nurses. Because of them, I get to embrace the value of life.” ~Ms. Greta Chua, a breast cancer survivor and former patient of the CSMC Cancer Center

For more information about CSMC’s Cancer Institute, their cancer treatment and therapy services, as well as other services the hospital offers, please visit CSMC is also on Facebook, like and follow them at

Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) is a 269-bed private tertiary hospital located in West Greenhills, San Juan City. The hospital is known for its pioneering and world-class services in the fields of Neurosurgery, Oncology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Cardiology, and Minimally Invasive Surgery. CSMC boasts of some of the most respected medical professionals today with expertise in a variety of specialties, ensuring that patients can access the healthcare that they need and deserve. With a commitment to clinical excellence, and a dedication to compassionate care, CSMC is one of the most sought-after medical institutions in the country today.

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