Friday, December 7, 2018

SIF the newest Grooming Booking App in the Philippines

Grooming is our best asset especially when we are applying for a job and in fact it is primarily requirements of a company. We can commonly see it their ads  "Apply With Pleasing Personality". Going to Barber shop or parlor is a must for everyone to keep our appearance in proper. When you look good, you feel good! and If you feel good, you are confident of yourself. It gives you comfort and happiness when you please someone because of your well-groomed looks.

Nowadays, going to barber shop or parlor takes more time and you are going to face inconvenience because of so many circumstances ahead of you like traffic and sometimes a long queue of waiting for your turn. More time is been wasted which affect our productivity in our daily life. 
Good Thing! A new App has been invented to relieve our stress from grooming needs. Introducing SIF from Luggin Digital Ventures Inc. (LDVI), a mobile app development company focused on consumer convenience announced the launch of its new app for Android and IOS devices. SIF is the country's first grooming on-demand and pampering app.

Our grooming and pampering needs is just a few clicks from our smartphones. The procedure is very easy similarly when we book our rides, food, services, and etc. Forget the long queue and traffic SIF is here, sit back & relax to your home and wait your service to come at your doorstep.

SIF will not only provide convenience for its consumers, it would also increase revenue opportunities for barbershop and salon professionals. within Metro Manila.

SIF is the country's first and only disruptor in the grooming and pampering industry. This on-demand app brings quality salon services with a push of a button. There is no more need to postpone haircut appointments due to heavy traffic, parking problems and, long queue. Hardworking professionals deserve a more efficient use of their time and receive the service when and where they need it.

Home service grooming will never be the same because of SIF. 

Just like Uber, consumers can easily book the service, enter their location and wait for SIF to deliver the salon to them anytime between 5:00am to 12:00 midnight.

The city gentleman can easily book anything from a haircut to a beard trim while the cosmopolitan lady can enjoy the convenience of getting a Makeup service to a mani-pedi treat. All of these while finishing work emails at home or spending time with the family.

LDVI with its Founder and CEO, Luigi Nunez, has acknowledged that Filipino consumers are leading increasingly hectic lifestyles, prompting them to demand convenient solutions that can help simplify their lives. In a society where consumers are increasingly on-the-go and the pressure to look neat and sharp is at an all-time high, it makes good sense to introduce an app addressing that need.

Our fellow bloggers own experience of the SIF service during the media launch. This is to show that the App is already working and ready for their service. Right now, SIF has only cover some major cities in the Metro Manila but eventually will expand their coverage to serve more customers.

About Luggin Digital Ventures Inc. 

SIF is the first app created by Luggin Digital Ventures Inc.- a mobile app development company which, provides ease and convenience to people from the hassles and frustrations of urban living.

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