Monday, December 3, 2018

Sun Life Asset Management introduce the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds and glimpse of the Market Outlook 2019

Sun Life Asset Management is happy to announce their latest product called "The Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds that is being discussed during the press conference today along with the 2019 Market Outlook.

The program started by the opening remarks of the first speaker for this session Ms. Valerie N. Pama President of Sun Life Asset Management Company. "Pursuing our financial goals is easier if we attach a target date to it. This helps us be more focused on our financial journey. Moreover, investors will no longer need to manually rebalance their portfolios themselves because SLAMCI's professional managers will adjust the asset allocations on their behalf" she shared.

Next from the line-up of the speaker that presents the 2019 Market Outlook is Mr. Michael D. Enriquez - Chief Investment Office, Sun Life Financial Philippines. He gives the overview of the financial market statistics for the next year and probably for the coming years. His presentation shows important information that is very vital for investors that have already funds in the market and for those who wanted to step in and invest their money. The information he shared provides a better understanding of how the Philippine economy will stand against the global market in the upcoming year.

To give further details about the new product offering, the third speaker for this discussion is Ms. Maria M. Fuentes Head of Strategic Development Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc. (SLAMCI) she elaborates on her speech the Sun Life 
The new Prosperity Achiever Funds will help investors to achieve their financial goals according to their desired date. Having three-flexible options can help individuals to choose what fund might be the best for them. This is the first in the industry, the Achiever Funds seek to grow assets over a specific period of time, functioning as simple investment solutions to help finance life goals. Whether its short term or long term investments it's a choice you decide and what goals you want to achieve in the future.

Wanted to know what is happening to your investment?  Here how it works, the funds you invested is put in equities or stocks which can potentially generate high returns and as the target date approaches, the SLAMCI's professional fund managers will systematically move the assets of the funds to fixed income securities. The funds become less aggressive as the respective target dates near, ensuring that the investor will be able to preserve both the capital and the accumulated potential gains from the investment and achieve their goals on time.

Investors can enjoy their life without worrying about their investment which gives more peace of mind and a secure future for their money.

The Achiever Fund will be available in January 2019 in Three options: 
Achiever Fund 2028, Achiever Fund 2038, & Achiever Fund 2048

The Prosperity Achiever Fund 2028 is suitable for investors with a 10-year investment horizon and may be looking to enjoy proceeds through a purchase of a car or set-up of a small business. 

The Prosperity Achiever Fund 2038 is ideal for investors with a 20-year investment horizon, ideal for those in their 30s or 40s, it is recommended for those who may be looking to prepare for the cost of their child's education or aiming to purchase a house. 

The Prosperity Achiever Fund 2048, meanwhile, is the best choice for investors with a 30-year investment horizon. It will work well for those in their 20s or 30s, as it will enable them to invest for milestone purchases, or prepare for their retirement. 

Christmas holiday is nearly approaching and this is one of kind gift you can ever give to your love-ones. For as low as 1,000 pesos you can start building your future. Invest today for a brighter tomorrow.
The Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds will officially be launched to the investing public in January 2019. To know more about these funds, consult a Sun Life Financial Advisor, visit, or call 849-9888

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